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We are extremely pleased to let the STEEM community know about ongoing negotiations with a well known and reputable party about the succession of Streemian.com.

Until contracting work is finalized, the party has agreed to provide their existing STEEM infrastructure (namely a steemd endpoint) to re-open operations of Streemian.com in the meantime.

We are pleased to thus announce that streemian.com is back and currently catching up with 6 days of missed actions on the STEEM blockchain. Please allow a few hours until the services are up-to-date.

Kind regards
-- ChainSquad GmbH Management


Revoke posting authority ^. Or disable post promotions here https://streemian.com/profile/platform to stop streemian upvoting on the background with your account.

Yes that is one another option, but we didn't or at least I didn't expect Streemian to use accounts in this way. I left the authorization as I thought they would recover

You didn't expect them to use accounts in a way they disclosed they would use accounts?

If you didn't change your voting weight or revoke authorization, then you gave consent for this to happen.

You are missing the part where they announcement they were dead and sundelly put a seanky post that get half the users vote.

This could all be solves If this post had been set to reject the reward. They would get the visibility without the bad publicou.

In that announcement, they gave notice that a) service could continue if a successor was found, and b) users were still able to revoke the authority you gave them to post on your behalf:

Until a successor is found that wants to continue this service, all operations and services are halted. The login will be kept available, as well as the Lock/Unlock App, so people can safely remove authorization to post on their behalf from their account.

-from Shutdown of Streemian.com

Again, if you didn't change your voting weight or revoke authorization, then you gave tacit consent for this to happen.

Of course it could have been avoided had they rejected the reward. It also could have been avoided if users chose to practice due diligence and educate themselves on a service they chose to use.

Take a note that he is also powering down and transferring funds out of account. Not assuming anything yet, just asking for explanation of suspicious behavior.

Pretty simple explanation: the funds are owned by the company, and the platform is sold. Those funds are not part of the sale and hence they need to be moved out.
For suspicious behavior i should have powered them down instead of having them automatically powered up again, he?

I would have considered including the funds in the price, just to avoid the unhappy fiasco that you are seeing now

hindsight is 20/20 though, you know you would want your steem too.

This is not hindsight, it is pretty obvious that when you upvote using other's account without informing them will invite all kinds of trouble. You could have cashed out your Steem directly from the buyer with his payment. This would not have been an issue, if the upvoting didnt shine a spotlight on the account

For real, who is going to want to use the service with a new owner when we can all now see how easily they can just use all of our accounts after the site had been down and no-one was able to change their voting permissions.

Pretty disgraceful the way they rope their users into voting for them. And the amount of money they've made from it!

Thank you for the post Gregory, sounds like it's time to take cover and run for the hills.

What ever happened with your KMI long position?

You have not spoken about it lately. But you did say today that you are "out of the market".

How long they gonna give the money ?? I really want to know

Thanks most useful, had gone into the site and set everything down to 0% this makes it easier to be sure, especially us non-techy people.

Welcome back streemian.com !


Expecting more good content like this! Well done

GZ you just got a flag from my 140K SP account
Try using my posting key again, I dare you

yea wtf, why upvoting to such high price with our accs while service doesnt work properly since months

It's not been working, we've lost profits so we are going to take a slice from you guys. Great!

Unbelievable. Pretty bold to steal on an immutable ledger.

I am sorry that someone would do that. I didn't even know that you could use someone else's posting key. We should be a commnity that trust is key. This is really bad and should be stopped.

Really??? but why this happen ?? do u have any idea


Whoever Sees this kindly Downvote and Flag the post.
I just did, even though my bandwidth with this comment will go beyond zero but it is worth it.

Streemian you pretty much stir our Trust. Now see Public, Rust your Payout and Reputation.

I am scared of flag .. LOL but i never copied someone content ;)

Wait so they used all your guys posting keys to upvote their own post?! Thats extremely dumb...

Thats right! You with your 140K and ill get him with my 0.5 SP account!. Ants and men unite! Hehe.

Why did you upvote this with our keys?
We do not want you to use our vote for your promotion!

Yeah wtf! do you know how i can remove my key info from their list?

Simply unbelievable!

And here's the link again for the sake of repetition 🤣

This is beginning to look like a meme by now :P I am almost tempted to join in with the others and paste the link myself!

Here's your meme :D

I can see it too... How do I break up with my gf? ... simple just use the link https://v2.steemconnect.com/revoke/@streemian.... We should definitely make it a meme

This. ^^^ lol. I was excited reading this post, as I am still new on here and had no idea what was going on. Come to find out, I just learned I need to divorce my husband! Thanks https://v2.steemconnect.com/revoke/@streemian ! Who knows how long I would have gone on married to the sucker! ;p

That's hilarious 😆

I just sent it to the whole Israeli community. #inb4meme

That ought to get it into the Hollywood conspiracy literature!

I think this link will work better to revoke access from current girlfriend: https://v2.steemconnect.com/revoke/@girlfriend

I apparently voted for this too... I consider this a bit of an abuse. I removed my upvote and changed it to a flag. It's really not cool to use our upvotes after your service has been entrusted with out keys.

It's a clear case of abuse. Flag away.

sames happens with me they just upvote there post by my account and i don,t even know how they do that.
How someone can do this.

They can do this because you gave them posting permission when you signed up to use Streemian.

okay i just sign up on steemians account when i was newbie. I have no idea about that

Hehe, you should always be wary of who you give your keys away to. This example was not even that bad; with the Posting Key someone can easily ninja-upvote their own content, or spam posts from your account.

holy shit... U should file a case against them :P

hey that my username ;)

you do realise you can unvote right, should I make memes :D

can someone explain what is thi i dont get it,, who want to know whats hapening plz joing me

someone had the keys of many people and he/she upvoted some of his content without asking anyone - thats what has happened

As I said before..it's like the Ukranian Parliament. I have no clue what's going on....

This service stole the voting power of all its users by upvoting unauthorized content.

@adsactly what’s the issue here? I don’t understand the terminology yet lol but I just upvoted and followed this guy, is he doing something wrong/against t&c’s?

Streemian is a service where users can follow curation trails, and so some other neat stuff, but this requires the website to get authorization to post/vote on behalf of the user. What has happened here is that they used the upvote from all their users to promote their own announcement.

While this is not really nice, they do have the option to opt out of this in the settings menu on their website. I did this, and my account was not used to upvote the post. But I bet many people feel like they voted on this without their consent, which is partially true given the fact that this upvote was opt-out rather than opt-in.

What really got me upset is the fact that this was not mentioned to me at the time of registration. IMHO streemian should at least find the best possible way to update the user and customer about their T&C. I was really sad when i found out that my key was used to execute a transaction.... So sad.

Totally understandable! I personally registered at a later time when this info was easily available, and I decided to set the slider to zero (so no upvote from me), but I still understand why this feels unfair to those of you who registered before this was implemented.

Hehe, it does say "freemium" after all.

I fully agree with you. It's interesting that people like you and me have managed to set it up (I didn't know what it exactly means, but I set it up to 20%), but most whales don't, and now this is the biggest cause on Steemit. Am I the only person who goes through all the buttons on the new page to see it's function?

It's just stupidity of those people who are arguing here... They start to use some service and don't know its conditions.

When the Steemvoter used my account to upvote an article about football or something like that, I was pretty mad, but I have no problem with Streemian and upvoting its announcement.

A lot of users say that this feature was not there when they signed up, and was added later (after they had stopped using the site), but they were never notified, and their votes were set to 100 % by default. So I can understand their frustration :)

If they use it from the beginning, so be it. I don't know how old this service is, I'm on Steemit about seven months, and when I came, it was already there. But don't tell me that they haven't opened Streemian since then (to edit FanBase, Trail or whatever) and haven't discovered that there are plenty of new features :) These are just excuses. However, it doesn't come to me that Streemian is so abusive (this post, then one week ago and the rest are over a year old...) to declare war to it.
So let them take their vote back and let them set it up now when they know, but this whole battle is ridiculous.

A couple of whales gave a 100% upvote, and it was not for their post. Wow, this is the end of the world!

This is accurate. I consider it abuse/theft.

At least we can unvote -- if we notice. And boy, did we notice, lol.

hahahahaha exactly

Hehe, that's true. It's really hard to not take notice for a post with $4k pending rewards though.

Not enough, it would seem. There are still ill-gotten gains here.

This is helpful explanation. I was completely lost until I read your reply. Thank you @Valth
Luckily, I had not discovered steemian.com yet. LOL.

You're welcome :)

That doesn't sound ethical. It does seem like preying on people's ignorance, particularly when the service, Streemian, didn't do enough to educate users on how to use or change their settings that would have ensured their upvotes were used only as the users consciously desired!

I hope this gets fixed.

Yes, they should probably have been more up-front about it, so that this would not be a shock to the users.

Self promotion could make your reputation a whale snack!

Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

Thank You! ⚜

really ?!!!

strange @adsactly your comments makes 14$ .why not you upvote me and follow like me

we usually do not upvote our own comments. this was an unusual situation where we needed visibility for what we've written.

Maybe because you haven't added anything remotely valuable, lol. Duh.

I don't know about you, but i removed my vote...

Change it to a flag.

You are a true steemian, will you help me to do so?

Hi @adsactly, I agree with you.

More explanatuon please.t hanks

appreciated ur concern n raising ur voice for all of us...

what's wrong?

Streemian is a service where users can follow curation trails, and so some other neat stuff, but this requires the website to get authorization to post/vote on behalf of the user. What has happened here is that they used the upvote from all their users to promote their own announcement.

While this is not really nice, they do have the option to opt out of this in the settings menu on their website. I did this, and my account was not used to upvote the post. But I bet many people feel like they voted on this without their consent, which is partially true given the fact that this upvote was opt-out rather than opt-in.

Wow...so they used users key haha
Is this decentralized social media they said?
Got is it's so clear now.

Keep in mind that this was done by Streemian, not by Steemit. All the people who got their keys used to upvote with have willingly given it away to Streemian at one point, and even agreed to this in the terms and conditions (although some claim it was changed after they gave their key away). The Steem network is just as decentralized as ever.

Okay i will keep that in mind
I was just angry a bit :)

Hehe, I completely understand. Just don't blame the Steem blockchain or Steemit, because they had nothing to do with this :)

^^ okay.
Can i ask what is different
Steemian.com and Steemit?
I'm newbie. Hard to understand

Downvoted for obscenely excessive self-upvoting using customer accounts. I am seeing $3800, roughly 4x the #2 item on Trending and which probably translates to nearly $10000 after factoring in SBD.

Please try to restrain yourself from treating this platform as your own private money spigot.

Please try to restrain yourself from treating this platform as your own private money spigot.

You should know better that I have been on the forefront about bringing this stuff to the communities attention a year ago when steemvoter did this every day. No one care, not even you. And now, when I make two posts in a week and let those upvote according to streemian's T&C, you claim I am misusing the steem reward pool? That doesn't add up .. IMHO

steemvoter...a year ago

Two different situations, different amounts, different userbase, different platform and community maturity regarding standards of and purpose for rewarding, different voting rules, different community standards and expectations surrounding questionable (at best) self-voting, etc. Nor do I remember a single situation when a steemvoter announcement was more than 3x the reward level of the second highest post.

And even if the two situations were exactly the same, which they clearly are not, two wrongs don't make a right. Since you apparently think steemvoter was in the wrong, kindly hold yourself to at least the same standard. You are full of weak justifications today, huh?

according to streemian's T&C

That's between you and your users. The rest of the community does have to agree, and clearly did not on the other post (I was only personally responsible for downvoting it a little, the rest of the community joined in and stopped the rip off). Hopefully, this one meets a similar fate.

So, obviously having streemian run for free for 1.5+ years isn't worth 4k$? Noted.

Don't be obtuse. There are many ways you could address fair compensation with the community without doing what you chose to do. Grow a pair and acknowledge the mistake and at least try to do something about it. When the good guys start acting like idiots, there really is no hope for this platform.

Money gets to everyone, that or the fact people like to compare, if steemvoter can do it, so should i :D ...

I totally agree with you benjojo.

No one said that, but using 100% upvotes like that is just not cool. I would understand it if you used a 10% upvote. That seems reasonable, but might not put you on top of trending in seconds. Which is why I think you've made a bad PR decision. Very bad. Most active users who come across this will unvote, revoke permissions and possibly flag.

I was a fan of Streemian before I got Steemvoter. You just shot your brand and business in the proverbial leg, brother.

Well said

Nobody told you to do that. If you made bad businesses decisions, that's on you.

Or if you do want to beg for sympathy rewards, write a post that says so and see if it gets support. You never know.

And its not $4K either. $3800 "displayed reward" is more like $10000 after factoring in the SBD value. Please stop being disingenuous, you are only making yourself look worse.

Nor, BTW, is a one line whine worth $13 (actually more like $40 considering SBD). Downvoted.

Should we start flagging your other posts? Because clearly, you haven't learn your lesson

It also ran like a free service, which meant there were times it didn't work. No real support. What are you actually paying for?

Yeah, that about covers it.

Well said :) Completely nailed, the backlash is real here,

I don't think the point made it across tho, @chainsquad

What difference does it make it ran for free, should I ask for compensation from freelancer, not only but should I be entitled to a Professional's salary while I was freelancing ?!

You have a business, you run it however you like, don't blame others your business didn't run well or whatever, if you are going to use your user-base to upvote yourself make a announcement post about it, spend 5k to get the 10k return, leave some time for people to make up their minds,

or rather, just do what you have done, accept no responsibility, try to put the blame on someone else, say it's fine and everybody does it ... i mean come on, why should anyone support you if you just act out of the blue, using other people's property,

Downvoted another $13 (really $40) self vote on whining.

This place gets more ridiculous every day.

It does, doesn't it? Sad but true. Fortunately we have that lovely Trending page where we can see where the shit is happening.

This is pretty crazy but good thing is that we have self correction tools. He only gets away with it if people dont do anything.

Not really, the VP is already "stolen". Flagging it simply costs more.

The game theory of this system sucks.

I hope people go for honesty.

Anyone still using this service should consider stopping and revoking your permission. You can do so here: https://steemconnect.com/revoke/@streemian

Thanks to @mahdiyari for the link. I've alredy revoked mine.

You can also manage your other authorized apps here https://v2.steemconnect.com/apps/authorized. Would be a good time to so to avoid future spills like this.

And also, flagging this shit-post (OP).

Would love to see your videos on fitness. I am also learning about cryptocurrencies

Me too! please please please:)

What the heck are you on about?

I love the Steem platform and all of the new an unique apps that are being developed, but I'm extremely hesitant to use ones that ask or any of my keys.

Haha, that was fast XD

...But then again, I would expect nothing less from the Steemit community :)

Love streemian

@chainsquad can you explain when we have NEVER used your Streemian
via the @Bumper account yet you were able to vote from our account at a 100% to this blog. Can you explain that to the rest of the community also that got tricked by your utterly egoistic move !!

@chainsquad i am not sure what the hell you actually were thinking ?
Using other people keys for your own benefit is not using it ITS ABUSING IT.

You sir have instantly let us all know that you are incompetent and untrustworthy with the keys of other peoples accounts.
Keep in min if you would have done this in the FIAT word you would end up in jail.

I hope that every else is wise enough to change there keys and discontinue the use and trust of this platform Streemian.
Actions like this should NEVER be allowed and you sir have just stepped over the boundary.

We have an service that upvotes people that posts original not plagiarist content. And this 100% vote has made sure that many people can not get the votes today they paid for...

But this is a big and a huge black page for Streemian and Steem history. SHAME YOUR SELF DEEPLY

Are you following any curation trails with another service or your own bot? If so then that curation trail probably also had an account on streemian and voted. This would trigger everyone in the trail your in to vote as well.

that shouldn't be possible at all. If we for example have an account on steemauto then steemauto has our keys if they need to log them . If steemauto makes a account on Streemian what can be connected in serveral ways Streemian only has the info of Steemautos account..

If Streemian was able to access the database and grab everyones keys from another 3rd party that simply had an account on Streemian. Then there must be some huge mistake going on in the background and a breath of confidence as both parties are responsible for the safeguard of your information.

But it feels highly unlikely that streemian was able to get all the keys connected to steemauto just by them having an account on streemian. ???? were is the logic ppl.

(PS i am using steemauto as an example. can be any service for that matter)

Take it easy.
You followed user A
and user A used streemian
then if user A upvote by streemian
You will follow user A's upvote.
That's all.
steemauto or streemian don't need your keys, they use your account's posting authority!

That is clear?
(PS. steemauto is totally free.)

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