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Due to lack of time and resources, as well as a growing dissatisfactory about the reliability and availability of the services among customers, we are taking down Streemian, indefinitely.

Until a successor is found that wants to continue this service, all operations and services are halted. The login will be kept available, as well as the Lock/Unlock App, so people can safely remove authorization to post on their behalf from their account.

If you have a capable team, are knowledgeable about the STEEM blockchain, and consider taking over the lead, please contact us at info @

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone for the support and assistance we've reached throughout the last 2 years. It was a pleasant ride and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Kind regards

-- ChainSquad GmbH Management


I am putting in a moderate downvote here because don't believe that a 'termination of service' post contributes value to Steem, almost by definition. In fact it is an announcement of non-contribution really. If anything it seems to me it ought to have been posted with rewards declined.

I do wish you the best and recognize your contributions over the past two years but still don't like seeing several thousand dollars of Steem's rewards go to this.

EDIT: After seeing comments about how this is being initiated by your own service using customers vote power I will be downvoting a bit more. I just don't see this as adding value.

Well, the adding value is that I am either shutting it down for now good, or someone reaches out to me to continue that service. Since putting that message on the frontpage of didn't result in any awareness, I took the whole thing down and posted on the blockchain. But, well, if you prefer it to not be continued at all, then, so be it.

Anyways, I will not be the one continuing this service - not even for free (which it was for over 2 years). Instead, I would rather like to hand it over to someone that knows about Steem and has sees the moral obligations that come with owning posting power of >7000 customers. If you feel I misused my customers voting power, then you may not know that they a) explicitly granted permission to streemian and b) that they have a slider that they could have used to prevent the platform from using their voting power .. that particular feature was implemented over a year ago.

I would rather prefer more people contacting me so I have a choice and can make moral obligations over the STEEM pool an additional requirement. However, that's not up to me but up to the community.

//edit: reading thru the opening post again, i now realize i used an unfavorable headline. The main purpose, as you may have guessed from above, is to raise awareness and find somwone who would like to take over. That said, the headline is plain wrong, at a click-bait. Sorry for that. The desire to hand over the whole platform remains..

@xeroc...Sent you a few emails but did not receive any response.

Please allow a few days of processing time. Fully loaded with work atm .. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you Smooth for downvoting because it looks like a lot of the upvotes are from the automatic checkbox on "support updates" within Streemian although it is checked on my account but did not trigger?

I also appreciate your feedback on my post a month or two ago which helped me to implement the budgets idea without needing any coding changes!

very good reply @jerrybanfield

Damn @jerrybanfield , I was just watching your video on about this project and it shuts down right before I could use it. heh, well, I guess I was late to the party

your welcome dear

uhh as a user of Streemian ... I needed this post. And I don't appreciate you negating my upvote of appreciation. ... taking notes.

how do I delete my account on there @chainsquad?

Thanks @reggaemuffin, that´s what I´ve been looking for as the streemian page unfortunately isn´t as obvious about it showing "upgrade" functions instead.

You could have read the Opening Post, it carries a link to the page that allows you to revoke the posting permission.

That made it super simple. Thanks man.


Edit : go to and put in your username and active key and it will remove the authority

Aah thank you, it's a bit unclear. At first it says upgrade account, but when you put in your name it says "downgrade".

What are the qualifications needed for one to become a successor?

There is need for business planning, backend- and frontend-development as well as server operations.

From the coding POV, you need mostly python (piston, flask), and web development tools like semantic-ui, bower, css, js, etc. The underlying code is far from having any black magic, but you should know what you are doing and should have expertise in running web platforms.

I hope service will work under the leadership of the skilled expert of web platforms.

hmm sure @keks

Thank you,i will refer someone with the above qualifications and expertise.

this will affect the operations of steemit ?

No, it won't. It's an entirely independent project.

Sorry to hear this news. I have a small team of SW developers that may want to take over this project and grow it. The server space would be our only obstacle.
Is there a way I could get some additional details? Would be a shame to scrap this project.

I'm sorry to hear the bad news at this time.

Hopefully a capable team will pull this through.

I totally agree with your thoughts

me too @rizkydpr

I believe capable hands are here to continue the good work......Nice @instructor2121 you have been an a newbie

Streemian has really been a very active and helpful ...i wish could be of help being a newbie but i believe there are capable hands here

right @kukedan75 i agree with you

are you applying to save them sir please?

It's bad news that affects everyone
Thank you very much for providing this information

Whoa! So sorry to hear about this but I think, like the devs said, it's a necessary shut down.

I totally agree with your thoughts

I just wanna say that I personally downvoted this with utopian because I don't think this post should have got such rewards for announcing a service shutdown that is for sure not a positive outcome. I believe this post would have worked well also with declined payouts.

I hope someone will take charge...
It helped me a lot.

The truth hurts...

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