Sus371 - 4: A Story

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Sus371 - 4

It was good they decided to meet where he lived, when he received a message from Sus that she was in her room and ready to meet him, Joe thought. It was 7:30 pm.

It would have taken another 2-3 hours before she arrived at the Holiday Inn nearest to Gem Mountain. Their first dinner-date might have been microwaved burritos at the convenience store of the gas station in that small town.

He saw the room number and messaged her back that he could meet her at the room or in the restaurant of the hotel in about 15 minutes or less.

Famished. Restaurant, Sus replied.

On my way, Joe replied.

Sus checked herself in the bathroom mirror, satisfied. Then took her purse and the room key and left the room, headed down toward the restaurant. She really was starving. Driving took a lot more energy than she thought. There were two wrecks to slowly pass, eating up nearly an hour each time. The were portions of the highway that became icy from about a half hour before sunset that frightened her enough to slow down.

Continue to sit in the lobby of the restaurant or go in, grab, a table, and order an appetizer? She began to feel faint. What if Joe took longer to get here than he thought? The aromas of food from inside the restaurant smelled unbelievably delicious. Was that a savory juicy steak? Oh that was roast chicken, too.

Looking at the doors of the hotel entrance, waiting for Joe to appear was unbearable. I need a glass of water, some food, she spoke to herself. Her first attempt to rise from the divan was unsuccessful, weak knees. She sat back down, then tried to rise to her feet again. She succeeded but felt light-headed and put her hand on the wall to steady herself.

Joe approached the hotel entrance. It hit him. He stopped cold about twenty feet from the doors and said, She tricked me so she could meet my wife. He paused and saw a woman through glass of the doors. Sus, he thought recognizing someone who might be her leaning on the wall. Oh well, he said and started to march forward with purpose, entered the doors and she turned at the sound.


"Sus." He saw what he wanted and she appeared in some sort of distress. He hurried over to her as fast he could trying to seem calm or controlled. Inside he was nothing of the sort. "Are you alright he took her arm to support Sus?"

"I think I waited too long to eat." Sus whispered as she looked at him.

"We can take care of that right now, okay?"

"Definitely yes." Sus replied.

Joe assisted Sus into the restaurant. A hostess came, took them toward a table. Joe held her tight as they walked and she seemed grateful. "Appetiser, please."

"Yes." Once seated Joe asked the hostess what appetisers were available rather than let the hostess return with menus. Sus nodded at chicken strips and again at onion rings. Joe ordered those.

A waitress brought water. Sus picked up her glass and drained it.

"Would you like that refilled?" The waitress asked. Sus nodded without smiling.

"Are you all right," Joe examined her carefully. She pointed at his water and he nodded. Sus grabbed his glass and drained it. She cleared her throat,

"I am all right now. I don't know what came over me. I could barely talk. I couldn't stand steady, and I am never like this."

"You (are) drop dead gorgeous, Sus. You're better looking in person than in your photos." Joe observed trying to smile. "You are drop dead gorgeous, Sus371." Joe corrected himself.

"Arrows?" Sus giggled.

"Sledgehammer to (the) head?" Joe laughed. It was something that happened when destinies met that they had talked about while only corresponding.


"Oh Yes."

The appetisers arrived. "You are more handsome than I imagined and please excuse me because I am starving."

"Army, I have seen starving people eat," Joe waived his hand invitingly at the food.

"I am never like this," Sus proceeded to scarf.

"You're not like any woman I ever met or I ever dated, Sus. I like you." Joe got two onion rings and only one chicken strip. There was no talking, only eating.

Sus swallowed, drank water, and smiled her fantastic smile. Her lips were fuller than the pictures, "I did not plan to act like this at all. I had a whole list of topics to talk over, and envisioned a delightful, memorable conversation and elegant dinner."

"I like this and we haven't eaten dinner yet have we?" Joe laughed, "Cupid's Arrow?"

"No we haven't," Sus nodded, "Hammer?"

"More like a big blast, more food?" Sus nodded in response to his question, paused,

"More food, but I need to be excused and even though I feel less faint, I am embarassed."

"Embarassed by what?"

"I am afraid to walk to the restroom by myself. I might fall."

"I will be happy to assist you, you are wonderful to hold." Joe said very directly, did not pause. He stood and made his way to her side, helped Sus to her feet, "Carried or take my arm?"

"I'll try the arm first, but hold me steady around the waist, please."


About half way to the bathroom, almost to the bathroom, while in his arms Sus blurted out, "Are you married Joe?"


"No one is maybe married, Joe."

"It is complicated and I don't like to talk about it or think about it because I have lost contact with her for years, and our child. Do you need help to the stall."

"Yes and quickly."

Joe pulled open the bathroom door and yelled, "Man coming in to help a woman to the stall." He said it again after there was no response. Still no response.

He walked Sus to a stall and asked, "Need any help from here?"

"Please push the door and I will be fine. Oh this is so embarassing."

"It's fine. I'll wait outside for your yell, Sus."


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