THE WAY WE DO (Original Poem)

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One rose from a million
a garndener chooses to plant,
one apple of thousands
an artist chooses to paint.

One colour from many
chooses a child to use,
one name out of hundreds
the parents must choose.

Can you see that one star
is always brighter than others?
Can you tell why you're
happy when seeing that dream?

How does a jeweler pick
the most precious stone?
Why doesn't the captain
abandon his ship?

Only one love god shares
to all us - his people,
Only one owner a dog
will ever adore.

This is how you would drink
sweet, stone cold water,
if spending of weeks you
did on a long desert trip.

This is how you'd await
blessed rain from the skies,
if you were a farmer
feeding the hungry.

We all seek that prey
spend hours in hiding,
we build our webs
and await our chance.

We are but human,
one of a kind,
do chose your love
in this perplexing world.


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Really well written poem, I recognize your name from @prufarchy and the steemit poetry challenge. Definitely following you now for more inspiring literary artworks. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the message but the depthness of its profound meaning of the small details in life that have a big impact when seeing the full panoramic view of things. The structuring of your sentencing leaves you on edge until the finishing of every line. Quite masterfully done as I can appreciate the small details as a fellow writer/poet. This is my first reading of your work and it is a favorite thus far. I'll check out more of yours when I get more time. I'll keep an eye out for your future pieces as well. Upvoted

Thanks i guess this is by far the best compliment a writer can get ;)

You're welcome. Glad I could provide you some feedback. You make it easy to compliment.

Nice one!

Oh, thats a surprise =)

No kidding though, from you it means a lot, thanks

You're welcome! You did a good job, I really felt the emotion behind it. P.S. There is one typo in the first stanza, "garndener".

Oh thanks for pointing that out! I must have missed that, strange that spell check didnt notice it either

Wow :)

Beautiful poem

that's beautiful! Following!

Thanks pal!

I like the idea that we sort of take whatever prey we can find, but we must choose our loves. Nice.

Glad you liked it mate!

awesome poem

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