Steemvoter Rescue: Last Leg of Funding - Deal in Sight!

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Thank you to the Steem community for your support of the rescue project. I am pleased to report that there is a deal in sight. @marcgodard has been receiving lots of engaging and supportive activity on the @steemvoter Steem account and is feeling a lot more positive about the project and I dare say he is enjoying himself a little bit. :)

Marc has put an alternative offer on the table whereby we would become co-owners of and grow it together for a lower buy-in of $2000, luckily the Steem Dollar is around 0.99 right now so not much will be lost in the conversion. I like the synergy of this offer and enjoy brainstorming with Marc so I would like to aim for this.

Currently I have raised 1 685.686 SBD which is in the savings account, therefore there is just 314.314 SBD short to achieve the target and keep running for the good of the Steem community.

I think one or two more crowdfund posts should do it.

Also please refer to Marc's post of the upcoming changes:

We have introduced some gamification to try stimulate demand for Steem and the holding of SP, by introducing a tiered structure whereby the more SP you hold the more account rules you can implement.

I also have an interesting idea I want to explore with Marc, whereby one would control which authors to vote for simply by following/unfollowing them on or re-steeming a post for a once off vote from all your linked accounts. I for example have a few accounts and it becomes tedious to log in and out of each to vote and if a simple resteem could initiate a vote from all, what a pleasure. If I choose to continue voting this author into the future I would simply follow the author and steemvoter would detect the follow and add the author to my rules whereby I can then login later and adjust the vote percentage and time to vote.

I hope you will support this initiative one more time, we are close to target and then I can relax and work on the project with Marc more proactively.


Direct Donations so far:

@cryptomancer 10 SBD
@merej99 10 SBD
@steemdrive 734.298 SBD
@thecryptodrive 316 SBD
@thecryptofiend 10 SBD
@craig-grant 15 SBD
@steemvoter 7.804 SBD (sent on behalf of @remlaps)
@virtualgrowth 6.668 STEEM
@pharesim 150 SBD
@exploretraveler 5 SBD
@vegascomic 100 STEEM
@mokluc 9 SBD
@richman 100 STEEM
@officialfuzzy 400 SBD
@faded-gravity 50 SBD
@vegascomic 0.010 STEEM

Target reached!! Thanks everyone!

Let's keep alive so we can all be Curator Angels!

Vote for thecryptodrive witness!


Target reached!! I am glad!!!

I put it down as a donation, all of the funds are going to Marc, he has essentially been running it for free for two months, users have had the service pro bono, so small donations are kind of like backpay in a way. We haven't worked out any equity splits at this point, I'm concerned it would add a layer of complexity and slow development. The biggest donations are my own accounts and the third being Pharesim who doesn't really have time to be involved. I think what I would like to do for now is include those people who donated directly in a private channel so they can contribute ideas and be the first to know what we are planning, that could be a good start.

Cool. That's fair. I'm on the lookout for opportunities to invest as various community members roll out ideas for business apps on top of Steem. I still haven't found a model that is working, but I'm sure models will emerge as projects and experiments mature organically...

May I suggest you make contact with me on i have the same username there. @steemsports is going to roll out a web frontend and we are planning on taking on the global betting market, we are quite serious, it already has a working model, just needs a push to moon!

Steemvoter also has potential once we work out our business model, it's a bit of trial and error at the moment in terms of revenue.

I'll contact you on Steemchat. Won't be able to connect until later this evening (I'm in USA Pacific time zone). I'm a big fan of Steemsports both as a player and as possibly (the beginnings of) a business model. I'd love to have the opportunity to learn more of your ideas and discuss collaboration, if that makes sense...

Perfect sense, drop me a message and I will reply when I see it. Looking forward to it.

Let me actually take a screenshot.

This is how you donate, except make sure you have sufficient funds ;)

Wow, thank you. I have added your name to the donations list and will be on all posts until I hit target. Will create a private channel and add all direct donors when I get a gap.

No problem. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute.

You've got my upvote and support. Hopefully you'll get across the finish line soon. :)

Looks like your efforts are going well, and we really like your product. I think the more options we can do the better, and if we can turn off a certain function that would be good if it's needed.

Thanks so much, yes we have many upgrades we would like to effect. Will keep you posted with new developments.

Look foward to having you continue to enjoy our service!

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The post is almost at a close, I'll try it for the next one!

Hi there. I can't actually register. I put in the Steem Account Name and the Private Posting Key, press add new account and..the screen freezes.
It doesn't put me in a queue, it just doesn't do anything.
Am I doing sth wrong?

Hi, can you post your issue on the public steemvoter channel in Let us know your username and what browser you are using.

Google Chrome seems to work for me.

Thank you all for your dedication to the platform.
3sbd a year is certainly reasonable for this very useful tool.
Is there a projected date for that to happen?

My pleasure, appreciative users like yourself make it worthwhile... we are still discussing options and projected dates, nothing concrete as yet.

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How do I donate?

Hey @mokluc you go to the wallet and click the little dropdown menu until you see "transfer" and then you can transfer Steem or SBD to thecryptodrive with no @ sign otherwise won't work. If you still stuck ask me in chat. :)

Currently, you can donate directly to this author @thecryptodrive