- List of Handy Bookmarklets for Steem

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Bookmarklets are tiny scripts you execute from your bookmarks bar. They are limited in scope and often only do one thing. is a collection of bookmarklets related to Steem. Most of them are for and provide utility in different ways, making your stay more convenient and effective.


Steemit CountDown by @bitcoiner

Easily monitor elapsed times of posts. One of the best and most popular bookmarklets. Just activate it and a timer will show up in the tab.

> Steemit post

Show Users' Steem Power by @lantto

Display Steem Power next to all visible usernames. This can be used on feeds, comment threads or wherever a username is visible.

> Steemit post


Installing a bookmarklet on is very easy. Just drag the button to your bookmarks bar and you're all set. If you don't see the bar you can enable it with Ctrl+Shift+B in Chrome.

Add your bookmarklet

If you have built a bookmarklet you want to list just submit the linked form or write a comment here. All entries are linked back to their corresponding Steemit posts. |

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YAY! Thanks for the mention! It would seem Steemit ↔ Steemd was the most popular bookmarklet by votes and reward! As opposed to Steemit GoToBlog which was a flop lol.

Oh and here's the image for Steemit CountDown, unless you were having trouble with the .gif? haha

And another minor thing: some of my bookmarklets uses \r\n for the prompt() so they should be escaped.

Anyway, really good job on steemlets!


Hey! No problem. :) I use Steemit ↔ Steemd a lot so not surprising it was popular. Great bookmarklet.

Good catch! I've fixed the linebreaks in my local environment and will deploy it later today.

Regarding the image I'm thinking it's best to show an image of the bookmarklet in action if possible. The reason I used the GIFs for Steemit ↔ Steemd and Steemit GoToBlog was because there was no good way of capturing it in a screenshot. I can of course change Steemit CountDown to use the GIF as well if you think that suits it better. Just let me know. :)

Thanks again!

Thanks for the fix! Yes, I think Steemit CountDown should use the GIF too as that it what it is supplied with on SteemTools and the original post. Good work!

I've changed it to the GIF. :) Didn't do any cache busting so if you visit the site you may need to hard refresh to get the new version. Thanks again!

amazing man. Makes it much more easier to use. thanks for sharing @lantto

Thanks a lot! :D

Well well well.... I finally meet the owner of .... I own : )

Oh, hello! :D I noticed it redirected to Do you have any plans for it? I will always brand mine as so I think it's fine with another site called steemroll.

Had plans for it, don't anymore. : P

I own ; just no idea what to do with it, lol : )
/ hugz ; )

could I ask what each odometer measure on your displays?
eg: is Accounts = new accounts or currently active accounts?

I own ; lol just not sure what to do with it : )
/ hugz ; )

Thank you. Steemit really needs a way for users to save their favorite content, even if it can't be organized.

I agree and I think that's something that should be part of the platform itself. It would however be quite possible to create as a bookmarklet, storing it in local browser storage. Let me think about it and thanks for the suggestion! :)

Cool. Thanks for doing this.

No problem. Glad you like it!

Great stuff and will be using this!
Thanks for posting.

Nice! Thank you. :)

great resources, thank you for this post, it will come in very handy

Thanks a lot. Glad you like it. :)

If you click on any profile now, you get complete transparency, from their posts, to their steem power and everything in between, including the history of their rewards, which I find useful, since you can track which posts are paying well and find users to follow. but,the rest of these look really useful, thanks nice share!

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