Mekong - Day 1 Saigon to Ben Tre 🇻🇳🏍

in streetphotography •  last year  (edited)


Setting off one day later due to having some crazy fever over the weekend!

Tuesday morning, I felt much better and ready to do the Mekong Delta!

Normally when I travel, I know what I need. I’ve been on so many journeys that it becomes easy to pack and go within about 15mins.

It was different this time. I wanted to take my drone and all my other electronics but didn’t want to take my bigger backpack or carry the drone separately in its bag.

My small backpack wasn’t up for the job, so I jumped on the bike and tried to find something more suitable.

A visit to some local stores and I found the perfect bag!

It has loads of compartments, with quick access to everything you need within seconds.

So now, one decent sized bag and no headaches about getting to my stuff 🤓🤤

Alright so on with the journey.

Setting off from Ho Chi Minh City was relatively stress-free. I made sure to wear jeans and a hoodie with a face mask. Protecting your skin from the sun and pollution is imperative!

Mekong delta adventures.jpg

The road out of the city was busy and flowing. Lucky for me, I live near the main road that takes you south out of the city.

Almost every motorbike had bags or Tet gifts strapped to the vacant bodywork. I think many people would have finished work and making there way back to their hometowns.

travelling out of Saigon.jpg

A not so eventful drive brought me to Tan An, where I enjoyed a fresh coconut.

coocnut break.jpg

Arriving at My Tho a few hours later, I drove straight through the town so I could settle down in Ben Tre before nightfall.

Crossing the bridge from My Tho over to Ben Tre, I stopped to admire the view. With the sun setting it made for a decent photo.

sunset my tho to Bentre bridge.jpg

Ben Tre

Knowing zero about this town, I was pleasantly surprised. Made my way to the riverside in the hope of finding a hotel, only to see a huge flower market. No exaggerations, it must have stretched 3-5km. Selling flowers, trees, food and a host of other items typically found at markets.

Slowly moving through the crowds I kept my open for a hotel. I found one, Dai An Hotel. It was clean, but smelt a bit damp, after I put the air con on it was better. I wouldn’t recommend it though. I kept getting woke up through the night. People were banging doors and making noises.

After having a shower, I popped out for a walk to see what all the fuss was about. Here are some of my photos.













All in all, it was good to get back on the road, it’s been a while since I rode the bike any kinda distance.

I'll likely not be consistent with posting these blogs as WIFI and finding the time is not so easy. Stick with it though ☺️

Until the next time, enjoy the journey!

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Oh man, so true about the polution! I thought I was just making it up...but when I ride a moto here in Thailand, I swear my face feels like it's covered in dirt and pollution when I walk inside. Your post confirms it! Wish I brought a hoodie with me now.


You should have seen the dirt on the inside of my hoodie! unreal! Gloves would be something I would recommend too, it's the only part of my body the sun got to 😂.


Oo yeah good idea! Wow that's crazy about the dirt! I'm imagining a huge pile

Nice post and beautiful photos ! :)


Thank you.

Cool post! thanx a lot - all this street life looks very honest - people do not try to look better then they are )

So dope, dude! Excellent post. I love the candid street photos, I'm pretty bad at those. I can't stop looking at the melon photo, for some reason.

Really great work, brother. I know how exhausting it can get with riding, navigating, finding accommodations, finding food, taking photos, selecting/editing photos, writing posts, etc.

Did you bring a laptop for your photos and Steemit?

I'm looking forward to the next post.


Thanks mate! I enjoy taking street photos, I think we see people in their true light.

I know you can empathize with me, I always have the intention to do this that and the other! It's just not possible.

Yeah, I brought my laptop, it's the one thing I can't do without.


We have the best coconuts ever in Ben Tre Lollllll


Totally agree with you :) They're amazing!!!

Great pictures - longing for a large trip again ...

The place, food and fruits looks awesome


So many choices! So fresh and tasty!

Awesome blog @derekcowan
Those flower markets look amazing
We didn't get down as far as ho chi minh city, next time
If you're interested in reading about the north, I have written a blog about the 6 week adventure I recently did there with my family
Drop by and check it out if you're interested, or check out my photos @goldiemr


Thanks, ​@goldiemr I think I have seen more flowers this past week than I have all my life 😂
I'll check out your blog thanks. I've started to follow you too. Cheers


Yeah, I bet you have 😁 That country is insanely colourful. I really want to go back. My wife will take some convincing 😢
Cheers for the follow. Am following you too.

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Nice photos

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Beautiful clicks!!!!

Wonderful photos, just looking at photos with food I think I would not dare to try it as there are too dirty around.

Great post I really enjoyed that keep posting great content like this I just followed you

NIce post, I really enjoy reading it! It also brought back few memories when I saw the photo of the flower market. It reminded me at the time when I was in Bangkok. One night we walked the streets and there were flowers everywhere. It was so beautifull!

Tet holiday in Ben Tre is great, the photos are beautiful. I am Vietnamese, very happy to meet you. Vietnam has many interesting things: D

Very enjoyable post - well done - thanks for being here. Momz