Sus371 - 2: A Story

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Sus371 -2

Joe talked constantly with Sus, when he wasn't working on his survey of what single women thought about polygamy, multiple women married to one man.

In some ways, he wished he had never taken the research project grant because of the abuse he received from women vehemently against the practice of plural marriage. On the other hand, it was very interesting how many single, attractive, lonely women he talked to that seriously considered the idea and he met Sus.

The other reason is that the amount of the grant money had bought him a new Ford Fusion and he was about to make a substantial down payment on a three bedroom house, move out of his apartment. And once he had the statistics parameters, a better grasp on the questions to ask, hire starving students to perform the surveys. He would not survey women after he had a staff. The grant was for $500,000 for two years study.

More than half of the women who made serious inquiries about taking the chats to dating and marriage, would only be a second wife if he, a man, had a sufficient amount of money, housing, and was very stable. Some of the women were widowed or divorced with children. Many asked for his credit cards up front. Of course, he did not give that information and marriage.

He and Sus were getting along great. He had never told her that he was single, in case she had friends in the online dating sites. Sus wanted to know about his wife but he, as with all the others, had insisted meeting his wife would only happen after they met, liked each other, and wished to date, became serious. He had not asked any of the women for a date but broke the relationships off at that point when dating was inevitable. When he knew the women were serious.

Sus and Joe had several phone calls, with long conversations, and each said they liked the sound of the others voice. It was on the fifth phone call that Sus did something he would never have expected. She tried to buy him or bribe him with $8.5 million dollars by directly depositing the money into his Paypal account.

Joe did not know if she was serious. He thought maybe Sus was some sort of scammer, or fraudster, money launderer, or if it was some sort of test.

"Sus, I really do not need the money. I don't want the money, save it. I want you Sus."

"I have a lot of money," Sus said, "I love you and want you to have this money."

"Better to give it to me in person, after we have had a few real dates," Joe replied. Sus was so very forceful. So Type A, Joe could tell during the fight, she was used to getting what she wanted, and was the boss of a large number of people.

Heated arguing grew and Joe recognized he and Sus were in their first fight. And he said so. Said he loved her. Told her many nice things, apologized, and then hung up to stop the fight. He didn't know if she would ever want to talk to him again.

He hated himself, was upset about the fight, saying bye in a final way. Two days later she wrote him an email. Joe smiled as he read the email from Sus.

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