The Empire Lives!-Chapter 7

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“I think I got one with some juice still left in'm.” Kicking bodies in the royal courtyard, the cockroaches searched for help.
“Yea, well if they can't walk by themselves, how are they going to hold grip? We need able-bodies to help us, ones in control of their bodies, and not the other way around.”
“His' ripping himself open!”
“Lea-le-ave me,”
“Stop him!”
“No! He wants to die faster, let him. We only need worry about ourselves, not self-destructive ones. Let them go on their journey, it's what they need.”
“Worry? Can't you see we are a kind of energy that is able to do things in this dimension, nothing is impossible for us! We're going to save this cockroach!” It started shoving back the insides of the cockroach into the opening and down it's mouth. “This is hopeless! We're going back to the vault and we're going to soar the fuck out of here!”
“Soar! You say with the untapped wings on your backs, what weak magic is this?” Dis-Jud-Fuzz said from his throne. “You are automatons pedaling the same old garbage, and will never win! All parts of you are mine! You are nothing!”
“This crazy mega morphism thing is making all this noise when it's the same thing and the reason we are suffering! How about we kill this motherfucker right now and then go to the vault?”
“Alright, let's go.”
The group of ten marched their way up the dried slope and entered the throne room. The human dancers filled the room with joyful movement. The cockroaches pushed their way through. A beheaded clown lay before the stairs to the throne.
“All of your pseudo gabble about energy and whatnot is childish and theoretical nonsense. It's why you can't stop suffering, not I, the one that brings you to the light, the Emperor. I'm the reason you have life.” Dis-Jud-Fuzz said.
“Your rule over us has come to an end today.”
“Really? LASER BE-
The cockroaches scattered and hid among the dancers.
“Pathetic beings, it doesn't matter if you hide and ignore me. I control all the voices, all of your other selves, your environment. Everything about you follows my laws, and when you go against them, they punish you automatically, it's that simple. Keep the laws and the laws will keep you, break the laws and the laws break you. Everything uncomfortable and unpleasant is evil in your eyes and so it is.” Dis-Jud-Fuzz stood, removed the sword from his side, and summoned a black cloud over the room where the projection of Willis' ghost experience was projected. “This is you being a dumbass as a ghost meeting an outdated version of yourself and getting him eaten by one of my tools.” The image changed, Willis as roadkill. “And this is you being a dumbass getting run over by your boss. I gave you magic and you used it and it produced it's fruit, was it tasty enough?”
The cockroaches moved in the shadows of the dancers movement, questioning themselves. What is this thing talking about? All this magic and fruit garbage does not compute. If energy and whatnot is childish and nonsense, what does make sense? Magic? This being must know something in order to be in such a high power position, no? Is it a ploy to confuse us? Do all authorities really know how to rule and use their powers for the common good? If they have human traits, we're fucked in this matrix of the old rule of me. There is order, and there is tyranny.
We should have gone to the vault and flown out of here. This data is causing a malfunction in the system. We must ignore and distract ourselves to maintain operational function. We need to stay focused on the material world, it's the only real thing we see. The vault, flight, avenge the death of Adira…. death, the unknown future, how will we kill this ugly creature?

The confessional was full, death and life.
“Can you save my soul, Father? I'm afraid I'm the reason I will always fail. I need you to save my soul from hell.”
“Please Father, ask the creator to save me! Ask for him to show mercy and forgiveness on me!”
“Behave yourself! Don't be a fool! You can only save yourself and not the world. Each is nurturing their own pastures and allowing in whatever grows under their sun. If it sounds stupid to you, it's stupid; if it makes sense, it makes sense. Have principles and live by them, question your intentions, goals, and actions everyday before doing any task, be mindful of the moment. Our clocks are slowed down to a perfect balance of space-time, where the invisible forces of life-patterns present themselves as matter, and the ideas associated with them. We are unequal to each other, but that does not mean one is superior than the other, rather, each stands in their own light, which emanates from the energy field of everything and nothing. I cannot save you, only share my thoughts on my experiences and everything I've been exposed to, and they might be complete gibberish to you, but they are shared with good intent for I am only a man myself, and I fall short, but I can get back up again; I do not understand the mysteries of life and the universe, they are beyond my puny brain. I can try to say something, but end up saying nothing substantial. Everything we hear is half-right. We are humans and we have a limited perspective, even if we try to imagine the other sides, it's only a poor misinterpretation on the observer's part because there's multiple dimensions to things in life, seen or unseen.”
“Maybe I should have known that when I was human, but I'm going to hell now to burn with Narsagwey!”
“Even in your last days alive you had a chance to swing on the pendulum of life, and you still do now. Leave my Lord's house at once!”
“No! I need...directions, I don't know where I need to go. I keep fucking up.”
“No one said it was going to be easy, now get out!”
Willis rose out of the confessional and out of the church, the benches empty. He went back to stream of clouds and pondered deeply his nature. Patterns, unconscious living, and misused rationality with the lost of holy sapience, hidden and guarded by the giants of comfort, habit, and the restless self. I am only a product of the forces of the body. There is a greater inner force that existed before me, a force that calms and does not need to articulate itself, or outer validation. A force that sets the being free from worry and misunderstanding from which stem desire and suffering. A knowing of the gift that is life. I must put myself aside, and honor the gift.
Reality is a real dream-state to the forms and non-forms we are connected to, and it is always in a state of motion, atoms and waves vibrating. Everything has it's own time, everything has it's ups and downs. Therefore, I must control the flow within me first and return back to what I truly am which is life energy.

Two flimsy legs grabbed hold on the edge, with two bodies attached; the strain silently breaking the will of the cockroach.
“Hold on tight! Here we come!” Three more cockroaches connected to create the beginnings of a cockroach latter; six in total.
A stab of panic injured the first cockroach, it's whole body quaking, almost transcending physical reality.

Movement. Lights turned on above Willis' smoky form, inside the oven of his kitchen. Below him, on the oven rack, a pizza burned. His human face was the topping, and the sauce was his shredded flesh.
A large repulsive ant, one that looked to have been squashed, then stretched back out with life three times it's original size, walked into the kitchen to check on it's pizza.
“There is a disturbance in the oven. My pizza is at risk of perishing, why is this?” The ant opened the oven door.
The smoke undulated out and over came the ant, suffocating it. A cry from the six-tailed dragon somewhere nearby.
The smoke billowed through the kitchen door, out to the living room; everything on it's side or upside down. It approached the large hole in the wall behind the tv.
The primordial beast toyed with the semi-conscious dragon, throwing her around, prolonging the suffering that satisfied the beast so.
The smoke rumbled. We live in states of consciousness. Calm and compassionate states of consciousness are more beneficial to the body and mind, and are more pleasant than chaotic states of consciousness.
States of anger, hate, fear, and worry are disruptive and cause harm to the body; they are the extreme opposite of the other states of being, the other end of the spectrum.
The forces of destruction are associated with evil, but only from destruction can new and better things spring about; the opportunity for growth. Mankind has found the power of the destructive, and they cause pain and suffering; it's the law. The cloud of smoke took the form of Willis' human self.
“I cannot destroy or deny what is a part of me, the energy that I am and everything is. I can only master it so that it works in harmony. This mastery is not overnight, I know.”
“Keep trying to explain the unexplainable to yourself, I don't care, you'll never tame me! I can get what I want from you!” The beast bit off a chuck of meat from the dragon's neck. “You think you're all holy and mighty with a few feel-good phrases, a few buzz-words, you're nothing but a rat trapped in it's cage. You can't change.”
Willis nodded. “ There is no 'better than anybody', there is only being yourself, which like everyone else, is unique, so I will control the little I can and experience life without the unnecessary suffering.”


Hello, thanks for reading.
I'm a new writer, and I like writing speculative fiction. Here on steemit and my website I post stories I have written. Check my other stories out. The Empire Lives! is my first book. Follow for more like this! A good life to all.


HELL YAH! More literature on this block chain is a good thing.


Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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