The Sanctuary: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Dylan looked strangely at the "thing" in front of him and murmured, "just what the hell is this thing? A shadow?"

Yes, the strange thing that's stupidly staring at him is a.frecking shadow! But not just any shadow, this shadow is.not 2D like all shadow but rather 3D! Heck, it even looked lime him despite the fact that it has no facial feature to speak of...

Dylan tries touching the shadow and to his surprise the shadow did the same. He then questioned,"eh, is it imitating me, perhaps?"

He raised his hands, shakes his head, and even did a funny face, and as he hypotized it is imitating his every movement!

"Interesting," he thought!

Dylan is about to continue experimenting when someone suddenly knocks on the door. He then remembered that he and fatty Jing have agreed to go to train in the gravity room today. "Oh shit, what am I supposed to do? I can't let anyone see this shadow," thought Dylan, panicking. Suddenly, he thought of something and willed the shadow to disappear. And to his surprised it worked, the shadow did disappear, or rather it returned to beinga normal shadow!

"Great, it worked," Dylan exclaimed happily.

After making sure that everything's normal again, Dylan opened the door, only to see an impatient looking fatty. "What took you so long," fatty Jing asked.

"I was meditating. Beside, what's the hurry? It's not like the gravity room's going somwhere," Dylan joked.

"Are you really my friend, Dylan? There's no way a training freak like him would say something like that," fatty Jing declared seriously.

Vein popped out from Dylan's temple, this fatty is getting really annoying. The two then bickered as they exit the dormitory.


After arriving at the building where the gravity rooms are located, Dylan and fatty Jing is about to register.when the damn fatty noticed someone.

"Oh my, it's the goddess," exclaimed the almost drooling fatty jing.

Dylan looked at the direction fatty jing is looking and saw a beautiful young lady seating on a chair while looking very annoyed. The young lady looked familiar, and it did not take too long before dylan recall her name. Her name is Dianne, and is one of the most popular girl in their school.

But right now a flash of annoyance could be seen on that beautiful and fair face. The reason for it is the young man who's trying to flirt with him. According to what he heard, Dianne is a cold beauty of sort and rarely interact with others, especially with guys. And seeing this scene, Dylan theorized that this rumor is true.

"Damn it, how there that guy annoy my goddess," said fatty Jing with gritted teeth.

"Your goddess?" Dylan looked at the fatty with incredulous look.

As Dylan is about to tease fatty Jing the temperature inside the hall experienced a sudden drop! Dylan quickly noticed where the phenomenom originated, and saw Dianne emitting a pale looking bluish light!

Ability unleashed!

Are words that suddenly popped from Dylan's mind. Indeed, Dianne, in her annoyance unleashed her ability!

"So her ability is ice! How powerful! Judging from the way she's using it, she seemed to have reached initial mastery!" Dylan thought with amazement.

Everyone inside the room was shaking from the cold, and this is especially true to that guy who thoroughly annoyed the ice goddess. After all, he's the nearest to her and most of the ability's power is focused on him!

The annoying guy finally realized that he annoyed the wrong girl and quickly ran away. Before long he was out of the building. Only then did the ability stopped and the temperature returned to normal...

The receptionist then call Dianne's name, indicating that the special gravity room she's assigned to is finally vacant. After that episode everything inside the hall regained normalcy.

Dylan then approached a receptionist and asked if the gravity room they booked is available, of which the receptionist replied in an affirmative. After getting the key card, and taking a last look at the gravity room that Dianne is occupying, Dylan and fatty Jing enters the gravity room to begin their own training.

to be continued


Chapter 1 / Chapter 3


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