What is SteemWaves?

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What is SteemWaves?

SteemWaves is a tethered currency designed to further integrate the value of the Steemit ecosystem with that of WAVES blockchain via the Waves DEX platform. In doing so, the currency offers an additional means of moving value in and out between the two platforms. For content creators, participation in the SteemWaves community offers brand loyalty and a more engaged community along with a tool to indirectly access to the price of WAVES. The intended value of the currency is pegged to the value of WAVES under the following ratio: 1 WAVES = 100 SteemWaves

Token Name: SteemWaves

Contract Address: 9XExk5WerJFWjoVkXFPEn4u7LLiTmrjQWUaG3PTCktCo

Listed Exchange: Waves DEX

Total Supply: 1,000,000

Decimals: 8

SteemWaves can be purchased or sold at the decentralized exchange on the Waves platform, which can be accessed via the Waves Lite Client (https//waveswallet.io). The currency can be identified on the exchange by the contract address shown above.


Hi, its nice to see you here about the this steemwaves, also future24 here in steemit,
I am redfishcoin from Steemit redfish rank community,
I want to here more!

hi, how buy it and how price each one.? I am interested with this new games I hope can apply soon as possible.

can i please have some steemwaves - i will share most of them around to promote your currency

Hi daydreams4rock, the currency is being tightly controlled and being treated more akin to a membership rewards program with profit sharing capability. From my understanding there is no intention of it being given out. The idea being that the ability for exclusive rewards is a more powerful for eventual adoption than free airdrops. As noted though, SteemWaves can be bought and sold on Waves DEX.

That being said, however, how one disburses the tokens they bought is truly up to them. In the future, I may buy some myself and distribute them as potential rewards to my followers. So stay tuned.

can i please have some steemwaves - i will share most of them around to promote your currency

i would like to change some ZumHeiligenEbe tokens with some Steemwaves?!
i give also some on waves created tokens for free https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@harimbadl/hey-and-128517-i-want-to-say-hello-to-the-steemit-comunity-and-128513-with-a-tokengiveaway#comments

Harimbadl, SteemWaves tokens are only exchangeable for WAVES currently. They're trading on the Waves DEX if you would like to get some. Alternatively, if you can first convert your ZumHeiligenEbe tokens to WAVES, you can then afford to access some SteemWaves. Thanks for reaching out.