How To Undelegate Steem Power in 4 Easy Steps

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If you've delegated some of your Steem Power to another user or account and are wondering how to remove the delegation you've come to the right place.

For those that don't know, you can delgate your Steem Power to others on the platform and there are many reasons you might do so.

You might be:

  • Helping a friend or family member
  • Supporting a contest
  • Getting a return by loaning it out
  • Sharing it with a friend while you head on vacation or any other number of reasons

Whatever the reason, when you're ready to reclaim you're delegated Steem Power you might find it a bit difficult to get the info you need to complete the process.

In my case I had delegated a small portion of my Steem Power to the Minnowbooster account to see what kind of returns it would provide. When my little experiment was done I couldn't find out how to start the process of reclaiming my Steem Power.

After quite a bit of searching I found the easiest way to do it was to use the service.

So before we get started, here's a screenshot showing that I had delegated 150 Steem Power to the Minnowbooster account. This is the Steem Power that I'm looking to undelegate.


Here's a rundown of the process.

1. Create your own custom URL from the template below.

Copy the URL and replace the delegator account with your account name and the delegatee with the name of the account that you delegated your Steem Power to.

Here's what that looked like for me.

2. Now that you have your custom URL just copy and paste it into any web browser and hit enter.

You'll be taken to the Steemconnect site and it will show you a delegation window that informs you of the transaction you are about to create. In this case I'm being shown that I'll be delegating zero Steem Power (vests) to the Minnowbooster account.

3. Hit continue to initiate the transaction

At this point you'll have to sign in with your account and use your active key to authorize the transaction.

After you hit sign in, you'll be presented with a success notification to confirm the transaction.

4. That completes the process, you can now check your account to confirm the delegation was removed.

Remember that it will take 7 days for the Steem Power to be available for you to use again but if you check steemd you'll see that you have a new undelegate transaction.

If you were delegating to Minnow Booster you can also check you account status to confirm.

That's all there is to it. Hopefully this helps someone out. I know I spent awhile trying to figure out the process.

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Thanks for this post! I was wondering how to undelegate,and asked a question about it,but now I have an answer! Do you lease Steem Power from minnowbooster? If yes,is it worth it?


No problem, glad I could help.

I don't lease Steem Power from minnowbooster, but I do loan mine out to those looking for a lease and I've had a positive experience doing that so far.


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If you are interested we even have a quick delegation tool you can use through SteemConnect2.0 located here...

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Thanks for letting me know. All my Steem is tied up at the moment but if it's free in the future I'll let you know. It sounds like you're doing some cool stuff for the community, so thank you.

This is really helpful! I haven't delegated to minnow booster before, but if I do- this will be a good resource to reference back to.

Great post. This is something that i was looking for a long time and never had find something to explain it clearly. Thanks for the easy and clear way you explained it!


Glad you found it helpful. I was looking for something like this myself and when I couldn't find it, I figured I'd make up a quick post for it.

Thank you very much. It was very helpful. However, I still didn't get my SP back, although the undelegation was shown on and also it disappeared from minnowsupport project delegation.

Let me know please if you see my comment and you have an answer to it.

Never mind that! I found the answer in your post (i didn't read it to the end the first time :P)

Many thanks again :)


Happy to help :)

Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Been searching for how long it takes after you undelegate to get back control of your SP. Answer: 7days -- ty for that


No problem, happy to help.

Hi @raised2b thanks for the awesome post... i tried but it didn't seem to work for me.... steemd is not working also....

how do we enter the vests & SP ?

Thanks again


If you use the link in the post it automatically sets the vest to zero, which is what you want to do to undelegate your SP. So if you're trying to undelegate all you have to do is input the two accounts in the URL, don't worry about the vests & SP.

If you're still having an issue you can snap a screenshot of the URL you're trying to use and I'll take a look.

Hi @raised2b cant seem to undelegate for some reason...


Snap a pic of the URL you made and I'll take a look at it and see if I see anything wrong.

Thx man, you really saved my day, it worked, your post is totally undervoted :), I dunno if you have heard of, I delegated the rest of my power to them, after that I had a serious bandwidth problem and wasn't even able to follow or post something. You gave me the solution to undelegate that, thanks again, have a nice day!

worked straight away, thanks.

you can actually undelegate from minnowbooster buy clicking on "delagate bot" and inserting "0" SP or even any negative number "-#"
I just tried this out of frustration and it worked hahahaha I went and saw it on steemd but I wasn't sure so I came here...this is the 2nd time I undelegate .. :)


Thanks for the idea i'll try it.
I delegated some of my SP to minnowbooster but it stopped to pay for more then a week now.
Couldn't find the answer why.

Another consideration is that you have to login with your active key according to this post and login to minnowbooster acct needs posting key that is safe in my opinion.

I just successfully did it all. You are amazing! Definitely following and I will upvote and resteem an active post of yours for this great help.

Post it again may be with some updates. It deserves to be known.


Really glad you found it helpful! Thanks a lot for showing your support by visiting one of my current posts and making a really great comment/contribution! Much appreciated.


You are most welcome. Keep


Just seeing this now. Useful too

i have undelegate steempower using the method you mentioned but steem did not return to my account it was over 11 days. The steempower is undelegated from the account but not return to my. Any help will be appreciated.

@raised2b thanks for your help, specially with the Steemd to check. I just saw it has been 6 days. I was wondering why it has not been undelegated yet. @gold84


Yeah, it's still pretty hard to find out when you'll actually get your SP back, but knowing it takes a full 7 days you can kind of keep it in the back of your mind when you should see it show back up. It'll also show up as a transaction you can check with steemd.


@raised2b agreed! I checked it myself after I learned from your post. I am following you know. @gold84

I did it in different manner. In my account it is still showing same SP. What does it mean?

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Hi. Nice information. I am new in steemit and I am confused about the steem power. Can anyone help me telling me to what corresponds the values I have in my wallet in the box STEEM POWER? The value that it is in brackets (+14.516) is possible to undelegate? The value that is over (0.500) to what corresponds? See the picture. THANKS IN ADVANCE.WALLET.jpg


You can only undelegate Steempower that you control. That 14 Steem that you see in brackets is SteemPower that was delegated to you by Steemit Inc. in order to open an account for you. Every account created on Steemit has a cost and they paid that on your behalf so that you can get started using the platform. It is not yours though, it still belongs to them and they can undelegate it once you have enough Steem power of your own.

Once you have your own Steem power you can then delegate and use it in any way you'd like.


Thank You very much raised2b. I really appreciate your help!!!

steemconnect doesn't seem to work. It won't connect me for several days now :-(

Thanks, just what I was looking for.

You don't seem to have any active posts, so I up-voted a comment :)

Thanks for information 👍👍

hi thanks for this post... its really helpful ... i can use it for the future...Happy New year..


Glad it was helpful, and Happy New Year to you too :)

thanks do you have to wait 7 days for sp to go back in wallet ?


Yes you do.

Remember that it will take 7 days for the Steem Power to be available for you to use again but if you check steemd you'll see that you have a new undelegate transaction.


Thanks mate! : )


Sure thing :)


Thanks mate

thanks a lot. I too had given sp as an experiment and I was confused with so many links online but yours worked. Thanks

@raised2b got you a $7.51 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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Post verry nice @paised2d, follow me @

Thanks sir!

what is the difference between delegate to bot vs fill order? i delegated something to a bot and i thought that would get used but when i filled an order addition SP was removed/assigned to the initial delegation remains unused?


When you delegate to the bot, you are delegating to the Minnowbooster bot and you'll recieve an SBD payout based on curation rewards that the bot receives. When you fill an order in the market, you are delegating to another user and will receive a Steem payout daily based on the terms of the agreement.

Thank you very much !! Very very useful for me !

Thanks for this . I just delegated some and was wondering but now I come to think about it there was something about 0 meaning un-delegate but I wasn't paying much attention!

Book marked this page.

Wow Finally find the way to undelegate the SP hahaha

Thank you very much its a great help


And why does it say bebag delegated to minnowbooster?


i had to enter 0.00% and it's done?


Looks like you changed the vesting shares amount at the end from 0.0000 to 1000 which basically means that you changed the command to delegate 1000 vests instead of making your delegation 0, which would mean you undelegate.

All you need to do is put it back to zero, like it is in the template (vesting_shares=0.000000%20VESTS), and run the command again and it will undelegate.

Great! Thank you very much!

Used this transaction and it worked. However, I am now having an issue redelegating my steem power. It states it's already delegated. Any thoughts on how to rectify this?


Have you already waited the 7 days as noted in step 4?

This was helpful. thanks


I'm getting this error as well, and haven't been able to get past it.

thanks. this is really helpful.

Hi raised2b,
I just read your tutorial and I wanted to thank you for a very useful post.
It’s ten months old now, but I will follow you, upvote and resteem a more recent post in appreciation.


Awesome blog...u helped a lot...i did as u said...lets see whether i get those SP BACK!

hi friend, how can one power down steem invested in monnowbooster?


It depends on how you invested it. Did you delegate your Steem to Minnowbooster or did you actually power up your Steem to Minnowbooster? If you delegated it simply follow the instructions in this post. If you powered up Steem to the Minnowbooster account you're going to have to contact them on their discord chat and let them know your situation.


thank you for your time. appreciated.

Thanks for making this post!

Thanks for your great service my dude :)

Thanks for this simple tutorial. I followed all the steps and Im pretty sure I did everything right. I just dont have steemd account so I cant see any message about it... do I just wait 7 days to see if it worked or can I register steemd acc. now and the message will be there even when the acc. was created later after undelegating?


No need to create a steemd account, it's just a block explorer, so all it does is show transactions on the blockchain.

You can see your transactions and any others you'd like.

Just go to

Looks like you undelegated to minnowbooster:

You'll just need to wait out the 7 day period now for it to be returned.


Thanks a lot!