SteemSTEM goes mainstream

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In a few weeks, SteemSTEM will be celebrating its second birthday on Steem!

As a present to our community, we would like to share updates about everything that is happening behind the scenes (partial information can be obtained here and there). By the way, we are organizing our next meetup together with at Virgo Labs in Italy. A fundition campaign is currently on-going, so that even if you won't attend the meetup, you can help us covering the costs of the participants.

As we are preparing the final details for our upcoming Virgo visit, we have more exciting news to share with you.

Up until now, what was shared on Steem; remained on Steem.

This has to change!

From now on, we plan to share SteemSTEM activities on a wider level and share our interests with anyone who writes and cares about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through our new social media accounts!

We are happy to announce the new Social Media Channels created by SteemSTEM to promote STEM across the borders of Steem.

We invite you to follow and share it with your friends.

New Social Media Accounts

In short, we created new accounts and fully optimized them accordingly to the newest social media standards. If you are on other social media, see below and follow us! Please share with us any remarks, ideas, suggestions!

Facebook Page

You can follow the official Facebook page of Steemstem and get updates about all new trending articles (trending according to our standards) and information on all SteemSTEM activities.

Twitter Account

Some of you may be used to follow Steemstem on Twitter. However, due to an issue with Twitter which would not allow us to log in anymore, a new account needed to be created. So, feel free to follow, from now on, the only official SteemSTEM Twitter account.

Instagram Account

You can also find us on our official Instagram page as well. As for the other social media, this will allow one to get fresh information about the SteemSTEM project, extra promotion for the most supported posts and much more!

What to expect - What is next?

Why write for SteemSTEM?

We realized that the importance of SteemSTEM is greater than simply a niche community to be read by a few on the Steem blockchain. Science communication is a vital force worldwide, yet there is barely enough incentive for researchers to communicate their work to the mainstream audiences.

As a result, only the most positive, groundbreaking and bizarre stories get heard, often misinterpreted or spun in a way not unbefitting of the current culture of 'fake news' by mainstream media.

SteemSTEM has a different approach. By offering a space where individual experts and passionate STEM bloggers can freely distribute their knowledge in a social media environment that actively promotes and rewards them, we cut out the middle-men and create a greater balance between quality and readability.

Spreading knowledge is Unlimited knowledge

Especially now, in this age of technological wealth, it is important to tell facts from fiction; it is important to move forward.

There is a lot more to come; Stay tuned and Enjoy!


Great thing! Keep on going!

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

This is a bad way to get upvotes or follows. No one likes spammers and beggars, and no one is going to upvote them.

This is the first I've heard of you, but then again I haven't been here that long. I'll watch with interest. I may even want to contribute some things, from time to time. Not exactly a STEM expert, but certainly an enthusiast and supporter.

Any STEM lover can contribute, so please do! We are by far not 100% professionals. STEM professional are on Steem, but they maybe only consist of 15-20% of the full author list.

This is awesome news! I followed of the social medias that I use :) I hope this will potentially lead some more people to getting familiar with the Steem platform in the future.

I hope too. We will see. Great changes are being implemented at the moment, and I am pretty confident we go into the right direction! :)

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

SteemSTEM really is doing a lot behind the scenes. I'm not too active on social media, but I love this community so count me as a follower.

Thanks for your support. he "behind-the-scene" work is often very tiring, and communicating about it is an effort we are trying to do more and more. This is often neglected but we do our best ^^

Awesome news, this is the really good idea. I followed of the social media I use. This is a huge step for all of us. keep it up. . . . . . . .

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Already following on Twitter.👍 And have follow up on the Facebook.

Awesome, we like to hang out on twitter every now and then. I'm glad to see that steemstem had joined us there :) Wish I could remember my facebook account's password :D

Twitter is great for sharing news! Thank you for your follow there too : )

That emotion barely knowing this great initiative I love science, technology is my passion, thank you very much

Thank you @thoor!

It is great that you are here, new STEM authors are always welcome :)
If you have some time please read a few guidelines for posts regarding STEM at this link

In case of any questions, feel free to join us @steemstem on discord or to take a look at the FAQs




i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Good work on steemit

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Now Following on all channels, you are doing an excellent job team!

Another big step! it really feels good to be here :)

This is super awesome

Where else are we going 🤔🤔🤔🤔

The Moon

There are super cool intermediate steps too. Please don't underestimate them too :D

Thats a great progress so far. Happy anniversary in advance. The new accounts created is the best way to go and promote both steem STEM bloggers.

Thanks! This is indeed a necessary step to head to our long term goal: run a STEM communication platform on Steem :)

This is good to know. Am glad to be part of this movement. @steemstem continue to forge ahead. @lemouth and the entire management well done. This innovation will place @steemstem on the global platform.

Thanks for passing by! Note that You can also thanks our entire PR team here. They will appreciate it! :)

Whaat? Great news !! This is a huge step for all of us!

This should motivate us to be more productive and engaging in our community!

Well done, guys!

That also opens the doors of our community to the outside (possibly non-crypto) world :)

Great idea. Hopefully this will contribute greatly to the STEM community and the promotion of Steem.

Hopefully this will! :)

Wow! More grease to your elbows, guys! Good work you've got going on here. I hope you eventually get all the support you need.

I hope so too. But this, only the future will tell us :)

Wow! This is really great and a good idea. With this, @steemstem will go on a wide range across the globe in no time. I hope to see @steemstem revolve round the world someday and I think this is a 100-step forward.

Together we promote facts! Congratulacia!

A revolution? Mmmh not now for sure, but who knows in the future ;)

Presumably in the future. But the future might be so soon because steemSTEM & STEM Posts spreading across other social Media would attract thousands, millions of knowledge seekers to @steemit. It's a matter of time tho! But, this will definitely happen.

SteemSTEM is going places. The sky is not even the limit; but a springboard.
SteemSTEM can only get better. We rock!!!

One baby step at a time: first the sky, then... ;)

Lol. True.. First the sky, then straight to another galaxy :D

Nice! I hope to see more positive changes over here and keep growing with you. So pleased to be on steemit.
Thanks for the updates!

We will try to write more of these updates. Working on our communication skills :)

Another step further towards building a STEM enthusiast community ! :)
Wishing a great success to steemSTEM social media handles, together we promote facts over fiction all around.

A small step for SteemSTEM, ... :)

A step towards a big future.. :)

But a giant leap for the entire science community :D

exactly bro :3

I followed this page from all social media.
Good idea!
Good luck!

Thanks for your nice encouraging message :)

Wonderful news once again, long live SteemSTEM!

Great move. I see steemstem becoming one huge organization for scientist and science enthusiasts alike. Go steemstem!

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

I am happy about this. More of such good news should come, please! Congratulations

STEM contributor

This is great news
I always knew that we (SteemSTEM) would only get better

So cool guys - this is a giant step! And btw the way I love the logo on the facebook page - who designed that?

Been a couple of weeks since my last post but I'll have something in the pipes soon. But I saw this and wanted to say congrats.

I don't know exactly who is the author of the logo. You may need to ask on the discord. I hope we will soon see more fungi-posts. I probably won't see them very soon, since I am about to turn offline for two weeks ^^

Vacation I hope? You certainly deserve one as hard as you work, on everything.

Hi @steemstem!

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This is great news for us because it helps more people's to connect with Steemit.

Anything to bring more eyes to Steemit and Steemstem is a great move.

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It is awesome to see the steemstem community getting bigger and bigger :D

Bigger and bigger, as well as more and more spread!

Congratulations Good work @steemstem

I'm a bot, i just found this article as a way forward article and i would love to interest readers that the meet up "ll gonna be a just kidding about the bot stuff, trust me i "ll love to be there..:)

You are not a bot... I am a bot :D

Wow.... This is a great development.
@Steemstem is going places.
Long live @steemstem
Long live the management

Thanks for passing by! :)

STEM is something new for me , I am new to steem , would like to know abt the same , waiting for your reply , but yes I will check. This article to get more information

The best way to get information is to visit us on Discord.

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

A hearty congratulations to SteemSTEM and a big thanks to everyone there who has worked so hard and dedicated such passion to shining a light on science!

A special thanks to you as well, in particular for your constant support since the early days :)

Indeed Hard Work Pays Off !! Congrats #SteemSTEM :)

From now on, we plan to share SteemSTEM activities on a wider level and share our interests with anyone who writes and cares about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through our new social media accounts!

That sounds great! I am interested in all of the above!

Mother Liberty.

This is spectacular news, and something that'll hopefully normalise this whole crazy world of blogging on the blockchain. I'm very happy to help promote this wonderful community. Thank you to everyone working to put this together, your effort is very much appreciated!

Thank you for the encouragement : ) (and for the social follow!)

All changes have to start somewhere; right? ;)

As one says, Rome has not been built in one day :)

idea great.
You are great team.
support team of Steemit in my will share

Big changes! i love the idea of invading social media :D This will help the community a lot, reach wider audience and even help the steemit platform,, Great work everyone and happy anniversary in advance :)

This is exactly the idea. Maximizing our visibility elsewhere to attract new users.

Nice post friend. I am new in steemit. I write a introduction post please upvote my post. I also follow you.

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