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I was in a new relationship with a man who asked me, "Do you like to play Dungeons and Dragons?"

What the hell was Dungeons and Dragons? I didn't know, but the question made me nervous. 

"It's like adult imagination time," he said. "You create a character and roleplay as them, making decisions as they would along your adventure." 

I thought he was describing a video game, something you play online with others. 

"No, you sit in a room with three other people and your DM and you act out the story with each other as it unfolds."

"What's a DM?" I asked.

"A Dungeon Master." He replied. "The person who plays all the other characters you get to interact with, along with any monsters you fight. He also helps keep the storyline on track."

Sounded pretty nerdy, but then again he was pretty nerdy and if this was something he was into then I wanted to give it a shot too. I met the DM (his roommate at the time) and was told to come up with a character I could see myself playing and what her strengths and weakness may be. He said he would help me put those qualities into stats on my character sheet. When the explanation of  what race and class I could be  was over, I quickly chose a Human Ranger, creating an image based on what costumes I had available to me. I assumed I had to dress up as the character I'd play and thought they would all dress up as well. So Human Ranger seemed the easiest costume to create. 

The day I came over to play I quickly realized that nobody was dressing up and they explained to me the difference between LARPing and Role Playing. I felt even more embarrassed because I'd been so clueless and that I'd even been a bit excited to act with these people in costumes and play pretend.  Now they were looking at me like I was some silly child. I actually felt like I was not "Cool" enough to play with now.

I sat down at the kitchen table, drinks and snacks and dice were everywhere, our character sheets and pens in our hands and the DM sitting at the end with a cardboard screen propped in front of him to keep his dice-rolls secret. 

"Give us your character's backstory," The DM said. "And what she looks like today."

So I did and thus created my character: Kyra Kane. 

I played with Kyra in a year long campaign and she has inspired so many pieces of art, a comic and now a novel in which Im currently writing. I've created so many characters in which I love over the years, but I always go back to Kyra. She was the most important and influential creative thing in my life and I have a nerdy boy to thank for it. 


The origins of world of Warcraft. And also many other great RPG games people play on their computer these days. And it all started by a bunch of nerdy kids playing Dungeons and Dragons in their kitchen or living room. Very awesome that this genre has developed so tremendously. Have fun out there and good luck with future posts!

Thank you. When I was younger my friends used to play warcraft and I thought that was the computer game he wanted me to get into at first. Being with other creative humans in the same room is much more exciting to me, personally. I'm having a blast.

A very enjoyable story :)
You've got yourself a new follower, thanks @decimus for resteeming it so I could see it.
As it happens I'm going to my local club tomorrow to do some roleplaying, except we do more sci-fi than fantasy so currently we're living in a star wars universe.
Also, kudos for the model, have you been introduced to tabletop wargaming yet? :)

No, but my boyfriend skipped prom to go to a wargaming tournament. :)

I love the picture at the end! She looks very cute. Great post.

Picking out the models for my characters and painting them is one of the best things for me as a player to get to do. Thank you!

Is that a Reaper miniature?

Oh yeah. I love Reaper. Once I purchased a model from them and asked for a special request- Which they totally did and it earned me a Hero Point with my DM.

Reaper is one of my favorites. I suggest checking out Stonehaven Miniatures and Bombshell Miniatures too!

Great, I'll check them out, thank you. :)

The stonehaven gnomes were perfect and I can definitely see myself purchasing models from bombshell Miniatures. Thanks for the suggest.

I backed kickstarter campaigns for both companies, and have also ordered from them. Great mom-and-pop scale artist-entrepreneurs both.

Nice to hear from you @ashlynncrow! Your so cool you gave DM a try because of your boyfriend. Your a keeper.

Haha, thanks. It was the best decision to play with him and its something I still enjoy and will always enjoy doing.

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