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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Account Creator - Importing / Exporting Public Keys

It is now possible to create new accounts for other Steemians without knowing the master key or any of the derived private keys. Special thanks goes to @crokkon for the great idea!

As some of you may know, there has been a Key Generator tool on SteemWorld for some time already, but now it all fits together perfectly...

How it works:

  1. A user who needs an account uses the Key Generator to generate a master key, writes it down and exports the public keys to a file via the new Export Public Keys button.
  2. He then sends the file with the public keys to a friend, who has enough RC/STEEM available for creating the account.
  3. The creator imports the file directly into the Account Creator and hits the Create Account button. Done!

Generating a master password for the name of the new account and exporting the public keys with the Key Generator:

The exported file (JSON) looks like:

Importing the file into the Account Creator:

The keys and also the name of the new account will be loaded from the file. The field id in the JSON data is being used to check the file's compatibility.

Post Viewer & Editor

I decided to build an own Post Viewer, so that we can view and edit our posts directly on SteemWorld:

The Content tab currently just contains the viewer for the root post without the replies (editor will come soon), but the main workspace will be on an extra page like:

What a crazy world... I'm completely broke, need to power-down way too much of my hard-earned STEEM, but I'm building my own Steemit in an one-man mission... As long as I can.

Steem is more!
Stay tuned ;)

In the making

  • Post Viewer & Editor
  • Web service for loading the data in a more efficient way and to enable me to add many cool new features in future
  • Different views / no limit in the posts overview
  • Details for coming rewards (number of posts/comments, maybe a pie chart)
  • Improved coming curation rewards overview
  • RC costs calculation


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,

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Da gebe ich gerne einen Vote 👍
Mach weiter so!

Da gebe ich gerne einen Vote 👍
Mach weiter so!

I use the place every single day and I always discover something new haaa!


Same here! steemworld has become absolutely indispensable for me.

What a crazy world... I'm completely broke, need to power-down way too much of my hard-earned STEEM, but I'm building my own Steemit in an one-man mission... As long as I can.

Steem is more!
Stay tuned ;)

Thank you, for the work you do for all of us.

You are helping make Steem fly. @SteemChiller



awesome work, @steemchiller, thanks for implementing account creation via public keys!! I think this can greatly help regular users to bring new people to steem.


Cheers to that message at the bottom!

You are making amazing progress @steemchiller, but ...

"What a crazy world... I'm completely broke, need to power-down way too much of my hard-earned STEEM, but I'm building my own Steemit in an one-man mission... As long as I can."

... very sorry to read this part of your post. I wish you were getting the full support you needed to keep going. I'm still mystified why the "big boys" on our Steem blockchain don't do more to support your great efforts.

All they would need to do is read so many other Steemian's posts indicating they consider SteemWorld an indispensible app ... Well, I hope 2019 is a turn-around year for us all. You especially.

Greetings, @steemchiller.

I am about to undelegate one of my SP delegations, and came across the following article on how to go about it:

However, having checked your, I notice that the "Delegation" button lists out my delegatees and I could either delete one or more of these delegatees as I choose or edit my delegation individually to either increase or decrease my delegation.

Please confirm that instead of me following the long-winded procedure in the link provided above to undelegate, I could simply delete one or more delegatee(s) in, which will then automatically undelegate my SP delegation to the said delegatee(s).

Thanks in advance for your response.


Hi, yes you can just click on the 'X' button to remove an existing delegation. The delegated SP will then return in 5 days to your account.


Excellent. That's so much easier. Thanks @steemchiller.

As always my good friend. I support your initiative your program is phenomenal. Here in Venezuela is fulfilled. Greetings and I wish that this year 2019 is full of many successes with opportunities that only be for you and your future beun--

Love what you are doing and appreciate your work. Stay strong.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the good work, @steemchiller.

Not sure what I would do without SteemWorld.. so thank you :)

Gibt es eigentlich auch eine Fkt., wo man die Unfollower eines Accounts einsehen kann?


Die Unfollows zeige ich bewusst nicht an, da ich denke, dass es aus psychologischer Sicht nicht förderlich ist mit solcher Information konfrontiert zu werden.

Wenn jemand einem nicht mehr folgt, kann das viele Gründe haben und man selbst würde es wahrscheinlich automatisch auf die letzten erstellten Posts beziehen, wodurch man vielleicht von seinem eigenen Weg, der eigentlich der richtige war, durch externe Einflüsse und zu viel unnötiges Grübeln abkommen könnte.

Ich weiß, das klingt merkwürdig, aber ich habe mir das gut überlegt... ^^


Das finde ich gut so, wie du das machst.
Lieben Gruß, @double-u


Schön, daß du bei Brave angemeldet bist. Dann geht von mir nicht mehr alles ins Leere. Ich habe Dir vorhin mal 5 BAT gespendet. Es würde mich interessieren, ob die bei Dir ankommen..


Danke dir! Ja, ab und zu kommen mal ein paar BAT rein, aber genau sehen kann ich dazu nichts. Ich habe da aktuell 293 BAT als 'pending tokens' stehen, was beim aktuellen Kurs ~ 30€ sind. Die kommen aber erst am 8. Februar wirklich in meinem Konto an.

Insgesamt habe ich jetzt etwas über 40€ damit verdient. Also da ist noch Raum nach oben, vor allem was den Kurs betrifft ;)


Du könntest auch noch "on Air" gehen.!2JQP99961

Zum Bsp. über diesen Link, der mir noch 5 Tubes als Provision brächte - die ich dann sofort an Dich weiterleite! ;-)
Im Grunde ist das sehr ähnlich zu Brave BAT.
Airtime funktioniert auch im Brave, da er ein Chrome Derivat ist. Airtime finde ich sogar noch besser, weil Du schon Tubes bekommst für das bloße "on Air" sein....


Ich hatte ohne Schmarrn schon sowas in der Art vermutet.
Es gab ja mal ein Tool, das das anzeigen konnte. Bei läuft das Tool aber nicht mehr. Wie Du siehst habe ich mich von den dortigen Informationen nicht vom Weg abbringen lassen. ;-)

Loving the post viewer & editor idea.👍🏼

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Couldn’t claim accounts without you 💪

Greetings @steemchiller,
I suggest You could add "Steem Monsters" to Hide section in account operations.
This would be helpful to check transactions other than SM game :P


You can already hide them by checking the Custom JSON box ;)


Yes i know...but the Custom JSON obtain all those JSON. Its possible to create Custom JSON: SM, didnt it?

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That will be possible with my planned Custom Filters feature, but I don't know when I will find time for implementing it. Many other things on my list currently...


Oh that will be great idea. Can't wait to see that! Thank you for bringing the best Steem explorer!

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Glad to see changes, but sad to see you struggling because of the low value of Steem.

He then sends the file with the public keys to a friend, who has enough RC/STEEM available for creating the account.

Not clear. If I am opening/creating the account for him, how does he have SP in his account? Is it created and then the funds are transferred into the new account. Would I be able to transfer from my own Steem or SBD?

Thanks and I hope better days are at the horizon...


If I am opening/creating the account for him, how does he have SP in his account? Is it created and then the funds are transferred into the new account.

The created account does not automatically have any SP after creation. I will add an option for direct delegation and transfer in future.

Would I be able to transfer from my own Steem or SBD?

Of course, you can transfer STEEM or SBD to the new account after creation. On SteemWorld in Tools -> Transfer there is a field Transfer Mode where you can choose Transfer To Vesting to transfer STEEM directly to the SP of the new account.


Thank you for explaining.

I look forward to see what other ideas you come up. You must be living and dreaming of SteemWorld... :)

Thanks for your hard work! SteemWorld makes it a lot easier to keep up with everything.

Bright Blessings!

Love it this is awesome!

Great work! Always and forever!

SteemWorld is getting better every day! Thanks for all the hard work!
Are you running and maintaining it alone? If so, I think it may be time to turn it into a team effort.

Upvoted!👍😊 Keep on the great work!!😀

Posted using Partiko Android

This is great as it would allow more people to trust the process. It is difficult to trust someone given you keys that can control their account at anytime although I would imagine they should change the master password immediately when starting.

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Excellent Program I have used for a long time and it keeps getting better , I love the new Content addition .... Thank you @steemchiller

Wie immer, gute Leistung. 👏👏

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Great work you are doing with SteemWorld!

I was away from @steemit for a about three months and I am really glad to see that @steemworld is better than ever! thanks @steemchiller!

Wow! This is great! It would be nice to have a second account for specific purpose and content!

Nice work! Thanks for your good work!

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Excelente aplicación para conocer las estadísticas y datos importantes de nuestra cuenta de Steemit, la considero la mejor, es muy detallada y útil, espero sigan los éxitos y mejoras en favor de la comunidad, saludos y bendiciones!!

Great work as always! Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a post viewer/editor — hope you build a "beneficiary" feature into it so people can (voluntarily) offer part of their post rewards to your work!

Best regards!

Keep up the good work @steemchiller and thank you very much:)

Thanks for the update! Good work, as ever.

What a crazy world... I'm completely broke, need to power-down way too much of my hard-earned STEEM, but I'm building my own Steemit in an one-man mission... As long as I can.

It's a great shame to see this, and I really wish you had more support. I guess "open source" is the sticking point... but the cynic in me can't help but think that open source would merely mean about 10 people grabbing your code, changing a handful of code and then monetizing YOUR hard work for THEIR profit.

I hope you can keep going long enough for these abysmal markets to turn around so our support offers a little more substance.


I know steemworld from @paulag. The best thing for me I can chek my curation and feed back of my curation. But in this post I find more interesting like see my post viewer and can edit. Thanks so much sir @steemchiller.

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Excelente, una manera de poder invitar a mis amigos y familiares, para que se animen, a ingresar a esta plataforma, gracias.

Vielen, vielen Dank!!

It's great to see all that is rolling out and what you have planned. Steemworld already is one stop shopping for all kinds of analytics, and now it's taking on functions that Steemit has and should have. All by one person. I hope we're all able to provide you with something to keep this going, and I also hope that the markets turn around before too much longer.

I'm wondering if you've noticed an uptick in issues with API nodes over the last few weeks. I really appreciate having more than one to connect to, but it seems like something's not quite right there. Not smart enough to know what end it's on, though, but I thought I should point it out.

Thank you for all you do.


I'm wondering if you've noticed an uptick in issues with API nodes over the last few weeks.

Yes, I've also noticed that. I need to improve the logic for handling node errors in the coming days, so that automatically switching to other nodes only happens after a few request retries.

The cause for the duplicate account operations was the different field orders on different nodes (I'm building a hash sum from the operation's data to have a unique id for each operation. When receiving an operation from an other node with different order, the hash changed and the already known operation was seen as a new one).

I've changed it today, so that the fields are being sorted before building the hash. Hopefully we will no longer see any duplicates from now on.

It is really a progress as the new year give for us @steemchiller, thank you very much for your hard work.

Danke dir! Das hört sich nicht gut an... hast du einen Spendenbutton?

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Das hört sich nicht gut an...

Ja, war schon mal besser bei mir. Daran muss ich jetzt unbedingt arbeiten.

Hast du einen Spendenbutton?

Noch nicht, aber bald... ;)



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We are not quite there yet to be able to create an account - but this is great info to have....


Just in case you didn't know...
Paying the account creation fee with 3 STEEM is also possible ;)


Yes!! I forgot about that!! Thank you for reminding me!

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Thank You - Greatly appreciated

Thanks chiller!

Dando mi apoyo y reconocimiento con mi modesto voto.

You do great work!

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Thanks so much for this... your awesome!!

Thanks for this SteemWorld It is a great. Upvoted resteemed

I use it every day! Thank you for producing such a great place, it is very helpful! :) @steemchiller

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Nice work. Congratulations @steemchiller

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