The Day I Finally Finished "Somethiing New" by P. G. Wodehouse

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"Somethiing New" by P. G. Wodehouse was the book I had to finish by the end of March. Well, I finished it today. It didn't disappoint me in any moment.

I just saw the book for June is "Anne of Green Gables" by LM Montgomery, but to be up to date I should consider taking a look at the book for July. It's funny how slow reader I happened to be.

A Quick Look at @steemfluencer's Kitchen

  • After I turned 1 year old here I though I should definitely pay more attention on supporting those of you who has supported me a lot in the past. That's why I decided to interview Kubby (@kubbyelizabeth). The interview is ready - it will be published in my upcoming post.

  • I'm so hooked with the World Cup that I couldn't even take part in any games here - I'm just enjoying the games and do my regular business activities

  • I've heard something is happening with EOS - quarrels between users and owners - last thing I did is I registered my EOS and since then my interest diminished gradually.

Well, I guess that's in a tiny nutshell.

Enjoy the week and cheers everyone!

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Steemitboard is hosting a worldcup event before each game. You should participate. Watching the games this year has been a ton of fun. Brazil is going to win, who do you think will come into second?


Lol, this is so professionally organized - this is a benchmark for all contest organizers... I doubt if I will ever reach the same level. I took a quick decision: I'll keep enjoying the games the way I do now. I wasn't hooked enough to jump in I guess. Pity to see you aren't in Top 25. Saw some guys I know in the Top 25.


I started really really late. All is will :)