Sublime Sunday - The Beauty of Nature

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There is always beauty around us, all we need is to give a glance. Day before yesterday while travelling from Muscat to Mumbai it was a bright and sunny day and I could get some very good clicks in the cloud. But while landing into Mumbai it started raining and I was thoroughly enjoying it. From a 45 degree and scorching heat to 26 degrees and rains was a complete breather.

The view from outside my balcony on the morning of the travel day

When I am flying and I look at the sky I always remember this saying "Sky is the Limit and let nothing stop from accomplishing whatever you want in life." Truly it gives you a feeling of it's vastness and makes you realize nothing is impossible. Whatever you can think of is within your reach, it just depends on how much you want to expand like the vastness of the universe.

As the landing was closer it all got hazy.

This is on another day, These pictures were taken on a Mountain top in Oman where the clouds were almost touching the Mountains. It was an absolute stunning view.
The day we were driving to the Mountains.

The time we started on the downside it was a bright day but as we started reaching to the top the weather changed and it got very cloudy.

As we reached the top.

We enjoyed the day, but yes I look a little goofed up :-)

An yet another day; Me and my friend on a road trip doing some Yoga

I must say;

Hope you all enjoyed this cloudy journey with me.💖💖

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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You have been on some great travels, the clouds from the aeroplane look lovely - like marshmallows! Landing in the rain - are you sure you were not visiting the UK? And on the subject a walk to the corner shop in the UK can start sunny and by the time you get there it’s foggy cloudy - no mountains needed!

Lovely shot of the ocean on the background while you do your Yoga !COFFEEA 15

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