News from SteemSTEM - 18 July 2018

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Starting today, the distilled series will move back to a once-a-week rhythm, to be posted on Mon/Tuesday each week. Instead of a mid-week distilled, we will discuss varied topics of interest to the community.

What better way to start the day than by grabbing a cup of coffee and reading the latest News from SteemSTEM post, so that you can learn about what we are currently working on?

Our Distilled Series

From now on, the distilled will be posted on Mondays (or sometimes Tuesdays). Our favorite one-woman edition team (@ruth-girl) will still be in charge of finding 6 gems among all our supported posts: 2 from the beginning of the week, 2 from the middle of the week and 2 from the end of the week.

The list of authors supported by the @steemstem partnership with @utopian-io and @curie will still be provided, as well as a few statistics.

Towards a SteemSTEM User Interface

We are currently working hard on the development of our own user interface on Steem.

This will allow us to increase the visibility of the high-quality authors we support through filtering the blockchain of the posts that do not pass our quality requirements. Moreover, this UI will come with several additional features allowing us to better emphasize the various STEM categories, a whitelist of users visible no matter whether they get our support our not, promotion tools, login via Steemconnect, etc.

That said, it's important to remember that this is only the first step towards building a full STEM communication platform on Steem.

Perhaps you would enjoy a screenshot... for fun:

More information will be made available in the following weeks.

Our Meetup @ Virgo Labs

The preparation of the upcoming joint SteemSTEM / meetup at Virgo Labs, close to Pisa in Italy, is slowly moving on.

We have started a @fundition campaign to support the expenses of the participants as much as possible. We have already secured almost 250 STEEM (from post payouts and donations).

Please help us to cover the costs of the 29 confirmed participants from both the SteemSTEM and Utopian-io communities by visiting our last campaign update.

A SteemSTEM Public Relations Team

We are proud to pre-announce the birth of our PR team to be managed by @katerinaramm.

The goal will be to ensure the presence of SteemSTEM on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and possibly more. One could even dream about a future SteemSTEM wikipedia page!

This will open new horizons to promote the SteemSTEM project and its authors outside Steem.

Our plans include the introduction of the project to the outside world, a promotion of the most interesting blog posts and discuss with and attract potentially new contributors to Steem.


Please find below our current curation statistics in terms of the number of votes posts, the number of supported (unique) authors and the usage of the weekly available voting power.

Moreover, during the last two weeks, @steemstem supported with more than a (possibly split) full vote the following authors:
@abigail-dantes, @akiripromise, @alexander.alexis, @carloserp-2000, @conficker, @dber, @deathbatter, @egotheist, @funmiakinpelu, @gra, @greenrun, @lemouth, @mathowl, @mobbs, @mountainwashere, @nonzerosum, @procrastilearner, @ruth-girl, @samminator, @teekingtv

We are expecting them to strongly engage the community in return :)

See you all next Mon/Tuesday for a distilled!

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Change is constant. Well, that's the spice of life.
So we'll be expecting the distilled to drop once a week.

Meanwhile, having SteemSTEM on wikipedia would be super cool. I can't wait for that.

Go SteemSTEM!!

The SteemSTEM Interface is a great progress to a more user friendly environment!
Please add #archaeology ;))


I was thinking exactly the same. Where would your posts go otherwise?


Thanks for your support! ;)


You'll get your own #laylahsophia category :P


Yeah! But don't forget to add #zest category as well! :D


Noted! :)

That new UI looks awesome!

I can see my profile pic in the UI... Is it in the alpha mode? Will you mind sharing the url?


It is not even an alpha version. Patience patience :)


Okay. :)

Das wird noch super alles hier bestimmt

Nice work :D

Great mission. Following.

UI looks so great :) :) :)

This is amazing.. I also wait for the STEM interface to be out. It will be cool...

This is awesome guys - super excited about the UI - and a PR wing. It's an exciting time!

It can only get better. Go @steemSTEM!

The interface is looking good. Can't wait to see it.

The number of unique authors I think will go up and down with the price of STEEM. When bitcoin, the altcoins and STEEM spike again we will see an influx of authors again.

Crypto is the future and platforms like this are on the ground floor of that endeavour.

Wow great news about the development of stem UI. It will really be great to see such. Congratulations to selected authors...

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

What a great UI :)

Wow! This is awesome! The UI will be a massive one... Brings us more together and promote us more..... The PR thing interests me a lot.. Hopefully I can help...

This is just fabulous... SteemSTEM keep coming out in new and newer dimensions... Fabulous work by the management and the whole team involved

I'm so proud and glad to be a part of these project...

Let's keep growing - moving forward..


Looking good. It looks very inviting and user friendly

Nice update

Change is constant most especially positive onessteemstem on Wikipedia nice initiative.

Congratulations to the authors and my mentor @katerinaramm for your new post

That UI looks amazing. cant wait to try it out.
As always, steemstem is doing pretty great. Keep it up guys!

I think it's a very good idea to make a weekly news and a weekly distilled post. And I can't wait to use our own UI! Cheers!

That Steemstem UI looks really promising. Can't wait!

Awesome leaders, awesome member, awesome initiative, and awesome community. Everything here is just awesome. Congratulations to the curated authors. Looking forwards to receiving stem curation touch someday!

STEM contributor

Excellent @steemstem. Regards.

Hiii... Steemstem

Great And Very Informative Post. THANKS for the update.

Wonderful project, keep going well

I must admit I like SteemSTEM a little more. I cant wait to hear what else is there in store for us in the future, or maybe even contribute with ideas to the greatness.
I also wanted to greet the curators and any one-man-or-woman teams :)


Yes Mr alexdory, I agree, SteemSTEM really is growing in popularity, and the graphics from their homepage are amazing, maybe we could do a video intro for them in the near future.

What I like about SteemSTEM is their style of writing, they make everything sound interesting.

I also saw that you are also a Steem-Ambassador

Thank You!

This is nothing less than a desired progress...
To the team working behind the scene, I salute you guys! What a great idea, what a project!
What other community can be like #SteemSTEM Not a single one!!!
Long live #steemSTEM !!!
My articles on a steenstem wikipedia !!! What more can I ask for???
I am proud of this great community!

This is a great improvement.

This is a great improvement.

The new interface looks awesome!

I worry about my tendency to more-and-more ignore the rest of the platform and engage almost solely with steemSTEMers and their posts. The new interface might similarly promote a kind of group-navel-gazing interaction. We should aim to bring in other people from the rest of the steemit world. (Everyone should read science posts, not just science enthusiasts!) So some feature that promotes the visibility of other good posts that have nothing to do with steemSTEM (something like @effofex's reading logs?) would be desirable I think, to foster inter-communities engagement. Just as there's a steemSTEM digest, maybe there should be a general digest, or some way for steemSTEMers to recommend some posts to the rest of the community other than posting about them. An outsider coming to the page would then look more kindly upon it, wouldn't strike him as an insular project.