A New Chapter of the Diary: Celebrating 1,000 Followers & One Year on Steemit

in life •  6 months ago

Quick facts: At the moment of writing this post I have already crossed 1,200 and my Steemit birthday was actually 12 days ago.

For the past year I experienced a couple of great times and I'd say that I paid a sweet price to become part of the writer's community on Steemit - not because I'm a writer, but because I somehow integrated with my actions here and there.

The ambition for the rest of this year I have is mostly related with supporting other members and giving back for the great gifts I received from them. You can always give back something and I feel joy even thinking about it. As mentioned previously I'd start with @kubbyelizabeth. What I've decided is preparing a list of curious questions and compiling a funny interview with her.

So Kubby, expect a link with questions on Discord :)

Thank you all guys! Love you <3


Image source: Pixabay.com

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Woah, usually I am the one asking the questions. Thanks for selecting me first :) Also, Happy Birthday!


Yupeee! Thank you Kubby! :) Yes, prepare for an unusual sequence of short questions.

You can always give back something and I feel joy even thinking about it

You get knocked down, you get up, brush yourself off, and you get back to work. Barack Obama