"Fear And Win" A Story Of A Women Who Win Her Fear And Protect Girls Against Sexual Harassment.

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Governor of WestBengal announced “Women Of The Year “ Rita Chatterjee please come on stage and take the prize and speak something to the audience.
Governor of the state also anounced that Mrs Rita also nominated for the award “Great Women” from the President of India this year.
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Suddenly a Young unmarried woman about 50 years old standing up and came to the stage and took the loud speaker and started telling her story.

Read The Story:

It was the time when I was 14 years old I was very shocked after reading newspaper. She remembered her sweet childhood memories when she was at class 4. During that time one of her cousin was teaching her English lessons in her room. Her father told Rita to strictly follow his instructions. One day Rita was make some mistake and her cousin told her she need some punishment due to her negligence.

So he slid his hand under my frock and touch her breast and pressed it hard. Rita was so young then and she feels a lots of pain . It was the beginning and every time Rita made some mistakes he would repeat to to press my breast. I didn't understand the matter then I think that it was one kind of punishment, he gave me. So I never told anybody even my parents. But now I understand the matter I was so schocked by understanding my cousin intention.

I can't slept that night it would burn my soul when Rita remembered his cousin hands on his breast.

Very next day in the school she asked all her girlfriend about the matter in her childhood. Most of her girlfriend told her that they also experienced similar incidents in their childhood by their cousin and other relatives and neighbours.
Rita was feeling very angry and ask questioned to her one of her class teacher Maya Madam who she loves most?
Why people's didn't respect for females and indulge themselves with females, even small girls.
Her teacher answered that small girls attracted because of awareness and ignorance. They don't distinguished between bad touch and good touch.
Parents can't explain their girl's children about bad touch and good touch.
We should aware our girls about what to do if they feel somebody touched them badly.

Her teacher also explained that we should educate our girls children about sex and sexual assault and harrassment.
But our government didn't permit us to educate our children in school. They think that it would create adverse effects on their children.
So we have to teach them Privately and educate them about sex and at the same time we should make our girls strong enough so as they can fight for them incase they face problems of sexual assault.
Her teacher Maya Madam also told Rita that she already take initiative to protect our girls from this bad society. She told her that she already created a Group Called “Jhansi Brigade” where she teaches teenagers about different Marshal Arts techniques. Her madam told her that she already got Black Belt in Marshal Arts.
She told Rita that she was very happy if Rita joined her group because she have brave attitude.
Rita agreed to join the Jhansi Brigade.
Rita came to house and told her father Subhash Chatterjee who is Police Inspector at Baliganj Thana, Kolkata.
After hearing Rita’s word her father told her that he was very proud of her daughter as she want to do great work for our society at this age.
After that Rita would never go back . She quickly gained althose Marshal Arts techniques. One day on her ways to home in the evening Rita saw a girl misbehaved by some local goons. She took a bamboo from the road and started beating those goons . By seeing Rita fighting with those goons the victim girl started shouting and very soon many people sorroundings them and catch those goons and handed over to the police. Local police station praised Rita for her bravery.
The news was published in the Andabazar Patrika and activities of Jhansi Brigade group spread throughout the West Bengal.

Next day the victim girl Sumana also join Jansi Brigade.
Afte that Rita and other members of Jhansi Brigade start campaigning about their organisation in Slums areas . They train many slum girls about Marshal Arts techniques and how protect themselves against sexual abused. Very soon numbers of female members of their Jansi Brigade increasing . One girls teach others.

Time was passing Rita’s father want that Rita should become an IPS officer. Rita completed her Graduation from Kolkata University but her ambition was to improve girl child education and reduce females foeticide and increase security of a women in the state.
One day one of Rita's home servant insisted Rita too teach her six years old daughter about sex education.
Rita and her friends Kamala went to her kolony and gathers some small girls of about six to ten years old then played with them and teach them about bad touch and good touch Teach them about bad guys who lured them and then touch their secret Organ.
Suddenly one of girls among them speak about their school gate keeper who was bad guy and touch them forcedly.
Rita and her groups member went to that school and sack that gatekeeper.

After that Rita and her Group members started her next movement to teach small girls bellow ten years old to teach sex education and spread the idea of Good and Bad touch and teach them about bad guys.

Rita's parents insisted her for marriage but Rita ignored and divoted to her in development of Jhansi Brigade group .
She created a NGO which was funded by some government organisations for increasing sexual education among girls in different schools throughout the WestBengal .
Her Jhansi Brigade group have 20000 members and some volunteer trainer .
Some these trainer paid by Reeta’s NGO “Nari Brigades”.
Every year they organised different competition of Marshal Arts in the state to increased self protection activities among young girls.
Time was passing Reeta sacrifice her whole life to increased women strength in the society .
Reeta’s Organisation awarded many time by private and government sector.
But getting prize of “Women Of Year ” from Governer of West Bengal is a special for her. She started cried stating her story.
Tears came from her Parents Eyes also.
She came to home and slept as she was very tired but suddenly she awake up she was dreaming that somebody put his hand under her trousers.
She Shaked that hand very hard. She awake up. She started her work to strengthen women throughout the country.
Her journey Begins.

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