Always Learning, Never Stopping

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Ah, the joys of learning and experiencing in life.
For some, they continue on a journey of learning.
For others, they find reasons to stop learning which can cause them to stop truly living.

For me, I choose to keep constantly learning in life.

To keep learning is to to not settle.
It's to remember that you may not know everything in a certain area, but that you are still willing and desiring to never stop learning.

I find this more and more as the years pass by-- that I am ever learning and never stopping.

I feel that's how it should be, that life was created in such way that we continue to keep learning, discovering, experiencing, growing, and ultimately never stopping.

I'll share a story with you about my first college piano lesson of the semester that I had yesterday:
I had come with music that I was learning and felt pretty prepared for the first lesson, but I still had the nervous feeling in my gut that I get every single time I play or sing my music for anyone.
I sat down and began to play, and he stopped me at a certain section to tell me that I was missing some notes. For me that fine because I'll mark it in and practice/learn it later on in my own free time I devote towards practice.

What struck me and caused me to think more about the importance of continuing to learn in life was what happened next.
Again I missed the same notes playing through it a second time and my professor went to the opposite piano from me to demonstrate what he wanted. His playing was beautiful, but when he reached the same part he also missed the same notes. He apologized, played through it again, and played all of the notes near perfectly.

That's when he turned to me and said: "I will never stop learning because there is always something I can improve in. In music, you can always learn what you put your mind to and throughout your entire life you will always be learning."

For me that was so profound in the moment, coming from this amazing concert pianist who's piano playing is so inspiring and touching that it can bring you to tears or laughter.

In retrospect, the main point of all of this is to be a reminder that we are always learning and it is when we stop learning that we often stop growing and truly living.

Thank you for taking out of your time to read this daily inspiration and I hope your journey of learning is a wonderful one!

Much Love,
Sarah Nicole ❤

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well done my dear, very nice.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it :)

yes i am really like this.

That's great to know!

college pianos, travelling and writing, looks like a nice life you have there ...

i'll always remember the day i quit school, it was the day i started learning and i havent stopped since, its one of my very few regrets in life : that i didnt quit that brainwashing institute sooner, i hope you dont mind the smallbotvote, i can't just vote on everyone i read at my level ... and since the removal of sbd i havent been handing out those much either

that was Him

this i me

While I do have some really great times and adventures in life, I also have some days that are not so great and harder times as well. I suppose that's all a part of being human and living life!

College is definitely not the greatest all of the time, but I'm truly determined to stick it out and achieve a degree because I love finishing what I begin in life.
I agree with you that there are so many other things to learn outside of being in college though!
Thanks for the vote :)

owh, the vote :p okay sorry lol ... i completely forgot

yes well, its not up to me to tell people how to walk their path in life , i can only speak for myself and those who get in the way of my path hahah, at that time they become an obstacle, even more so if they put themselves there, in which case conflict becomes quite unavoidable.
Not something they explained to me in school. Local schools would teach me to look down into the ground and walk around it because "what you gonna do ? ":)

i finish what i start, but not what i am made to do ... i think there's a huge difference and if you're unable to make that difference it will be used against you as moral leverage

that's always been my biggest problem with any kind of school below uni (but i believe college is overthere what they call "high"-school here think.png
schools are about teaching behavioural patterns and the local mores in the first place, not about teaching you how to think (as i said, that applies to below-uni ... maybe college is the same as that i dont know)

another nice barrier put up between people other than geo-politics : culture , the major force in society as opposed to what they would like you to believe : "the law"

glad to see someone responds sometime lol, even more so if they dont respond with the standard "nice, thx plz upvote & follow"

take care sarah nicole

Wow, what a in depth comment! haha

I see what you mean about many schools not teaching a lot of things that are important in life and often teaching things that are not so great.
I really don't agree with a lot of the testing methods within schools, colleges, and universities; I truly believe that it instills the belief in students that achieving good grades is the most important things when truly learning and the process of learning should be seen as the most important.

Anywho, I'm sticking it out and planning to get my college (even though I do believe I am learning equally as much, if not more, simply living life and having new experiences!)

i think you should go for what works for you, and dont feel guilty if you came up with an advantage, if you do, its a shame not to use it, but the better option is always not to ab-use it :)

universities are supposed to give students leeway to explore and be inventive, while any school below that is supposed to teach you how to behave in the machine and yea, i like my pillowtalk extended ( wink, dont sue me for harassment now) instead of "thx"
i tend to elaborate when i get going, its never rehearsed and some people have accused me of making replies that are posts in itself.
I think some even are a bit annoyed that i take up too much space in the replies section...which is weird :p , i mean anyone here would WANT reaction, right ? i mean you want votes, you want money, clearly or you could just stay on facebook but you want reaction, right?
action / reaction == inter-action , newton in the metaverse
where you stands for "general" lol, not for "you" in particular but i doubt i have to explain that
to you :p

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