Cowardice 27

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Present time: Day 5 of Cowardice's 'Tower Hug Game'...

In the God's room, Zeus is watching the current game from a big monitor with his fellow God's.

Most of these God's are pretending to be just enjoying the game but deep inside, most of them are either feeling disappointed cause they've already loss all their players or they still feel the tension for the game cause they still have the chance of having a player atleast for the finals.

For these God's, the game is more of a political and leverage vehicle. Putting a contender that will atleast shine during the event will give them merit, influentially.

"Brother Zeus, it's been a while", Hades said after he enters the room and approaches Zeus.

"Ahh", Zeus enters with a friendly but bored gesture. Zeus doesn't really gets along with Hades. To tell you, they hate each other too much.

"I heard that you picked the troll as your player, hahahaha", Hades laughs in a really loud voice, everyone in the room looks at him.

"So you think, that troll will be able to kill me? I'm a God brother Zeus, he is just a mere mortal. And on the top of that, I know my Durianus will kill him right before he makes it to the finals", Hades added with confidence in his statement.

Meanwhile, at Grunt's tower...

"Tsk, what are these crickets?", Grunt said after slaying seven bigger than human sized crickets.

Grunt is tired now and damaged from his previous battles. The arrow that struck his shoulder just some moments ago is still in his shoulder. He didn't pulled it to avoid bleeding.

"Sarah, Grunt is here", Vex notifies Sarah

"Good grief, he already made it"

I wouldn't be celebrating that much yet Sarah, Grunt really looks pretty 'fucked up'", Coala states her observation. After her last word, Coala collapses out of exhaustion.

"Coala!", Moggy catches Coala with his hand before Coala hits the ground.

"Fuck! Esper number two is down already..?", Grunt said in disappointment after seeing Coala drops from afar.

"Hell Raiser!!!", Grunt shouts to activate an ability that his 'Spear of a thousand' suns can do. After doing so, his spear started burning with crazy fire on it's blade.

"hash, hash, hash", the sound his spear makes whenever he swings it around for a hit. Every hit is an instant kill.

"I can't believe it", Vex said while being dumbfound on what he is seeing. "After all those fights, he still have the speed and strength higher than his usual?"

"Tsk, I didn't expect that I have to use this ability this early in the event. I have to finish this job before they learn more things about this ability of mine", Grunt said in his mind while desolating the giant insect around him.

Flames are scattered everywhere. Everywhere Grunt moves, a wave of intense heat is left into the air.

Grunt looked like a beautiful fireworks exhibition while he was doing all those attacks. Vex, Sarah and Moggy can't stop to watch while defending afar.

"Pooom", a sound Grunt made when he hits a bug on the head with his spear that caused the head to be amputated from it's body.

"Waaaaaaaaaah!", Grunt does a war cry before killing a few more insects. Then... he collapses.




These are the words Moggy, Sarah and Vex said the moment Grunt fell to the ground. All the three of them wanted to rush towards Grunt to protect him. This time, Grunt is in complete danger.

Vex shoots with his sling shot from afar to protect Grunt with the most he can.

One, two. Vex is able to takedown some of them from afar. But it's no use, more insects are coming at Grunt. If they don't do or come up with something soon, Grunt will die.

And so, the inevitable happens, an insect reached Grunt. The insect was about to strike Grunt with it's long sharp arm... then he came.

The whole battlefield glowed in black glowing light. Then in an instant, every insect in the field collapses and dies.

"What? What is happening?", Vex asks with confusion in what is taking place.

"Delta", it was Adolash! He is above everyone with his team mate, the drake.

this work is a fictional work, any relation to the real world or any events are pure coincidence
everything in this blog are mine, you can use the drawing if you want, I don't mind

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Hey guys, my friend @vaerospace made a gif file for me, actually he is the first one to make me one. Check out his blog, I think he has this upvote service that he is offering. Honestly, I like @erodedthoughts' turtledrawing of me, but this one moves, so it's a tie for the two of them. Number one is @azaan's atomic turtle drawing of me.


Hey, I just dropped in to see what you're up to... This appears to be like a battle royale between deities, with a strange feel that makes me say "Ender's Game". This is pretty cool, and I'll be lurking through your previous chapters. Keep it up! c:

its been a while shello. I don't get where you guys are getting those ideas. Someone even told me that it's like maze runner and tower of god. I don't know those titles seriously. I just try out things here. But soon, I'll be trying to mix comics in this novel, little by little. Till I'm ready to go for a much more serious series. What is enders game BTW?

Anyway, I feel like I'm getting better at this writing stuff, a better approach for the fighting scenes is an actual comics between them, I think.

Don't worry, everyone has their own interpretation- this is just mine. Ender's game is a sci-fi novel where a young boy is recruited in a life or death game to save his planet moreorless. What you wrote, although all your own, gave me that vibe as a way for me to better understand your story! I am down to see some comics, and after seeing your artwork I'm going to have to revisit your drawing lessons since they clearly seem to work :3 I'm glad that you are enjoying writing more often, I am building up to the everyday posting myself.

I'm still around!

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