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A true story.

We had run into the man we call Little John on a bench in this park. (photo below)

The story starts many years ago when I was walking my kids home from school.

Little John is just one of many that I chose to meet, talk to and get to know. John is not a young boy. He was about thirty-five, six-three and well over two hundred pounds when we met. He must be in his mid-forties now.

Stepping in to help and knowing when to step out of the way.

This shot was from 2017 on street view, the park where we talked.

There were no smart phones back when I bought it. It was the last thing that I have ever bought using a signature with twelve months of slavery attached to it (payments). I had to have it, my very own, first ever, digital camera. The LCD screen took up 90% of the back of it, photos and videos were saved to an SD card.

Before I even had it paid off, the first touch screen phones were coming out. Cameras were better on the latest cellular phones. Somehow my digital camera ended up in a drawer. I had stopped taking it out for birthdays and holidays. My phone did the job. I did end up needing it one day though.

Flash forward to last week's post, we left off with an "Oh, and one more thing...." moment as I left Little John. He had asked me if I had a camera he could use. So when I got home, I looked for it. There it was in the desk drawer, battery still holding a charge. The most recent photos were a couple years old. I had to look for the charger and when I found it, I cleared the old photos from the memory and bagged it to take with me next Friday.

I approached the school about four in the afternoon. I could see Little John sitting at the park. I pulled out my money clip and separated two hundred, and put those two bills in my back pocket. I have always done that. It is a good idea to have loose tens and twenties in a different pocket. I don't carry a wallet so the lose bills go in my back pocket, easy to grab for when approached by someone in need. If I am carrying a thousand dollars, I would not want to pull out all my money in front of a stranger and motivate them to rob me.

I walked on past the school and headed down the hill toward the park. John got to his feet and we shook hands. I suggested we walk to a shadier spot, pointing to the rubber tree. We sat down and talked. I pulled out the two hundred and handed to him. I have learned not to hand him money on the sidewalk with so many cars passing by, people at bus stops, plus in full view of the park. I have never been robbed and I do not want to start now. John held up the money as usual. I wondered if there were others in the park that watched for that gesture as a sign or something. No matter, nobody ever tried to steal from me there.

We talked about plans. Since I was now giving him much more than I pay for rent every month, I wanted to find out if he had been able to get a place to stay. I know he had found a place to clean up, shave and his hair was shorter, not so bushy. He said that he was trying to rent a room but they want a copy of his ID, even if it is just for a week. At that, I broke out the camera and showed him how the zoom works.

John was giddy. He took a selfie and a couple pictures of me. I took a picture of him for his ID application. We talked about jobs that he could do once he has a place to keep his belongings. He has a plan to get a food cart and sell hot dogs or hamburgers from it. I thought that was a good idea but it would depend on where he is able to rent a room. Will they allow him to bring a cart up and down the stairs every day. A coffee cart may work better.

It was hard to keep Little John on the subject of a business plan as he played with his new camera. I was not planning to ask for it back. I showed him how to take the battery out and gave him the charger. He saw me checking my watch as it was getting close to five o'clock. He knew our time had run out. I wished him the best on getting his ID squared away and told him to keep the camera. He tucked the charger into his pocket and said thank you over and over. Then he grabbed me and gave me a teddy bear hug. Unexpected.

I did not get any of those photos. I did not make a habit of taking my phone out at the park, but even if I had a photo of Little John, I would not publish it without his permission.

More coming in part six and onward here on Steemit.

Not @done yet. To be continued...

Update: Little John is telling his story on Steemit

Read the Spoiler or go to his steemit account "La Vida de Juan" - @LVJ


Thank you @done for posting more in this very well-written and interesting series.

It is very curious why Little John would be so very happy with a camera.....on the other hand if something sitting unused in a drawer could bring another happiness.....two parties are happy.

It is appreciated how thoughtful you are of another's privacy.

All the best to you and yours.


The story is developing like in fairy tale with happy end, if Little John was thinking of getting ID, hopefully a place to have a roof over his head that is a good idea. I wonder if you were successful with the possibility of jobs for John. It would be really a nice Cinderella like story then. But as you mentioned that this is a true story, I am afraid that some obstacle will be on the way of development for John.

There are jobs offered by the government, food banks and shelters. I used to volunteer to distribute food but since then I have tried to find out what the root of poverty is. What happens when more than enough is provided to someone who has nothing?

The problem in all cases is that people see money and think, "What am I going to buy with this?"

Many are not happy until the have found a use for every last dollar in the bank, drawer or in their pocket.
More on that in future posts.

Most of the circumstances that people like friend John experience are caused by family problems, from sibling fights to the loss of a loved one, can be the disappointment of a love. Many only see the money to get rid of thirst or hunger, but the feelings, disappointment or nostalgia are in there, in the soul.
I once published a post on this subject but in Spanish, I do not know how it looked when I published it in English

https://steemit.com/steempress/@jadnven/concurso-de-cuentos-fotocuento-semana-9-un-viejo-errante (Español)

https://steemit.com/steempress/@jadnven/an-old-wanderer-photo-tales (English)

You really know how to leave a hook at the end! Look forward to learning if he starts a business :)

Hello! @done. Your story is becoming interesting and I do not dare to think about the outcome, since it could end satisfactorily or tragically, I am inclined to think that this friendship helped you, as it helps us, to rethink the deal with the others, and especially with those who have less than us.

I like to rescue something from your stories, this time I think about the camera, as she manages to capture and fix things that memory keeps in another way and when remembering comes with another interpretation. Another thing that I rescue from your narration, is the impulse that you gave to change: little Jhon already thinks about renting a place for him.

I await the next part of the story.

@done, Yes, Camera phones really changed the world and many people stopped using the Digital Cameras because Mobile Handsets became the multitasking gadget and easy to use for sure. And through your words i wanted to look back in my past time because those days were awesome and surely i can say that those days were more amazing and life always moved with pleasant pace.

And this true story reflects that you are really kind towards others and you showcase the helping hand towards those who are in need and that makes this world more beautiful and Humanitarian works are really vital to spread the great vibes in our surroundings.

And i really want to appreciate for how you've helped Little John and in my opinion by giving your camera to him you showcased that you gave importance to the wish of Little John other than for that camera. And hope that Little John will going to find the right way to expand his life. Keep up the kind work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh John your so lucky you meet a kindhearted person, Jhon can now start capturing photos. Jhon needs an stable home to sleep it is dangerous to had some camera while sleeping at the park..i was scared like what he said before other people stolen other things those are the bad people..i wish Jhon could find a better home to stay..

God Bless you Little Jhon,such a kindhearted person are you @done God see's your heart and works for all you've done God will not let it pass by..

May the Lord God above rain you a thousands folds of blessings.

Excellent story, and that of giving without expecting anything in return is insurmountable, it is a pleasure and fills the soul when the person who receives is grateful and blessed for what we do for them, this motivates us to give more of ourselves to others. I hope the next part!

We're still stuck to the story. The truth is that what you do is extraordinary work helping. I do not know if I laugh when you say you are careful when taking money out in front of others on the street. Here in Venezuela you take the cell phone inside your car, and this is not life, before it was not like that. Well, we will remain vigilant not to miss any episode of Little John.

a hug

I also said that I do not like to take my phone out at that park. I tend to carry a lot of cash but not in my back pocket. Banking cards and license stay in the front pocket and only when I need to use them.

There is a certain freedom that goes along with not carrying anything but a bit of cash and a comb.

I'm so used to carrying the phone on it that I would feel strange without it. My children scold me because I go for a walk and I take it, I like to take pictures of what I see on the street, but here in Venezuela it has become extremely dangerous. take care

thank you for rewarding so many, although do not believe it helps many also with that, we are your Little John. Venezuelans.

Thank you @done

i can imagine the gratitude he felt, but how are you feeling at this point? what were your thoughts? where your kids asking about little john?

The kids saw little John every day when they walked home from school. They never had the occasion to cross the busy street and go to the park unless I was with them. My goal is always the same. I like to help others help themselves.

Little John has been a lucky person to be able to count on your friendship friend @done

It's good that Littlejohn has a friend like you, always worried that he feels better as a person, so we should all be with the people around us. Greetings

¿Sería diferente la historia si no existe la ayuda monetaria? Me siento identificado porque ayudo a mucha gente de diferentes maneras, pero la parte económica nunca es una opción válida para mi, ya que soy el sostén de mi familia y a duras penas llego a fin de mes. Saludos amigo y quedo a la espectativa de la próxima entrega.

Greetings @done, happy and blessed start of the week.
Your story is becoming more interesting, and I am surprised and full of emotion, the realization of how a person can change their attitude to life, just find a charitable soul that values ​​and offers a helping hand. Thanks for sharing, my best wishes for you and your family.

La tecnologia avanza y hay que estar a la par de ella. A veces cuesta, pero se intenta. Seguire pendiente de la historia.

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Very well Composed writing from you!!!

Few days ago, when I read your part four of the story between you and little John, I knew little John would want to had two of you taking photo together, I don't know little John, but his creator (God) will continue to strengthen, and use you as channel of blessing to people like little John, you said last in the last post, you are not a religious person, might be true, but God doesn't crown religion people, only those who do his will" there is a saying, love fulfil the law" What you demonstrated here a kindness, love and care for little John which I believe is most important what God demand from everyone, you rehabilitate, refurbished, renew this man called little John, am sure he might have lose hope, but God that hear the cry of poor made your path to crossed each other, honestly God really blessed you with something most better/wealthy people lack, and that is humility and kindness, it very rare for a person of your caliber to stoop so low to even come closer to this poor little John n't to talk of stand and sited with him for conversation, advices and gave him money to survive.

I don't know what end this story, but don't let me jump into conclusion, with what I read so far, have already see that little John, has become a new man, with visions and goals and dreams, with which will change his life for better.

His thoughts has been changing, his becoming a new man with visions and plans.

After you left, I wonder how this man would feel, I mean there will be a kind of joy and happiness in this little John, for such camera, memory he share with you... He would forever remember.

Thanks for share your interesting little John with us.

Waiting next part..

It's good that your gesture and your attitude towards Little John, help and contribute to change the life of that being, is an act of kindness. If I had not had a person like you, that would help to be necessary in every park, in every street, in every corner, in the world would be a better place. But that's how it starts, do it right without looking at who. Congratulations @done, greetings I hope to read your next post.

Wow @done
This has really got my attention to know that there are people in this world that has a kind heart such as you are displaying. I love this!
I'm impressed

It is very moving this part of the story to prepare in advance the meeting with a good friend and discuss future projects with him to meet the maximum "Do not give away the fish but teach him how to fish". I hope that soon you will discover everything in the next installment. Receive my affections

Maybe it's my own pessimistic predisposition but I'm starting to detect a tragic undertoe in this story.. I'm rooting for Little John but I have a strong suspicion that things aren't going to turn out quite like I would hope

I will not speak to the way it turns out, but my dealings with the poor have sometimes progressed like a video game. Things get bigger and better until they reach the last level.

Seriously ?, I think that in the end he regenerates and maybe he goes to another state far away and maybe they have not seen each other ... I hope it's a good outcome..

Continuo atento a como seguirá la historia de Little John, un relato realmente interesante y atrapante. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia @done

Hello @done, I hope you find yourself well. Every day I read more about the story of little John I am more surprised at your capacity for tolerance with people who live in that situation. Yesterday I remembered you because at the doors of my business a boy approached about 25 years old, he was indigent and smelled bad, for a moment I wanted to take him out of the establishment but I took a break, breathed and left him alone, then my wife offered him bread and coffee to which he agreed with pleasure, but he was still standing there. What worried me most was that this boy, besides his condition, also suffered from mental problems, so it was going to be difficult to talk him in a civilized way, so I took another breath in spite of his smell and sat down. After two minutes this boy had left the establishment. That's why I tell you that you have a great capacity to deal with people like that, I think I'm not very good at it. I congratulate you. I hope the sixth part of this story, maybe I can learn to relate to this type of people.

That was very kind of you. I am glad he was able to eat. Those actions are remembered!

There are many times that someone poor walks into a restaurant and starts asking for money while people are eating. Many times they are removed from the establishment before asking several people. In cases like that, I have invited the poor to have a seat and order something. Oddly enough, fifty percent of them do not want food, but only money for drugs and alcohol.

The ones that do accept my offer are able to have food that they like, something to drink and move on. The owners of the restaurant are not very happy with me when i do that but some places where they know me don't mind. I tip well.

a very pleasant story, but I am still very curious about the next story, thank you friend @done for sharing the story with me with his friends.

This is nice, we have things in common... I separate money I give out to needy in a different pocket before I leave home and I also have a camera and the recent pictures are years old (have not found little John tho.... Can't wait for the next part

This might just be the post that will motivate me to start steeming again

I still await a happy ending to this story.

That "unexpected" hug I liked a lot, and reading that he is taking care of his appearance, it fills me with hope that "little" John is restored and well.

Greetings, following this story.

A big hug.

hello my friend @done I was very amazed how the friend served friend #john who had not met for a long time, in my opinion this was a friend, which was extraordinary.

Nice your post mr. @done
If there is anything I can help I want to be among generous people

I think it is excellent that there are still people who value human quality and not the superficial presence of a person. God has something good for you friend @done

Good post mr. @done
What a sad sight when I see it, I want to help by supporting them to be more developed

Humans have the same degree but for most people popularity is more important than the quality of others because the rank is more important than others!

Amazing story

Selamat malam sahabat tersayang.apa kabar apa kamu baik-baik saja ,saya sangat senang sekali bisa melihat postingan kamu yang sangat indah dan keren ,saya juga sangat menyukai nya ,,postingan ini sangat bermanfaat sekali bagi saya ,senang bersama mu terimakasih sahabat tersayang


posts that are good and useful for everyone. This is one very clear idea that I really like your story idea @done

I can imagine how excited John was with the camera ... I hope he has done well with his identification document. 😊

Waiting for the next delivery!

El detalle de prestarle a Little Jhon la camara fotografica me ha encantado, pienso que esto le dara un giro inesperado a su vida ya que lo animara a capturar escenas graciosas en el parque. Bien hecho @done

Wow is an excellent history and better yet it is real! I am very moved to be so human and help little Jon, the world needs more person like you ...
I like the idea of ​​carrying money in my pockets, I do it every day on my way to work and avoid publicizing my wallet! ;)

I will be pending when you publish the sixth part.

He must have been happy with his new present, friend John. Did he see the saved photographs? What memories or anecdotes came to mind? His story becomes interesting friend @done

Pienso que Little Jhon es una persona con necesidades que gracias a tu ayuda @done se ha propuesto mejorar su condicion de vida. En realidad hasta ahora el no estaba esperando esa ayuda.

Sin embargo, lo mas que le ha impactado es la confianza con que lo has tratado y tu deseo por que el progrese.

Espero animada por la proxima entrega. Saludos

More than a story is a teaching of life that you show, all this has merits in life, I'm sure you do not only to gain affections of others but to be better with yourself.

It's a fantastic story, you're giving charity to a person in need and you're slowly teaching him to fend for himself. I'm sure that right now our character must be running his own business, the truth is I can't wait to read what's coming. Greetings and thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!

a good friend meets his friends he adorns his glory by giving charity.

Very cool and beautiful I really like this, thank you for sharing

Good post and cool Story my dear friends @done

a very romantic real story my friend @done, I really like reading stories like my friends, because when I listened to this story I was deeply moved, so important was friendship.

cool story my dear friends @done

Amazing story

Interesting to read this part of the story thanks for sharing about it in this part of the post today will be looking forward for the next part :)

Greetings, Mr. @done, every time I read your story, I see the obligation to wait for your next part, since it seems great the help work and the humanism shown with your friend, showing the apresio you are taking as you go . I hope God among many blessings for all your work and family environment

The solidarity of fellow human beings is very much needed in groups because if we share with each other it might help those who are in trouble for money, housing and others

Well there is still a lot to be known in this story thanks for sharing this part was looking forward to it

Everything in life has consequence, and our good will brings well-being and joy to our being, it is important to act with conscience, thank you for sharing this story

That's so nice to catch up with the third part of this story good deed never goes wrong for sure :)

A beautiful story of struggle, beautiful to reflect and value @done. Thanks for your words of strength

More than a historian, you are a teacher of humility and kindness, with your actions you are generating a new way of life, perhaps John does not have the will to improve and move forward but you will have a clear conscience to do the best possible.

The essence of life is to get rid of material things, you got rid of it to give that great gift to friend john. friend @done you are an angel for friend john.

Great to read the first part really nice to learn from it will be waiting for the second part of this story
a very great story friend,the amazing.@done

It's a good idea to start your own business, so you can generate income, help you have a better quality of life and pay their expenses, also make it independent and not just depend on the monetary aid you give. With respect to the gift that you gave him, later that camera will serve him to keep all the moments that awaits him to live and have a beautiful photographic memory.

I suppose there are three options for the camera, and I never asked him which of them happened. He either kept it, had it stolen, or sold it. Either way it was no loss to me, and I know he was happy. It served a purpose for him. I had hoped that he would make the right choices and prayed that he regain a sound mind.

It is true everything will depend on the use he wants to give, hopefully is the one that gives a good benefit. I join you in your prayers so that everything goes well for him.

Hi @done I am sure, your words are very deep, your words can treat the hearts of those who are injured, your tolerance is truly right.

Thanks you my love @done
Post you cool and good

I have read your story, an interesting and inspiring story.I also want to know the continuation.
Like @done

It is a very good idea to touch the business idea, keep it interested to produce on your own, undertake a better person, it is a good for him and for the society that is a contributing person.

What experienced by people in the photo above inspired me to try so that I would not be like that later

Hello dear friends,ho are you @done
Post you cool and good story
Thanks you

It seems like John is very happy with the camera that you give. I am still curious about the next story.

Another thing that I wanted to tell you and I forgot is that I find it interesting that little John has some interest in pursuing a business plan. What an excellent idea of the hot dog cart even at first I think that the coffee would be fine, pes you are right when he says that you do not know if they will allow you to store the cart in the room that he can rent. I think that more than doing a charity you are reinserting it into society. Great value and great merit. I hope that little John can take advantage of the camera hehehehehe

Thank you @done for posting
Its good posting I like it.
Good job for you @done.I whiting your story part six.

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Very outrageous, children are left to sleep without protection from their parents.
As we know, parents care for their children independently

Thank you @done for posting
This is very well written.
Good job @done.

Attentive with the other delivery @done. A story that leaves us a teaching. My greetings.

Cool friend @done.

Ahhh,,,,, I am left behind this story, ,, ^^

De verdad que buenas historias las que nos traes a todas, inspiradoras a ayudar a tantas personas como nos sea posible , saludos @done.

Guuaaaaooo ... I am fascinated by the stories that have several parts, in fact the books that I have read for distraction, most are sagas of 4 and up to 10 parts; your story of Little John, has caught my attention completely and I am waiting for the 6th part, where all the progress we have seen in John (which as far as I can understand already bathes and cut his hair) now that he gets where to live and can work the changes in it must be much better; an instructive and motivating story for all who read it, if it is possible to change, it only depends on oneself, to want to do it. Waiting for the 6th part @done.

That's a friendship, it is really something to be grateful about; sometimes life give some us hope through people, I think you and John gave hope to each other.
Hopefully everything went well for little John and you. Have a nice day my friend.

Read your story made me curious about your Little John now. What he is gonna do with the camera?

Good post friends @done

It's an amazing story, you're teaching a person how to get ahead on their own. Greetings and thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us!

Hola @done. La idea de que el pequeño John deje de vivir en la plaza y emprenda un pequeño negocio me parece genial, es una buena manera de verle los frutos a tu esfuerzo por ayudarlo. Jajajaja yo también distribuyo y guardo el dinero en los bolsillo es una costumbre que tengo por motivos de seguridad. Continuo en la espera de nuevos episodios de esta emotiva historia. Feliz día.

Thanks for sharing @done I loved this beautiful story I started with part 5 and I realized that there were other parts before I entertained a lot I hope the next one with a lot of emotion

This is nice, we have things in common... separate money I give out to needy in a different pocket before I leave home and I also have a camera and the recent pictures are years old (have not found little John tho.... Can't wait for the next part This might just be the post that will motivate me to start steeming againthank you for sharing my best friend @done

Beautiful post.

True friendship has nothing to do with money, gender or age.

In today's world we are used to: How much you have, that´s what you worth.

Thanks for sharing this story

Todos lo de nuestra generación nos paso igual con la camara digital justo cuando la estas empezando a usar salen los telefonos digital con buenas camara. Y aprendio bien a usarla. Buenon amigo seguiremos esperando por el desarrollo de esta historia

This is nice, we have things in common... separate money I give out to needy in a different pocket before I leave home and I also have a camera and the recent pictures are years old (have not found little (John tho.... Can't wait for the next part This might just be the post that will motivate me to start steeming again

I'm excited to think that little John followed your advice and sought to improve his situation by taking advantage of the incentive of your help!

Thank you,yes my dear friends @done

Very outrageous, children are left to sleep without protection from their parents.
As we know, parents care for their children independently

A scene that is no longer foreign to some people, they often find things like that in their cities, but for me it is very touching

Good post @done
People's views on the poor are very different, as if they would demean those who have degrees below them

I can't think clearly about this, a super modern world, super sophisticated technology, but I don't appreciate people of low rank

Woooo... Good story @done
Thank you I like you posting.

Woooo... Good story @done
Thank you I like you posting.

Woooo... Good story @done
Thank you I like you posting.

Woooo... Good story @done
Thank you I like you posting.

The solidarity of fellow human beings is very much needed in groups because if we share with each other it might help those who are in trouble for money, housing and others

My opinion about this is very, if I wish I had seen someone lying in front of me like that I would like to give him a decent home for him

You can notice that you are giving him a lot of money (with $ 200 live a "family" in Venezuela, it is important that Little John
Learn to save and put to work what you have left after spending, I remain for the next chapter

Humans are created by god with the same degree born from the womb of a mother, so we do not need to distinguish between us and others, help each other, support, and also understand each other's conditions experienced by an individual in his family or group

Humans have the same degree but for most people popularity is more important than the quality of others because the rank is more important than others

Very good
The story of your postings touches the hearts of many people including myself, seeing our little friends who are neglected without parents is unnatural

Thank for sharing @done
Good luck

Some ordinary people through life with many trials and their tears always flow every time