Little Ru on Adventures and Life Lessons

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Something interesting happened today. I invented an adventure for Mommy, Daddy, and me. I like it very much when there are exciting things for all three of us. However, sometimes it is difficult to tell whether something exciting for me is as exciting for them. Now and then they look more scared than enthusiastic.

However, I heard the other day someone saying that a person should always leave their comfort zone if they want to grow and develop. I am growing and developing all the time, and sometimes I worry that Mommy and Daddy are not growing that much.

On the other hand, I read in a magazine that adventures always get you out of your comfort zone. So, I try to invent adventures for Mommy and Daddy to keep them out of their comfort zone as much as I can. Just to make sure that they continue to develop and grow.

Like today, for example. We went out for a walk with Little Martin and his parents. We reached the beach and sat on the sand. Mommy was feeling so comfortable that she even had an ice-cream. The minute I saw this, I started to worry that she is spending too much time in her comfort zone. So I had to get precautions immediately. The only thing I could think of was jumping into the sea. So I that’s what I did.

I wouldn’t say that I planned it well, but this is how adventures are – you don’t have to plan them all the time. So, while Daddy was taking pictures of me near the water, I all of a sudden I dived into it. If you wonder what I mean when I say “dived”, I mean that I put my head and body underwater and didn’t have a clue how to stand back on my feet. So, for a second or two I was just floating on the surface. Then Daddy grabbed me. He laughed but he looked scared.


At first I was planning on playing with this amazing stick I found. But that's what adventures are - sometimes they catch you by surprise.

I wasn’t very sure what exactly the sea was. I don’t remember much from last summer so everything was new to me. It turned out that the water was freezing cold and way too salty for my taste. And my clothes were soaking wet.

But this is how adventures are – they are not always pleasant. In fact, people dream about adventures, but when adventures come, they complain all the time. Because no one thinks about the dangers and the scary things that happen during an adventure.

An adventure becomes funny only when it’s over.

But they don’t tell you that on TV.


I was trying to remember what the sea was like. I tried to poke it to see if it is going to say something.

Back to my adventure. The water was cold, but it wasn’t very deep. At least it wasn’t deep for my Daddy, it was around his ankle. But if you can’t walk properly yet, every water could become deep. See, that’s what I find confusing about the world. Everything is relative. Just read the following carefully.

What is deep water for me, could not be deep water for you.

And here it becomes even more complicated.

What is deep water for me now, could not be deep water for me tomorrow.

Or, even more confusing.

What is shallow water for me when I am standing, could be deep water when I fall.(That was my case today.)

See what I mean?

So, I wanted to prepare Mommy and Daddy for future great adventures and to assure myself that they are out of their comfort zone. I wanted also to show my friend Little Martin and his Mommy and Daddy that it is a good thing to be prepared (at least with warm clothes). It turned out that little Martin was well prepared because he had spare clothes and I didn’t. But then another important lesson came to my mind that I could teach Little Martin:

If you have spare clothes, give them to a friend in need.


Daddy took this picture only a second before I dived into the water. He threw the camera and rescued me. He didn't take any pictures of the wet version of me. I should train him better.

The world is a complicated place as we’ve just agreed. For example, if I am having an adventure right now, it doesn’t mean that Little Martin is also having an adventure. He may be resting. And this means that he doesn’t have the feelings that I have right now. He may not be scared, or cold like I was after jumping into the cold water. Then, if he is a true friend or a good person as a whole, he would imagine what it would be like to be in my shoes. And then he would offer his spare clothes.

Imagining what others feel is not an easy thing. Some people are not very good at it and they could become rude and hurtful to others.

So, it was an important lesson to Little Martin how to imagine what others feel or what I feel in particular. And it was an important lesson for me to know that it is always good to have a friend. That’s why I shared my banana with little Martin afterward.

While we were eating the banana like two good friends, I told Little Martin what I just told you. However, he wasn’t that positive about my views. He criticized me that I act as if I know it all. He pointed out that what happened was not a lesson to him, but to me. He said, that I should learn how to think first before doing stupid things.

And he was right.

It is always easier to teach a lesson, then to receive one. There are too many teachers in the world. Everybody wants to be a teacher and hates being a student. But being a student could be so exciting. You get to learn new things and you will never ever become bored or bore the others.


This is Little Martin and me while having a serious talk. I am wearing his spare clothes.

So, in the end, the day went well. Everything was accomplished. Mommy and Daddy got out of their comfort zone, threw the ice-cream and started to develop and grow while they were putting Martin’s spare clothes on me. Little Martin learned how to imagine what others feel. I learned what is it like to have a good friend who is honest with you. And, last but not least, I became even better in organizing adventures for Mommy and Daddy. Because I am a good student and I will never ever bore them.

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I really enjoyed your post @insight-out. Great "life lessons" woven into a wonderful story about a day by the sea with family and friends. Well done! 😊

I see @ocd / @ocdb agree, resulting in you being on their whitelist soon. Good for you! I nominated you for exactly that weeks ago, but they never replied ... 🤔

So ... You've managed to get there and that is all that matters. Keep up the wonderful work! 👍

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Oh, thank you @roleerob! I am glad that you enjoyed reading this little story :) This is my attempt to write about other stuff beyond science articles :)

I had no idea that you nominated me before for @ocd! To be honest, I didn't know what and who @ocd were but now I am following and upvoting them to support their efforts :)

Hope you and your family are well!

Good morning 🌄 (here) @insight-out. After finishing my latest “precision” post, I am finally getting back to this.

”I had no idea that you nominated me before for @ocd!”

Here you will find I have supported (100%) your nomination by the “right guy,” in which I have referenced my nomination (wrong guy … 😉), if you wanted to read / find it.

I hope you and your family are enjoying a nice weekend “over there!” 👍

Thank you very much, @roleerob! I don't know what to say about your continuous support. It's about time I find out how all these curation lists and contests work so that I can nominate others :)

Hi absolutely love it! What an amazing story...and perspective from which it was told. And my goodness, isn't everything relative. Daddy should definitely have taken some "wet" pictures. But that's okay, he hasn't been in training too long. I'm sure he'll get there.😁 Oh, and happy late mother's day. I hope this week is a lovely one for you.

Hey, thank you @johndoer123 for your wonderful comment :D

Everything is relative, indeed :D For better or for worse :D

Oh, and you spelled your own name wrong at the end. 😂 I do that alllll the time.

Hahahahaha :D Thanks, I would have never noticed it :D

What a lovely story with beautiful message in it @insight-out. I love this kinda approach to let others understand something about "adventures" and "comfort zone" ... argghh both of them remind me to my own experience when I forced my little nephew to enjoy the sea but he's not too comfort with that little adventure .. at least he learns that going to the beach means Ice Cream Party 😂😂

Hahaha :D Ice-cream party sounds great to me :D As you can clearly see in the text above, I am an ice-cream fan :D

Unfortunately, Little Ru became a bit nervous around the sea after this little "adventure". We will see how it's going to be in a few months :)

He'll be fine as long as you let him play with the sticks @insight-out 😉 he looks so happy with his weapon😉

A good idea to cast this as a kid's POV story! You got a budding young philosopher there, if I may judge from his exceptional reasoning ability! :D

Oh, noooo! A philosopher in my family, I should take precautions :D :D :D

I think he just had another story today :) How are you doing? Did it get too sunny in Cyprus for another Stem article? :D

Oh just published actually! Fresh from the oven!

I've been to the beach once so far, the sun went away as soon as I got there. But yeah people are swimming here now. Will be visiting it again soon, and consistently.

But your article was a month ago! I'm starting to think it's hotter there!

Haha, maybe it is :) Because we've been to the beach three times already :D We are getting ahead of you :D

I'm up to 2 now. 😑 I'm closing in!

Those fat little feet on the wet sand are adorable.
I enjoyed the adventure and look forward to more.

Haha :D Thank you, @justjoy! I love those feet, too :D They are always with a plan and a direction :D

Delightful and I remember so clearly washing feet under the tap! Lovely memories.

Nice story. I enjoyed it greatly 😊

:)) nice that you got some treats here.

I recognize some of what you've said. Another lovely Ru-Story. I maybe will come back later on as I am tired as a dog. Was all day working on my balcony and whitening my living room walls and afterwards having Burgers with my son (he as a week off of school).

Warm greetings!

Sounds like a wonderful day :)

It was.

I would like to add what you said in your text

being a student could be so exciting. You get to learn new things and you will never ever become bored or bore the others.

I can very much confirm this. So do you also think that as a school teacher you learn more by asking your students questions to which you truly don't know the answer, even if there is one possible one on your mind? Had you this learning experience when the students came up with answers you would never have expected? And how did it feel for you?

I can imagine to receive answers from students in a dialogue in class is such a good thing. I still have difficulties to ask adults questions of different kind. It's a constant training I want to get better in.

So do you also think that as a school teacher you learn more by asking your students questions to which you truly don't know the answer, even if there is one possible one on your mind? Had you this learning experience when the students came up with answers you would never have expected? And how did it feel for you?

Yes, I certainly think that if you have a question and no answer to it you should first ask a child what does he or she think :)
I wasn't a regular teacher, so I didn't have to stick to a particular agenda. So I did different training with the children and we spent a lot of time discussing different subjects. I used to write down the answers that most fascinated me. At the end of the first school year (I spent two years with them), I created hand-made books with all their thoughts inside and I gave it as a present to every parent :) You and me, we think alike, you know :D

I agree with you. It is difficult to ask the right question in the right way at the right time. I am faaaar of being good at it :/

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