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Welcome to #SublimeSunday a tag presenting you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy and instigated by me @c0ff33a ☕️

First up though is a #beautifulsunday (hosted by @ace108) photo with a #funkyedit (hosted by @krazypoet) with Saturation to the Max.


It has been a rainy Sunday so we took a trip to the Royal Armouries in Leeds


It's a subtle entrance


And someone looks happy to be out today




And that is a big tent, this is going to be a post where the pictures speak for themselves.







You see this armour around the museum - or replicase of it, it is the mascot for the Royal Armouries. This was part of a special Ornamental armour, although the ornate jewel encrusted body has never been recovered.
















And that is the end of part one of my trip, I have so many more pictures I thought it would be too much for a single post - so I will continue with more pictures next week. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, and of course a #SublimeSunday

I forgot to a my #FunkyEdit -


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Dam I’m jealous that looks like an amazing time. Totally into history and knights. Thatnks for sharing that.👍


Best part about this museum is it is entirely free! Well we bought a guide book which contributes to funding, these historical artifacts are collected and retained by the UK Government to preserve our history forever.

wow totally cool ass photos!! sorry i had to kick your Ash in the Fight Club!! :p
My favorite photo was of the horse armor, TIGHT!!! love love
The new alliance with the heart in the center is offf the hoookkk cool! gotta swipe it :)


Thank you very much, and a well deserved win in the Fight Club. To be fair I went to sleep when it got to 4am my time - so I guess my lack of activity dropped me down a little lol

All the new images are at https://steemit.com/thealliance/@thealliance/the-alliance-cross


@c0ff33a yay i saw you in TA ahahahahaha you crack me uppp unless i saw your ghost, thats a story for another time ahahahah
woo hoo thanks for the linky! xo

The Middle Ages were a period of human history that I do not like. The museum is great and you present it well, I really feel like I'm with you there. The exhibits are so well-groomed ... I try to imagine how heavy they are, how hot it can be if you stay in the sun ...
Your #FunkyEdit is even a painting! It could be put on a wall. Thanks for posting but also for challenge. I'm now voting for the witness @c0ff33a , perhaps a little late, but I hope you'll forgive me.


Thank you very much, I can appreciate your dislike of the Middle Ages it was a time for conflict. This is a very good museum for appreciating these historic artefacts - and it does make you think how hard it must have been - especially in the heavy metal armour, and then carrying big metal swords - to battle or even move.

And thank you very much for the Witness vote, it is very much appreciated - voting for Witnesses is your choice so it can not be late, and I am proud you have selected myself along with @derangedvisions to be one of you Witnesses. We are trying our best to support growing content creators here on Steemit, helping people and communities progress and generally promoting engagement and fun.

Thank you for calling in on my post.


With pleasure! I wish you success in your action to support and improve Steemit.

Thank you for taking me along to the museum :-) It has been a while since I last visited a museum...


The best bit about this one is it was free to enter, although it cost a fortune to get out of the gift shop once my boy grabbed everything in sight!

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dam you made my day feels like right now i am there . this is totally amazing!


Thank you I am please you enjoyed it.


**yes of course **

Wow this sunday has been different and much amazing than ever beautiful :)


Full of colour, armour, guns an knives!

I hope all friends like & support



Thank you very much - that's an awesome logo!


Thank you so much big brother you like my logo design. I'm so glad

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Lovely Museum. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Your Post was so well done decided to make you the

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Thank you very much, I'm pleased you and your fishy friend enjoyed my post.


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Whoa... I didn't know the boys start to train at the age of 7 back then.


I know, the tiny armour was quite funny to look at - but I can't imagine a 7 year old trying to move around in a heavy metal suit - they must have developed muscles very quickly back then!


I think will be difficult to grow tall with the armour. :-)

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so good photos
thanks for share

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Nice! Bet the family enjoyed it..I know I would.


Thank you, we all had great fun it is fascinating to see all the historical displays - there are more to see yet in part 2 as well!


Cool, I will watch for it.

Wow, what an amazing place! Having been in a medieval recreation society, I am having a "Why didn't i know about this place" moment. Even though i was not a fighter in the organization, i definitely appreciate the artwork that went into it.. thanks so much for sharing your trip! I just love takong the time to view it all.