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Now I know this isn't like Stephen King here. But I am extremely proud of him.

The students in his first grade class and he all got together and each wrote a quick story about each of their favorite animal.

Evan picked his dog, Evil, to write about. He also got to draw a picture for the book.🖍



I don't think he understood what was going to be the end result when he started.

He wasn't excited about writing or drawing for what we were doing. Even when it was all done and I talked to him as we waited for the book to return in it's finished form, he seemed disinterested.


And the excitement finally showed. As we opened the pages and he saw all his friends and his own writings and drawings, he finally got it.

Seeing his eye light up as he opened the book for the first time brought tears to my eyes. He was so excited to have something to remind him of all of his friends.

I'm so proud of him and his friends for doing such a great job!

Here are a few more shots from the book.







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hey congrats john.. u have funny kid.
ive been quite for awhile now im back posting again. if u have time u can visit if any of my post interest you =)

I was wondering where you had went. But it's good to have you back. I will make my way over there right now. Is everything going okay for you? And thank you for congratulating me. I'll let Evan know that you said he's funny. I hope I will continue to see you around now. And then till I see you again I send you and all of yours all of my love.

I also saw that you resteemed my post. Thank you so much for that. It really does mean a lot to me. And if you can let people know that I play games at my place that they can win money and meet good people. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. 💓

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Aweee.. <3 That is a very heart warming moment right there. Congratulations Steemit Jar Kid, Evan!! <3 I'm sure he'd really treasure that :) And, I'm sure, you are very happy with this and that is why you shared it to us! Thank you so much for sharing the happiness and good vibes :) :) Say hi to Evan for me. :)

Yes it was definitely heartwarming. And thank you for your kind words. As much as he likes it now, in 10 or 15 years or more he will learn the true value of it. As he reads the book and is allowed to transport back in time to being a kid. I think that is when the real magic happens. And I will definitely tell him that you said hello. I hope that you have a great weekend. And I send all of my love to you and all of yours until we meet again. May our creator bless yous. And Evan says "hi to you too."

Oh yes! That is so true. :) That's the nicest thing about keeping things like that because one day, looking at it will just really make you travel with a time machine and instantly let you travel with the memories you have with it.

Oh YAAAAY!!!! I'm glad he said hi to me too. HAHA :D I love Evan already. hehehe :) I so love kids. :) :)

Kids are the best. Always have been, always will be.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Awesome ! Great Job to all involved !

🐶 I really like the name of Jar Kid's Dog 🐺

Yeah Evil was just a puppy when he named her. She's 3 now, and still continues to live up to her name. Thanks for stopping by my friend and I hope your weekend is great.

Vau, great jog :) Congratulations to you and your son ;)

Thank you. How have you been doing? It feels like forever since I've talked to you. I've been so busy here and in the real world. I do contests here now. I do them for the new people of our community. I make them quick and easy and do them three times a week. I also let everybody who plays when every single time. I'm trying to help the new guys want to stay around longer and help them meet people and earn money. I know you're not new here but if you would like you could play a game or two. I hope you have a wonderful day. And I send you and all of yours all of my love until we meet again. And may our creator bless yous.

We are good. There are some changes in our life too. We moved from Lithuania to Denmark until next year, because we found a job here. So after this time, our plan is to get married and go look fora new adventures around the world.
I would love to play one of your games :)

Yes I had saw that you guys were moving to Denmark. However I knew nothing of your wedding. So.....


I'm so excited for you. Did invisusmundi propose to you? And do You get an engagement ring? If so can I see it? I'm just so happy for you two! Do you want babies? And if so a boy or a girl or both? It's been good hearing from you. And hopefully I'll see you at my place playing games. One of my last games was inspired by you two. It was one where I had everybody go to take a picture of their flag. I think you should play that one. I'll talk to you later, and then till then I send you and all of yours all of my love. And may are Creator bless yous.

Gosh nice kid he is very smart and joyful. your so lucky to have Evan. regards to him hugs.

I will definitely give him hugs for you. And yes I am so lucky and blessed. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will let Evan know of your great words of encouragement. How is everybody doing on your end? I hope that you guys had a good weekend and that this week is also good. I send all of my love to you and all of yours until we meet again friend. And I asked that our creator bless all of you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

So happy for you! I can almost sense the genuine excitement and happiness. Good job Evan the steemit jar kid! :D It would have been nice to capture that moment in a video haha! I haven't had the chance to have an achievement like that when I was a kid. I meant being published :D This encourages them to try new things and to explore their potentials. Kudos to the teacher/school for coming up with an idea like this.

I know, I wish I could have caught it on video. But him being a seven-year-old boy, he's so much quicker than me. 😁 How is your family doing dear friend? I will let Evan know that you said a good job. I'm sure he will be ecstatic. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post. I'll see you around and then till then I send you and all of yours all of my love.
Edit: Evan says thank you.

Such a delight, your kid!

Everyone's doing good. Lots of celebration and at the same time losses. That is why we are divided where we went to this weekend. It has been a busy week.

Oow..he is so sweet,I think it will be unforgetable experience for him..you must be proud of him..send my congrat to your son and my sweet love for him..

I told him, and he says thank you. And yes I am very proud of him. Thank you for checking out his hard work and commenting to him. He loves to hear from people from around the world.

Congratulations Evan! I am sure you are one proud dad! 😊😊😊

I told him you said congratulations from you. His smile was so big! He loves hearing compliments from people, especially when they're from around the world. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out of your day for me and him. It's good to see you around and I hope that all is well for you. How is your family doing? Tell those kids that I said hello. Until we meet again I send you and all of yours all of my love. And I ask that our creator bless yous.

We are doing great! It is school vacation here so my children are all at home. They have the whole day to play. 😊😊

My kids have a few weeks to go. But they are looking forward to a break.

Congrats Bubba 😊

☺ I will let him know you said so. And thank you so much. if you would like I can pass along the information from the company and maybe your school can do the same thing next year. Evan really enjoyed it and so did I. I think your dad would absolutely love it.