Author Spotlight Dec 31st 2016 (Happy New Years!!!)

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Happy New Year!!! Enjoy today's Steemvoter New Year's Spotlight content selection for you!

Most of the content was manually chosen by us from the "new" category at the time of posting, to ensure maximum "Spotlight" visibility of fresh content.

Some author choice inspiration may at times be drawn from other great curation projects like @curie and @steemtrail, please enjoy and support these authors if you like their content:

Steemvoter is a public curation bot with an easy to use interface, it truly is a bot for the people, making automatic curation on Steemit easy with just a few clicks.

This is a payment post! Thank you for allowing us to use your accounts to upvote this post! Anyone not signed up for is welcome to do so or just vote this post to help the project.

Sort: I really love the service you've provided. I look forward to 2017 with hope and positivity. I wish you success and THANK YOU and Happy new year to you all! :)

Thanks you. This is needed right now as we are under attack by a small portion of the community.

flagged for being paid to much, every single day. Check your votes people. At this comment - 8 minutes, 30 votes, value .04, but it will trend.

With respect, we currently offer a free service and the terms of service include a daily self-promotion upvote from registered accounts, which is our way of receiving payment. It is dangerous for crusades to be started against projects that earn subjectively "too much" because it stiffles innovation and creates an artificial ceiling of earnings which will stop outside investment from big firms and popular bloggers who start to realise they can only make a certain amount on Steemit vs say Youtube where they could become Millionaires or build a sustainable business.

Please bear this in mind in the new year that crusades only will harm Steemit and not grow it.

Maybe you could update us once a week, or directly to those who want to use your services. With respect. Take care. If people wish to curate without reading, they don't need to take that from the entire rewards pool. Your post isn't that nicely formated, isn't voted by me, offers me no services, so not really in my interest to see. Happy New Year.

If 80-90$ is a large portion of the entire rewards pool, then there is a scalability concern within Steem. We don't think we even account for 1% of the rewards and over 800 people use our service daily. For the New Year, we hope people will just move on to content they do like and let great projects prosper. Happy New year as well.

At the time of this comment. 44 minutes. Value is .68 cents. 66 votes and 11 views. Happy New Year

You know I support some projects within the ecosystem but I flagged this symbolically (1%) because I don't think this post or an autovoting service adds much to the community.

Hi @smooth, feels weird to be replying back to you, we are normally not at odds for anything. The community must find value in the service if we have 800 plus subscribers, it is obviously a much wanted service, some people have said that they would lose much interest in Steem if they did not have it.

Whales have used bots since inception on Steem, they have the technical knowledge to do so but the average user does not. I'm not sure it is fair for an elite few to have that advantage, most people are working class and don't have time to curate 40 times per day to maximise curation rewards or to just support artists and friends in a Patreon like fashion.

Steemvoter is currently responsible for over 700 000 daily votes on the platform through user rules selection of their own. If the service were discontinued many authors would not be voted on, my own account is running at 68% voting power right now as it widely curates using @steemvoter and other bot services, many people are benefiting and feeling valued as a result.

@marcgodard is a world-class developer for and his time is worth hundreds per hour, having him in our community is a priviledge that I identified early on which is why I encouraged him to remain. Depriving him or anyone else from making an income from making an income or being profitable in a way slightly out of the norm is suicide for the platform.

Please bear in mind that neither @marcgodard nor I post much on our personal accounts to earn any sort of rewards, because we focus on our business accounts and also alot of behind the scenes communication channels.

Marc is currently working on a paid model and if that is adopted we can wean the service off of the paid posts, but this will only be ready well into January, that will however make the Spotlight impossible to highlight good authors and hamper the proposed curation guild.

Again I must iterate that I never wished to be in a position where I had to reply or disagree with you, you are a dear friend and I don't want this to change that.

As I said it is merely symbolic, perhaps you could view it as just one person's point of view and/or encouragement toward the direction you are already taking. Happy New Year good friend.

Happy New Year Smooth! Have a great one!

I don't use your services and feel people should and could pay to read. So, the element of providing free services doesn't pertain to me. Happy New Year.

So you flagged it for being paid too much, but that was 4 cents... you are a special person aren't you?

And they earned.... how much based on what? After buying the business with crowd funding. Which one of us is special?

Actually I am the one that worked hard to make steemvoter and I am still 50% owner. I still haven't made my money back for my work. Unlike many other projects that posted their projects and made like 15k for that post (back in the day).

I just needed help running the site because I don't have the available time to do everything. Especially for small rewards like $80.

I thought providing a service to others and putting in all this time would have been worth it, but with people like you here at steem, maybe not.

The best move right now would be to shut down the steemvoter service because of flags, and bring it back online when the community has reached consensus on running your daily posts. I think all the users who love your service will speak very loudly in your favor

I wouldnt shutdown the servers right away but rather reduce the frequency of those paid posts. Noone has a problem with the service the provide and their need to earn profit.

A good idea would be to employ bloggers to create actual blog posts for the daily steemvoter post, that way it looks different every-time and adds value, you can reach out to your steemvoter users to get the bloggers for this

Maybe not. lol, People like me. That is rich. :) The post ran for a couple of weeks, sometimes more than once, looking for community to buy this app. So, other people don't have to read and click! What an awesome service. Happy New Year.

I still haven't made my money back for my work

  1. What is your goal amount?
  2. If you reached your goal, will you stop or minimize(to run the server and site) posting?
  3. Why don't make a separate post (and 100% goes to you) if you need your money for development back quickly?

I think you are on a path to kill the platform, youtubers and mainstream bloggers will never come here if they can make a living on Youtube, Patreon and anywhere else vs Steem where a certain band of people want to mute earnings and stop progress and discourage business. If one can earn only up to a point then what's the point of Steem?

When people can actually quit their jobs and start making a daily living on Steem then maybe you can try moderate. Currently you are saying that marc and I aren't entitled to around about 20$ per day each of liquid rewards to cover our server costs, development and time on this project. That's not even a minimum daily wage.

Serious developers will never come here if they can earn 200$ - 1000$ per hour elsewhere.

My amount is enough to compensate for the many hours. Considering I would charge a client at least 15k for such a project... then add in the server costs and bandwidth... that is another $200 per month, plus my hour per day, that is another $100 per day, plus extra development 4 hours today alone on new years eve at that, that is another $400. At the current rate, I am not even breaking even.

So IMHO you can stop your whining. The community decided to use our service and support us. Just cause you disagree doesn't mean anything to me.

You probably go and complain on everyone's posts that make good money. This project took work, real work, so stop your complaining, you sound like a child.

I strongly disagree. Youtubers create original contents every time while your posts do not. Rather, content creators will leave Steem when they see this kind of airly contents are on the trending page again and again (It was really ridiculous that steemygames' post or good-karma's announcement are regarded as content).

If you want real business stuffs, I will add some competitions by providing my voting bot source to public soon. And I will provide voting bot service to kr members (I actually don't want to have their private key but if they want I can) without any auto upvotes.

Thanks for helping me to decide. If you want to have unlimited desire for rewards without making a consensus with the community, I will try to adjust it. Happy new year.

clayop = 534 000 SP vs Steemvoter 6109 SP :) just saying... what sort of value are you giving to the community to warrant having that much? if you are saying there should be a ceiling on earnings then you should have one too. :) Happy New year.

Hi @clayop, there are no more tiers for me to reply below. What is a Kr member? Also sure we also open sourced our bot script, I encourage that you do that, we can use it to improve on our python which is not @marcgodard's core dev language, he learn't it in two weeks basically.

I encourage curation and the more that happens the better so some good has come of this. Free markets are what one should strive for and we won't argue against competing services, we are all about business development, infact some of the events of today gave us an idea for another business which may be needed in the community.

I don't think you are a bad guy and do respect you, neither are we bad people, we are all trying to find our own kind of niche on Steem. I wish you the best in all that you do. Namaste!

Supported , too many accounts like this already by the same people.

Thanks for including my post in this list, hopefully more people will join the #challenge30 writing challenge in January. Also, congrats for your service at, I just started to use it. Best of luck in 2017 and not only :)

Absolute pleasure, keep doing a great job and keep Steemin'. Happy 2017!

Reply to @marcgodard's comment

I appreciate your efforts. But when I see your code, it's unusable because there isn't any documentation how to install and use it (It seems to require MySQL and piston, and I am not sure which part is casting vote as well).
If you need more fund to maintain, why don't you create a post with clear purpose for asking fund (and 100% goes to you) rather than creating airy posts every day while only a half of payout goes to you?

I had always said I am not a python programmer. I wanted help making it more usable. Yes, it requires piston and mysql. I want to document the code, but no one seems interested in helping with it (Well one user in the chat helped a bit--to be fair).

As far as the website, I cannot open source that. It is part of a framework that is proprietary to my company that has been worked on it for years and it is worth over 100k. Not going to open source that.

My goal was to improve the community, and create demand for STEEM, but after all this, I am not really interested in doing much of that anymore. It is really too bad that a bunch of haters and whiner have stifled innovation.

I remember dan up-voted one of my first post about steemvoter (on my own account), and the little hate I got. I was very happy and motivated. But now, all I can think of is not worth my time.

Thanks for making my STEEM experience so bad that I no longer feel motivated to innovate on this platform.

Don't get it wrong. People (including me) don't hate you or your work. What I am worrying is steemvoter ruthlessly consume the limited reward pool without communication with the community to build a consensus, which actually is in process but now I have your responses.

I personally don't care steemvoter takes about $500~$800/month at the current reward amount. But you guys suggested no limitation, and this make me to warn kr community members to stop using your service, since delegated voting power easily can be abused to exploit rewards. IMHO, what you needed is better communication, more efficiency, and moderated greed (I believe everyone is greedy, but the degree may differ).

I realized @xeroc is running with similar service, called curation trail, but the it still seems to be improved in terms of usability.

steemian needs improvement? Sorry didn't understand what you are trying to say there.

We never said no limits. Never said anything about limits. I am a capitalist and am happy with competition. What I can't stand is when people hate on other peoples work. Especially when they provide stuff for free for a community. IMHO you are hating my work. If you weren't you would be encouraging people to use it instead of hating it.

I had so many plans for the steemit platform. But honestly, I don't think I will do it anymore. I will finish my plans for steemvoter and then I am done. I meant.

Especially when they provide stuff for free for a community.

Free? If you think the reward is made from scratch, you are misunderstanding the system. Every reward you earn comes from all STEEM stakeholders, so people are paying.

IMHO you are hating my work.

I am quite dismayed by this kind of prejudice and miscommunication. If I hate your work, I might accuse it few months ago. But I didn't discourage kr community members to use steemvoter since I value your service.

kr? What is that?

kr = Korean community

So divide that by two because we share the account, 250 to 400$ per month. Half of that is liquid, so marc must develop a service for 125$ to 200$ per month and pay server running costs? That's not realistic by real world standards, that's one hour of coding at best.

Its just my personal feeling and can be changed by discussion with the community.

To be fair with 13 week power down the whole thing can now more or less be considered as reasonably liquid (enough so to start using it for service costs, etc.). It was very different with 2 year power down.

Fair enough, but it's only 6000SP between two people and costs, it's probably a single day rate for a developer :) it's like so "mickey mouse" I don't know why there is so much fuss from everyone.

Do you have friendship with @xeroc and are giving his service a free plug here, possibly the reason for this whole saga today?

I wonder how i am causing a 'saga' because i let you finally know that i disaggree with paying for your posts.

Never did i say i disaggree with your service or the goal of earning money nor do i want you to shutdown your service and leave steem.
In contrary, i would love to see your system grow and would like to see your business model improve over the critics that I (and others) have.

Calling me out doesn't seem fair to me.

A good idea would be to employ bloggers to create actual blog posts for the daily steemvoter post, that way it looks different every-time and adds value, you can reach out to your steemvoter users to get the bloggers for this

Lol no. What a delusion.

Good .. let's get back to rational arguments. I'll remove my downvote. In the meantime, maybe we can find a way to fix the basic issue that i am having and that is: the unalignment betwen those that benefit from your free aervice and those that actually pay. Steem is perfectly fit for asking micropayments for servives (asking 5$ a month in sbd) .. and IMHO (thats what i expressed multiple tines now) those that benefit should be those to approach for funding. I am sure you understand that I (as a competitor) disagree with paying your rewards while my service does not make nearly as much money as yours (i dont use my customers voting power)

Ok so this is what I said to you on your blog just to tie up the conversation here:

@xeroc there were no more tiers to be able to reply to your comment on the recent @steemvoter post, so hereby reply to you here. We noticed that you downvoted the post in addition to your comment. Commenting is fine but given that you have a competing auto-vote service it was rather disingenuous to downvote our post.

Ok so i don't understand what you mean about unalignment between those that benefit from our free service and those that pay. Over 800 accounts use our service and upvote everyone else, more than 700 000 daily votes take place with our service, so where aren't people benefiting? Beside curation, it is a convenience tool, I have 10 accounts and want to vote with all on a specific author regularly, why must I manually do each one and spend countless minutes switching accounts daily, instead of using steemvoter.

Using customer voting power is innovative, either they are going to pay with liquid rewards or with their vote, it all came from the same blockchain at some point. It's just a great freemium way of marketing. We know what this community can be like so we have started working on a paid model, but this post was attacked before we could even do anything in the new year.

Why do you have to mention that you make so much less on streemian and compare? I mean what of your 46K piston post and several others of 8K and 2K, I mean common, cut the small guys some slack, whales come and weigh in on how much posts are making yet they have accounts with hundreds of thousands of SP, that's hypocritical. We will be lucky to make 2K per month, and even then there are server costs and we share the account between two people, how can people ever make Steem a full time job if their is always a ceiling on earnings placed on projects and individuals, even a ceiling below minimum wage which is what this is anyway.

Just because you don't or didn't think of collecting funds for your service in this way doesn't make our way bad, we represent a large majority of the active community by way of the 800 accounts on our service, so consensus in numbers is in our favour.

I called you out because above Clayop (who i have now reconciled with in witness chat) namedropped your service in our post as if to tell people to use that instead so I immediately drew inference that you were connected with him somehow, I'm hoping that's not the case.

I am also hoping you have nothing to do with the @anonymous account auto-flagging our comments made from the @steemvoter account. We have taken counter measures and have auto-commented to drain that account's voting power to near zero now. It's an old account from the 25th March and had to have been created by an early adopter, I truly hope it is not you.


This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Dec 31. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $94.11 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Dec 31 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

That was for me to buy into the service so I could see it continued as it wasn't profitable then, I helped make it profitable and now it is being attacked for being successful. Half of the crowd-funding was from my own accounts in any event.

My point is only this. You asked the community to help you buy this "business, company, tool". Now that tool is on the trending page each day, and the justification is... I am paying for my tool. I don't use your tool. I don't think it adds value, if others do. That is great. I am not running you out of town, I am using my vote the same way others do. I think your business ideas have been beyond brilliant. Didn't you back Steemsports as well? Obviously a man with an eye toward success.

Yeah @steemsports and @steemdrive billboards, thanks for the compliments. @steemsports is actually going to be in the media soon and will give some positive visibility to Steem.

Flagged as I see the crowd voting as Sybil attack. Also it's similar to pooled mining in other blockchains. Whether it has value, is subjective though.
@dantheman @ned thoughts?

@abit don't be so serious, Steemvoter is cool and fun, it's a social tool for non-technical whales. 800 subscribed accounts and over 6 million total SP says that it is a wanted service. Dude I've tried to talk to you in chat many times, you never reply and then come nuke my project without trying to reach out to me, that's like really anti-social :) anyway I know you are supporting @clayop cause you are both Korean i think, go look in the witness channel, he and I are friends now.

Just to add to my reply, with respect this is not a anything like a Sybil attack, a Sybil attack is normally initiated by one person using clone accounts to attack, in this case these accounts are from many users who signed up their individual Steem accounts via verified emails on our software, they have given us proxy to use their votes to vote on their author selection and on our posts for payment. This is exactly the same as giving another account proxy to vote on a witness, by the logic you are presenting, giving one account many witness proxies is a Sybil attack as well, and this is being done on the blockchain without any opposition.

I hope this changes your mind with respect to the Sybil attack reference.

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