Sus371 - 1: A Story

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Joe was in the midst of conducting a research project. His assignment was to interview women posing as a married man searching for a second wife.

Funded out of Brigham Young University with a grant from the sociology department, now that gay marriage was legal on a good portion of the world, how would women react to sharing a husband between them?

The responses were what you would expect, most of the time.

In the chatrooms of dating sites, for the most part, Joe was excoriated with every name in the book of expletive, foul language.

Women posted long diatribes of wanting a loyal, honest, trustworthy man, and how they were a one man woman. Women wanted to know all about his ex, or soon to be ex.

Joe was now certain, he was under investigation by several agencies of the governments of the world - no wonder we are at war with Islam, Joe often thought. Veteran, been there and seen polygamy.

Yet the truth was that no matter how many threats of lawsuits and arrests, he met women who seemed like they were interested. Since Joe started the study only a few weeks ago, he met ten women out of 200, or five percent, that had failed to find a husband that was a good man and they considered marriage to Joe seriously after a few conversations.

They wanted to date, which is when Joe broke off the relationship, but none was like Sus.

At five foot eleven, Sus was educated, gorgeous, a professional, intelligent, was 34 years old, and still waiting for the right man to come along for the very first time. She had the cutest dimples when she smiled, and eyes like the clearest, purest pools of water. She could be a super model...but worked in finance.

When he would talk to her, he started all his conversations with, Hey Sus! The Spanish pronunciation of Jesus. It made him laugh, so hard. And when she heard it explained, ROFLMAO! Yes, she laughed.

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