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i switched the logo made with logojoy, some people seemed to be confused because of how real it looked ... (i dont have an office, i'm a total bum) and also keep calling me "rudy", i hope the video (one of my all-time favourites) clarifies the name a bit

contrary to popular belief i'm quite friendly when not attacked ... don't ask me "are you at it again" because you're at it again, if you weren't at it again, i wouldnt have started

some stats(at 20180812)

@ubasti / @sakhmet / @maahes is 105.5/101.1/49.5 days old and have distributed 11.111 to participants
@ubasti has given 434 non-ownvotes to rafflewinners for a total of x vests worth x SBD (at current price)
@ubasti 100 % vote is worth: 0.0085(subject to market fluctuation this is the value of shares in SBD)

@rudyardcatling is 305.5 days old and has given (to others)81 shares in @steembasicincome, 147 botvotes by @drotto, 49 by @nanobot , 38 by @microbot , 38 by @minibot , 7 by @sharkbank y etc to followers and voters and has promoted 34 posts with @treeplanter for a total of 1.045SBD, since last post of this, @treeplanter does give ROI but with the current fog its hard to see, quite sure it does but not sure it does right now at lowest amounts
@rudyardcatling 100 % vote is worth: 0.0569(subject to market fluctuation this is the value of shares in SBD
as all my recurring posts this post is generated from chunks i can edit separately before appending and posting i have an experiment i want to try here though ... changin pictures hosted on another server

hosted on my bedroom server now so it might be a bit slow to load the pics ... edito : yagh the pictures load REALLY slow and one of them gives "payload too large" error , which i have NEVER seen before, but if i use the img tag i dont have to use file extensions so thats good, ill see if i can find that telenet 50mb space password, that should b fast enough to serve,edito2:changing the pics works but they need to be small or ill need a fast host i can access by ftp or something

the smartest thing someone who has the clout to prove it here so far anyone said to me

you have to see the game for what it is

so i opened my eyes

if you need to you can call it bi-polar ... it's nothing that simple, if it is anything at all other than me not being you it would be a severe multi-dimensional shifting borderline condition so if that makes you comfortable i don't mind as long as it protects me from your defensive reaction. I am not who i used to be, which seem to be very confusing for people talking about that guy they knew 20 years ago or about the kid ... you killed that kid and you broke the guy. The guy is broke and broken and neither of them are ever coming back.

i am me now, meoow....

to be used as a link so i dont have to repeat myself, imagine posting this at the bottom of every reply ? yea i thought so too, a link is better, and since i'm not an old nazi vampire, i tend to change as i grow or get wounded, so once a month seems fair, to be edited as it goes

i have no mission to save the world, i don't have the secret to make you rich while sleeping ... i have the intention to have a sustainable income, free from government, phoneboy, scam artitsts geolocation and people who tell me what to do
and how to do it
i can not give what i don't have, i have a pledge to give 10%, which means every 10sp i gain, i put 1 steem for someone in @steembasicincome for as long as they remain true to their original intention, if that changes, i'll find another way to stay true to mine

i hate content nazis and enlightened fascist content crusaders and i believe a witness system is nothing but a repetition for duly elected officials which has proven to not work for thousands of years now <<--- im gonna hold that to "i hate content nazis" since the witness systems seems to have worked at least twice now since ive been watching ... that still doesnt make a charm =) but it's a good start

i dont do popular opinion

i dont do potter fan fiction

i dont live in a place thats rich with the last nature

and i dont have pictures from starbucks or travels since i'm already rich , because i'm a total fucking bum

i wont lie to you, and i hope you respect that by doing the same

i was not going to have a second account or bot but i found a way to use one without begging or scamming for sbd, so @ubasti,@sakhmet, @maahes that is ... i consider hiding money behind ONE password with no 2FAC a bit scary so i have a few alts which are vaults and are used to do a post per day of which most of the sbd (1x50 and 2x90%) is distributed among voters with active posts. If i get over the limit of steempower i feel comfortable with i will probably get more but im not sure if i will run more than three distros, but i might if people vote on it ... it takes time off of the rest since its not fully automated

i got a bith further on the api since i started and i know how to do most now but i still get interrupted too much and this place wont let me live by night so everything goes EVER so slooow

different places for different spaces :

ALLEYCAT (a server run from my bedroom in a mini itx case on a celeron , linux and lamp for hobby purpose only but it might be for testing web-ui for my steemscripts now too, and maybe automate the vault/distro alts)

musing @rudyardcatling probably the best dapp so far after steemit (or busy if thats your thing)

MINDS @rudyardcatling warning : free speech might cause baby jesus' ears to bleed both left AND right when it's uncensored
no facebook

no more google+ scratchpad (havent used that in ages)

pOINC (youtube crud, i started on some gamedev but hellgium cracked me down again and i'm still recovering, if i ever do)

GameCreators i was busy cos i bought a bundle in a Gabe-sale, then i crashed i wasnt busy anymore but i hope to be

disqus forum, mostly torrentfreak subversice crud

shnull@slashdot(my first slashdot profile when the world was young enough to hold commander Taco ... ultracrank crud ...)

kingbenny@slashdot (my current slashdot profile ... if you dont know the place, scroll down past the top posts, ever since the election debates that lead to trump some crud always seems to hog the top words, somewhat below you would usually find the more tek savvy and knowledgeable elitists ... superultracank crud)

TED if you don't know TED i wonder how you got online ...

tv series (the site that ruined baywatch (=lol) tv-show crud, i dont fanatically keep track, however)

movies (i got locked out of my original when google locked me out of my original and all the sites i used with google login locked me out ... movie-crud)

anime (the one and only place for animists :p anime-crud)

steam in the name of the holy Gaben, lord of the sales (he's in your wallet already but you dont know it):-)

pinterest les gouts et les couleurs ... where your little sister lives and the demons that haunt her

weheartit where your other little sister lives

what to do instead of lambos (off-the-beaten-travelcrud)

i cant see any videos there anymore though ??!?DTUBE @rudyardcatling i hear media is stored separately (which makes sense or the blockchain would hit petabytes in no time) so if anyone wants to be a bitch about a 20 year old sample i'll gladly donate the proceeds of said post LOL, or it can very likely be deleted IF YOU REALLY NEED TO BE A BITCH ABOUT FANFICTION
well i'm looking into peertube anyway

DSOUND @rudyardcatling well ... old music i used to be happy tinkering on its called mashup now i think or something contrary to dtube that looks like its still there

instagram barely ever used ... a lot of barely ever used i'm afraid so lets not list those

LINE: rudyardcatling
WHATSAPP: thats my phonenumber which i definitely wont share in public
SKYPE : "global penpal" its been so long i forgot but i'll edit the name in later (rarely used, mostly and practically only to call with my old folks when they're in france)

last but not least :
Let me enlighten you :: rules exist to discipline oneself, do not force them on someone else (Kongo - Ars nova cadenza)
Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ? (me)

me :

if there is any questions regarding the accounts : @rudyardcatling , @ubasti , @sakhmet , @maahes , feel free to join and ask away, i'm not always on keyboard but i check at least once day ... feel free to lurk and feel free to post any steemit links in the appropriate channel, you can ask questions by leaving a comment @rudyardcatling , i try to read all of them but i might not on the other accounts

“The universe did not invent justice. Man did. Unfortunately, man must reside in the universe.”
― Roger Zelazny, The Dream Master
dont support an industry who would extradite your kid from the UK to copyright guantanamo, get your shit for free, 24/7 , barely any ads, superlegal :D
no affiliation, just some favourites,%20Death%20and%20Doom&b0=Metal well, i guess what you could do is face the great outside and support artists by going to live concerts, sadly ticket prices are out of planktons reach these days, anything that makes sure the money goes to them more than to the industry bleeding them dry i suppose, was gonna fix that, remember ? blockchain-tek COULD fix it, so where is all that ? all that is lobbyright, let me tell you, that's why its not there yet

*don't feed the trolls*

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