SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #28

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


I'm still working on the upcoming Post Editor and I think that it will be ready to be used/tested in about a week from now. As I didn't mention any details about what the outcome will look like yet, it's now time to share a preview. Many people might have thought that I'm just adding a simple text input field and call it Post Editor, but that's not what the perfectionist in me would be able to work with. I want to have a brilliant solution here.

In a perfect world I would just lay in the sun completely chilled and while relaxing my mind would create and upload the next post in parallel without me needing to move any part of my body, but sadly that's not yet possible in our current dimension... ^^

The reason for not having a real interactive syntax editor on other Steem platforms is that it's really difficult to develop and it takes much time to build a good solution, because it must be able to parse, understand and format Markdown and HTML syntax at the same time and finally combine it to HTML, which then can again be loaded and edited interactively. That's why most Steem platforms store a 'format' field in the post's json_metadata and why you can't edit your posts interactively when using Markdown syntax.

Without further losing time (currently working ~ 12h daily on this, weekends included) let me just throw some images at you and then continue with my work.

Syntax Editor

The 'Syntax Box' is freely movable/scalable and is being displayed in front of the post's content, so that we can scroll the document up and down without losing our text input out of sight.

With the default position set to bottom the box is pinned to the bottom of the browser's window and can be moved along the x-axis. Of course, it still can be scaled to the top. More details will be explained in my next post.

If you wonder why I wrote 'headar' instead of 'header', I tell you, this 'mystery' will explain itself soon...

See it in action

It seems like the animations are too big to be displayed here directly, therefore I uploaded them to my server:

Preview 1 (GIF)

Of course, it's also possible to move, duplicate and remove images simply per click. As it can be seen in the following animation, the 'Focus Box' does not yet adapt automatically to the image size, because I need to add an extra handler for the onload event for these cases. Many things on my list for this week...

Preview 2 (GIF)

Stay tuned and have a wonderful week ;)

In the making

   ( A )

  • Post Viewer and Editor
  • Steem Data Service (SDS)
  • Starting a witness node
  • More details in Coming Rewards (number of posts and comments, pie charts)
  • Improved Coming Curation Rewards

   ( B )

  • Different views, no limit in the Posts Overview (requires SDS)
  • Account Operations without limits, custom date ranges and filters, jump to day x (requires SDS)
  • Exact (separated SP, STEEM and SBD) All Time Rewards in the Stats Section (requires SDS)
  • Rewards Overview Tool with searching capabilites (requires SDS)

   ( C )

  • RC costs calculation
  • New responsive SteemWorld that can be run locally (Open Source)


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,


This guy is absolutely crazy and dedicated. Let's show him some love with a few donations. I just did my donation. Answer under this comment if you donated today as well.

Thank you very much for your support! I would be completely happy, if the people who use my site daily would just give me a full vote for my one weekly post. It's just 1 of 70 full votes that we have in a week, but it seems to be too much for many here. My presentations may not always be perfect, but I already invest 100% of my time in developing all this stuff. A few weeks more and I have built an own Steemit in a one-man mission.

There are also some people using my tools who never gave me any vote, because in their opinion I'm a beggar (they told me). I'm on the brink to lay all this down, because I can hardly pay my monthly bills for quite some time already and working for a dollar per hour on Steem is not really what I wanted to live for.

My time runs out and my whole story of life is even way crazier than people can imagine, but I will do my best to keep SteemWorld running as long as I can.

Greetings from the 'Haubenland' ;)

Damn. Sad to hear that brother. 2 times 100% and a clear resteem.
Haha. Cool it seems that some whales followed my latest article. I wrote a little support post for you.

Ich finde es beschämend, dass du für einen Dollar die Stunde arbeitest/arbeiten musst. Das ist eigentlich unter deiner Würde. Und dann musst du dir auch noch solche Frechheiten anhören? Undank ist der Welten Lohn...
Das Problem für dich ist vor allem der niedrige STEEM Preis, bei gleichbleibenden bzw. steigenden Fixkosten.
Wir wollen doch alle das du STEEMWORLD für immer weiterführst und auch finanziell etwas davon hast, aber vllt wird es Zeit deine eigenen Ambitionen etwas runter zu fahren und dich nach einer etragreicheren Einnahmequelle umzusehen. Als talentierter Entwickler sollte das für dich eigentlich kein Problem sein, ertragreiche Arbeit zu finden. Vllt kapieren manche es dann endlich, wenn du STEEMWORLD nur noch als sideproject am laufen hälst...
Alles Gute für dich.

P.S. Der nächste BTC Bullenmarkt dauert leider wahrscheinlich noch ca. 2 Jahre. Ich hoffe du überlegst dir eine Lösung.

One vote per week is quite a reasonable request. You are doing a fantastic job and a lot of people rely on what you have already done.

I'm quite looking forward to using your editor as well.

Steem is not a place to earn a living from for most people, so a dollar an hour is actually real good for here. I bet most users would be happy with a dollar a day.

Having said that, however, I truly believe that someone with your ability could be earning well over $100,000 per year working for a company. Working for Steem users is a noble thing to do, but it doesn't seem to pay very well (at this time of low Steem prices). If you didn't need to cash out, then you could wait for the price to jump and it may all then be worth the effort. However, if you depend on your Steem income to live, then that sucks.

You sir, are a machine! I use your app every single day. Love it!

Have you set on autovote for 100%. Have another hundred. It's really that good!

I help with donating a !sneeze :P

How dare you sneeze at me? :D My health is important to me.

You have been infected by the King of Disease!

Will you quarantine yourself?

Or will you spread the plague?

King Of Disease

Good luck!

thank you very much for keep developing @steemworld
steemworld tool became a main thing for me to use when i being online on steem blockchain
thank you very much @steemchiller for your efforts

Thanks for your work! 👍

Lieber Chiller,

das ist ja schon mal sehr positiv beeindruckend, was man in den Vorschauen zum Post Editor sehen kann.

Ich freue mich sehr darauf!

Worauf ich sehr gespannt bin:
Wird denn der Zeilenumbruch angepasst sein an den von Steemit, womit ich meine "What you see in Post Editor, you will get in Steemit"?

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt, @double-u! Ich bin leider nicht dazu gekommen noch mehr zu zeigen, aber werde das natürlich in einem ausführlicheren Post nachholen ;)

Wird denn der Zeilenumbruch angepasst sein an den von Steemit?

Ich habe kürzlich etwas (so gut wie alles Markdown-technische) ändern müssen, weil ich auf eine neuere Library umgestellt habe (die, welche Steemit verwendet, ist auch veraltet) und dadurch werden aktuell nicht mehr alle Elemente so dargestellt, wie es vorher war (und auf Steemit ist). Nach genauerer Prüfung ist mir klargeworden, dass die neue Logik eigentlich richtig ist, aber ich will natürlich nicht, dass die Posts anders angezeigt werden als auf Steemit.

Also mein Ziel ist, dass die Umbrüche genauso angezeigt werden. In meiner lokalen Version habe ich schon einen Teil behoben, wodurch die <br>'s und &nbsp;'s am Zeilenanfang nicht mehr entfernt werden, aber das ist noch nicht auf den Server übertragen. Wir können ja in den kommenden Tagen nochmal schnacken, falls du einen Post haben solltest, der im Moment anders dargestellt wird.

Ich weiß nicht, ob das in deiner Frage mit inbegriffen war, aber es wird nicht möglich sein Umbrüche an gleicher Stelle zu haben, ohne dass man tatsächlich einen Umbruch mit <br> oder Enter tätigt, da ich eine andere Schriftart verwende und sowohl diese als auch dessen Größe (und auch die Breite der Post-Ansicht) später einstellbar sein wird.

LG, Chiller

Danke dir für deine Antwort!

Wenn die Schriftgröße und die Breite der Post-Ansicht einstellbar sein werden, kann ich mir das ja eventuell dann so einstellen, dass ein automatischer Zeilenumbruch genau nach der gleichen Anzahl von Zeichen so stattfindet, wie es dann nach dem Posten auf Steemit dargestellt werden wird. Eventuell könntest du das doch auch als Grundeinstellung so schon auswählen, wenn das Ganze überhaupt so möglich ist, wie ich mir das vorstelle ;-)

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Lieber @steemchiller,

ich schreibe dir mal lieber unter deinem vorletzten Post, da mein Anliegen nun nicht so gut unter deinen Post zum Thema "Editor" passen würde.

Leider funktioniert seit einer Weile das hier nicht mehr:

"By Weight" funktioniert.

Aber "By Amount" lädt leider nicht; selbst wenn man z.B. 30 Minuten laden lässt. Ich habe das mit verschiedenen Nodes und an verschiedenen Tagen nun oft ausprobiert.

Ist dir das schon aufgefallen, oder geht es eventuell nur bei mir nicht?

Liebe Grüße, @double-u

Danke für den Hinweis @double-u! Ich kann mir gerade nicht erklären, wie genau ich das vollbracht habe, aber ich habe in dem Bereich wirklich vor Kurzem etwas 'aufgeräumt' und dabei an einer Stelle eine Variable für den Zähler vertauscht.

Sollte jetzt nach Aktualisierung der Seite wieder laufen ;)

Wow! @steemchiller,

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur 70.000!

Ich vermute ich habe dich gerade dort hin "befördert" ;-)

Super! Danke! Es läuft wieder.
Ich hätte wohl eher Bescheid sagen sollen ;-)

Ich hab' dir vorhin unter deinem aktuellen Post noch einen Kommentar hinterlassen.

This new editor looks pretty exciting! I use your tool every single day, thank you so much for working so hard on it. !sneeze

This user has already been infected! Sneezing at them again does not have any effect.

King Of Disease

Hi @steemchiller,
You are doing a great work. I’m tired of giving you thanks for it (joke) so of course voting and donating you it’s a must.
About the editor: is it ready for mobile devices?, I’m mainly using phone and tablet to use steemworld and guess lot of others do so I’m a bit concerned about mobile usability of the editor. I only use the Steemit one that is a nightmare for me...
My best wishes and love to you

That was interesting (both gifs).

As for a SteemWorld which can be run locally, do you mean we would download and run it from our OS? Dosn't it become complicated with having so many OSs to cater for?

Whether I've understood correctly or not, it is fascinating seeing the changes taking form week by week. It makes me feel as if I am a part of your process of creation.

Thanks! I didn't show many features in my GIFs, but I hope they can roughly show what is about to come.

As for a SteemWorld which can be run locally, do you mean we would download and run it from our OS? Doesn't it become complicated with having so many OSs to cater for?

Yes, it will then be downloadable and directly runnable in the browser. It's not an application that runs natively on the OS, therefore it will work on nearly every system that supports Javascript. As I designed most features on SteemWorld in a way that no server is required, it's not as difficult to realize as one might think.

There are a few functions on the site (like Transfer Search for example) which currently need my API to run, but with SDS even those can be run locally. As we saw Steemit censoring a few accounts already, we now know that we will need a local world in future...

This is my 2nd acc and is too low on SP to have even a 1c value. You always have my vote on your posts and comments, so, please keep in mind that as there are some who belong to the shit extreme of ingratitude, some of us do try to thank you to the best of our ability (I'm saying, focus on us and not on the others)

New responsive SteemWorld that can be run locally (Open Source)

THIS has my attention! With everything you have created already this will be the most amazing thing for you to do! Just make sure you have been or will be somehow compensated for your immense amount of time spent building this.

Thank you for kicking ass!

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