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Guru with shishyas

Do you understand the concept of Gurudakshina? It is an age old tradition which is the part of our Guru-Shishya Parampara. In this article, we are going to discuss about various aspects of this revered tradition, and how the revival of the same can improve the overall education system in the country.

In ancient India, children did not have to pay for their education. They lived in their teacher’s home for years as if they were his own children. When they completed their education, they might have to give something as Gurudakshina. Once upon a time, a group of three students approached their teacher at the end of their studies to ask him what he wanted as gurudakshina. The teacher thought for a while, then smiled back and asked them to get him a bag of dried leaves. The students thought what would their teacher do with a bag of dried leaves. Anyway, it was the request of their teacher and they were very confident that they can easily bring back such a bag. After all, who would have any use for dried leaves?

Next morning, they set off for the nearby forest. They looked all around, but there were no dried leaves to be found. They concluded that someone must have collected all the leaves in the morning. One of the students said that they can visit the forest early morning tomorrow and collect the leaves. But other students said that they need to fulfill the request of their teacher as soon as possible. It was a small request after all. Gurus in the past have asked for much more. Have you forgotten the story of Eklavya?

After the forest, they decided to visit the nearby mango farm. They asked the farmer if he can provide them with a bag full of dried leaves. The farmer said that he is already using them as fuel and manure. He told them if they would have arrived a little earlier, then he could have provided them with the extra leaves which he sold to the merchant. "What is a merchant going to do with dried mango leaves?” one of the students enquired. The farmer replied that he didn’t have a clue. You can ask the merchant himself.

The students then visited the merchant’s shop. He dealt in every kind of things from medicines to utensils. He was one of the biggest merchants in the entire village. The students requested him for a bag of dried leaves. The merchant said that he buys most of the dried leaves from nearby farms. His workers stitch the bigger leaves together to make large leaf-plates. There are certain other leaves which are powdered and then mixed with ayurvedic medicines. He said that he recently bought mango leaves to prepared medicines effective in addressing problems related to digestion, burns, asthma etc.

It was already dusk, and the sun was about to set in the next few minutes. So, the students returned back to their teacher and told him their utter failure in fulfilling the request. The teacher smiled back and asked, “What did you learn today?” One student replied that activities that seem to be easier at first, sometimes turn out to be very difficult. The others said that even something as common and as ubiquitous as dried leaves have very many uses. The teacher started laughing, and his students were observing him. In the end, he said that this is the lesson I wanted you all to learn today. Always remember that “Nothing and no one is useless”. Even a dried leaf has many uses. Then consider human beings! Never mock or run anybody down. Feel good about yourself. Likewise, always make others feel good about themselves. Since nothing is useless and everything has a value in the universe, you should respect everything and everyone around you. This will help you get along with everyone and make your life easy and happy. The Holy Gita says that, he alone sees truly who sees Self in every creature; he does not harm himself or others.

समं सर्वेषु भूतेषु तिष्ठन्तं परमेश्वरम् |
विनश्यत्स्वविनश्यन्तं य: पश्यति स पश्यति |
|| 13:28||



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it was a wonderful story..not only the moral by guru was to be learned but..there are many hidden morals in this article.. for example:- a person should always respect and obey his teacher or any person from whom we get some kind of knowledge...


@devsingh You get it. Obedience is a very important quality. Treat your teacher with respect and you might learn something even from the worst of the teachers.

always be learner and respect everyone ,there's no useless things

Hi Tanul
Felt good after reading it, we should indeed respect each other and be greatful for the prople around us.

Sach a nice story. When I start to read I feel this is useless n what is d topic is gurudakhna, so common, but as I read my interest goes increase wid the story. N so nice the word which story wants to tell. It is a also a motivational story. And best of this article is it's easy languse. Every words click to the mind to understand. Somewhere it's motivate to me. I really enjoyed n thankful to you for this article. Thank you so much. Your effort is so gud.
''Nothing n no one is useless''


@rosy1606 This article was originally written for a student newspaper (age group 8-12 years) and hence the words were deliberately chosen to be simple.
Should I change the title of the story?

Everything has changed now..No good ideal relationship is there now...Teachers are after money and students are after marks...


@doctorhealth It is said that we always get the teacher we deserve. The quality of teacher depends on the amount of effort we have put. For example, Ramanujam found Hardy inspite of being from a poor family.
This was true then, and this is true now.

It's true that one has to work harder in this century, in India, to get a good teacher. Let's hope things might change with time.


@doctorhealth Successful teachers are those that have the ability to maximise the learning potential of all students in their class. Developing positive relationships between a teacher and student is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and student learning! @haxins

ty guruji for sharing good information... Would like to have some more knowledge from you... hahaha @haxins

The purest form of relationship is between a guru and sishya..
Nice post brother.
Keep steeming

@haxins very interesting story with a strong moral value. Where you got this story from?


@himanitokas I think I have listened to this story during one of the CHYK class. I re-wrote it for some children newspaper article. So, here it is now.

@haxins nice story. I know this story, the dedication of eklavaya for his teacher Dronacharya is marvelous . That dedication made him a best student in the history.

Epic story!!
Meanwhile you are a philosopher! I forgot 😁😅..


You read the introductory post. :D

Nice story.. Keep it UP

Good stroy
I like this

bro i just have one word to say mind blowing as nowadays i am suffering badly from something that make me feel down and you just fuel me with this story just wanna say thank you and god bless you.


@rahulwasan It feels good to be of help to someone. I hope you will bounce out of your sufferings soon.

bhai great story, and yes i have heard the eklavya story too!

Wow what a story!!
This story just blew my mind. Also this encouraged me to read bhagwat gita that i left in the middle.
Thanks for putting this post up.


Read Bhagwat Gita, and the more important part is implementing it. Ved Vyasa after writing Mahabharat said that whatever is there in Mahabharat can be found elsewhere, but whatever is not therein cannot be found anywhere. Basically, it is an assimilation of all the knowledge that is required for inspirational living.

@haxins nice post my friend. Keep posting good stuff like this.

now a days the relationship between guru and sishya is almost gone. we should nurture this

Nice story.... India has lot to offer when it comes to culture. Keep posting good stuff

Great story love it thanls for sharing it with us

ny article bro then follow me back and upvote

if you talk about fact , then are still some good teachers who work for the students to grow but more than are those teachers who just work for Money and had opened many classes.

I think its a great story

This was a good Story. we can learn a lesson from the story "nothing and no one is useless”. because every person have their specific qualities what is lost is lost. this is not only about dry leaves this is about all creature of the earth

Good Story

Really great content , like to read your articles everyday!

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing this with us

nice story ans that sanskrit poem is too good...i could not understand but its awesome

You explained wel about our ancient education system.....but now the scenario has been changed and education is a form of business now a days.


REALLY IMPRESIVE STORY!!! huh they couldn't find dry leaves...poor boys

@haxins Wonderful Story about Gurudaxina.

story time is very good article post on steemit @ami065

We can get some knowledge not just from wise persons but even from a non-living thing.