The Sanctuary: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Inside the gravity room, Dylan and fatty Jing are sweating like pigs. The 4X gravity is no joking matter, even for awakened "blessed" like them. And before long...


"I give up!" Exclaimed a very tired looking fatty, he then saud, "damn it, this training is not meant for human!"

"You're just being lazy! You're a "blessed" for crying out loud!" Scold Dylan as he struggle to move inside this gravity enhanced room.

"Shut up! I'm not a training freak like you!" Fatty Jing retorted.

While the duo are arguing the room suddenly brightened and the gravity returned to normal.

"Is it finally over?" Fatty Jing asked.

"Seemed like it..." Dylan replied.

Exiting the room Dylan saw noticed Dianne leaving the building.

"It seemed like the goddess is leaving too," fatty Jing murmured.

Dylan merely nod and left the building as well. The moment that they exit the building, fatty Jing is approached by the guy who was trying to hit on Dianne.

"Hey you, fatty! I need you to do something for me," the rude guy said.

Dylan, and fatty Jing looked at each others in confusion. "Just who the hell this guy think he is?" They thought as they walked past the guy, ignoring him completely.

The rude guy explode in anger after being ignored by the two. He yelled, "stop right there!"

Fatty looked at the guy in frustration, and asked himself, "what the hell is this guy's problem? Why is he picking on me randomly? Is it because he's a fatty? Are fatties so easy to bully nowadays?"

Fatty Jing's guess was spot on, he is indeed being picked up because he is a fatty. The rude guy's name is Jarvis, a somewhat known bully in school. He is the type of person who bully the weak and fear the strong.

After Dianne showed her ability and forcing the guy to ran away in terror, Jarvis did not feel well. So he wanted to bully someone and get his confidence back. Unfortunately, most of the students who exits the building either looked strong or with powerful background, and are not suitable target. He also didn't dare to harrass the girls anymore, who knows if there's someone as terrifying as that ice girl! But as he was about to give up, fortune smile at him and a fatty he could bully!

Fatty Jing looked aggrieved, he knows that looked too well. When he was younger and had not awakened yet, he was often bullied by the other boys in his neighborhood. He thought that after awakening, no one would be able to bully him anymore...

Seeing fatty Jing stopped walking and being quiet, Jarvis felt happy. And with a snort he ordered fatty Jing to follow him or else he's gonna beat him till the candy came out. Fatty Jing did not say anything and just followed, while Dylan who was ignored the entire time was speechless. Shaking his head he followed the two, not to help fatty Jing but...


Inside a certain unfinished school building...

"S,stop, please stop! No more, don't hit me anymore..." begged someone.

"Hahaha! You think I'm gonna stop because you asked?" Answered another guy while cracking his knuckles.

"P,please... no more, I begged you...," the first guy begged again while tears, blood, and snot mixed on his face.

"I think you should stop now fatty," Dylan said feeling a bit sorry for unlucky Jarvis.

That's right, the one being beaten up is not fatty Jing but the bully Jarvis! Let's go back to the beginning a bit. After "inviting" fatty Jing. The trio went inside an unfinished school building, there fatty Jing did not wait for Jarvis to say and do anything, he just blatantly used his ability, transforming into a buff and mascular guy then beat him into a pig face!

Also, it's not like Jarvis did not try to retaliate but it just that he can't as his ability is totally ineffective against fatty Jing! The damn fatty's ability is called "Bronze Skin." In this state, fatty is almost invulnerable to ordinary attacks and abilities. As for his buff and mascular body, that's just the side effect of the Bronze Skin ability. In reality, fatty Jing's talent is above average, much higher than his own. It's just that the damn fatty is naturally lazy. If not for that his grades will be higher.

After being reprimanded by Dylan, fatty Jing deactivate his ability and he returned to his normal fat self. Jarvis on the otherhand felt relieved and thank Dylan for stopping the terrifying, and abnormal fatty. But that didn't stop him from feeling grief. Aren't fatties supposed to be weak and helpless? Then why is this fatty so strong?! What happened to the trust between humans? Please bring me my weak and helpless fatty!

Hearing Jarvis' thanks, Dylan simply nodded, and was about to leave when Jarvis asked, "by the way have you been there the entire time? I didn't noticed you!"

Dylan stood still and looked at Jarvis with menacing eyes, he wanted to shout "I've been here the entire time! Are your eyes just for show? but stopped himself he merely looked at the terrified Jarvis then turned his back.

Jarvis on the otherhand was sweating bullets. It seemed that he had unknowingly antagonized his savior...


After exiting the unfinished building, fatty jing can no longer hold his laughter to the annoyance of Dylan who kicked him in the butt.

"Ouch, what was that for?!" Fatty Jing complained.

"You deserved it!" Answered Dylan.

"Come on! It's not my fault that the side effect of your ability make you unnoticeable right?" Said the pouting fatty Jing.

When Dylan is about to give fatty Jing another beating, his school badge beeped. Looking at the school badge that also function as a communicator, Dylan noticed that a message from their coach!

Dylan and fatty Jing looked at each other and ran towards the training ground where their coach is waiting.

to be continued


Chapter 2 / Chapter 4


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