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Flight Lesson With A Sylphic Prince


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City whose torches spew wax
Dribbling down spires of glass,
Candle-scraped sky that blurs and
Melt in the reflection of airships.

I flew, smog-winds in my wings,
Sharp laughter and bright profanity
Buoyed me in a sylphic cyclone,
In which I commiserated with
Riphyel, air spirit of thirteen
Thousand years whose gusted
Progeny spread the earth over
Surfing the ionic drafts
Of Gaia's breath.

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"Open your ear, child!" Riphyel cried
In sibilant tones of triumphant pride.
Humbly I honed my auribus with
A fine-toothed comb of focus:

Glimmering fluctus that rang iridium bells,
Manna singing chori of an ancient daze,
Tangled history that searing wept,
Beauty that screamed molten
Glass and crystal ululation

Melting the mind of
Which I was no
Longer an

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"Steady, my love."
Came the crooning voice
Which stabilized my ailerons
With honeyed reassurance of age.
The monsooning chaos in my aural
Funnels calmed and I breathed in balm.

Hexagonal ship of amber light,
Whose hearts aglow in fervent flight
Propelled me through the city dark,
Whose life and gloom my soul did hark.

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Written by Daniel Pendergraft

Image created by @runicar,
Support the artist at the link below!
ColorChallenge - Purple Sunday - Original New York Collage -

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Unfamiliar terms guide:

sylphic (adj.): of or pertaining to an air spirit (sylph)
auribus (n.): Latin word for ears (plural form of auris)
fluctus (n.): Latin word for waves (singular is also fluctus)
chori (n.): alternate plural for chorus (normal form choruses)
ululation (n.): a howling or wailing sound
aileron (n.):a flap hinged to the trailing edge of an
aircraft wing to provide lateral control, as in a bank or roll

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I added the preceeding section in the hopes that it may help those
Who find my language unusual. Indeed, they are not wrong!
I hope you enjoyed this story of a flight lesson with
My friend Riphyel the sylphic prince!
Don't forget to support @runicar,
The creator of the excellent
Art displayed in this post!
Have an awesome day,
Love, @dpend

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Sometimes you don't have to know the meaning of words to be totally moved by them for we are not left in ignorance by what we think we know not in the present, for our soul which has existed for eons longer than this physical vehicle knows the vastness of communications conveyed on this realm and others. @d-pend the time is upon you to compile your work into books and to do a gallery display for the masses to behold the greatness of your gifts And indeed you do need a gallery because you stand among the greatest of all times. As I see them all appear from the shadows to applaud you, such as Dunbar, Poe Shakespear, Frost and many others I see you in their company taking your rightful place. In this poem You played my heart strings like a harp. ~tourpremierart

It's like flying over the heated waves of a candle in a prism.

Very good @d-pend, most imaginative. I had already looked up most of the Latin words, but adding the glossary is a nice touch.
I gave this post a 75% upvote. I will also be resteeming it.
Well done

Thank you very much @jerrytsuseer :) You are a most dedicated reader to search the terms. Most wouldn't bother. I have had many complaints that my writing is too complicated and using odd terminologies. I'm not too interested in diluting my expression, but perhaps a glossary will be helpful for some. Thanks again!

Always @d-pend, I am forever looking up things. I like Chrome for that, you can highlight a word, and either copy it or just tell Chrome to search Google for it.


Glad it had some impact..!

@d-pend got you a $1.6 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@d-pend got you a $1.6 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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Great words, vivid images. Thanks for sharing. A fellow poet here.

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You took me along on that flight. Amazing work. And, don't I love your formatting. Seems to dictate the tempo of the reading. Great work of art.

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