SteemSTEM Distilled #76

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Welcome to the 76th issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM aims to make Steem a better place for STEM, a task which we believe crucial for the long-term development of the blockchain. Our goals consist in invigorating and inspiring the minds of a community of STEM aficionados on Steem, targeting on the long-term the upgrade of SteemSTEM as a real platform for science communication. In the meantime, this goes through the support of quality, interesting and cutting-edge STEM content.

For more details, a recent update on the SteemSTEM project is available here. If you want to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to join the steemSTEM discord server.

In order to support the best STEM content on Steem, our team scours the blockchain and read more than a couple of thousands of STEM-related posts per week. We hence support about 200 of these posts, and present in this distilled our top 8 handpicked choices for the last Thursday-Sunday period.

Monday - Wednesday

Exploring Hallucination #2; Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And Seeing Ghosts

Paranormal or perfectly normal? Begin your week by reading this great post by @conficker and find out how ghost sightings can be explained through the very logical scope of science.

Wendigo; The History Of A Vicious Man-Eating Spirit

@chloroform continues his journey in the world of cannibalism and gives us an excellent read. The key-word here is "Wendigo". A spirit? A psychosis? What is this dark force that makes certain people put human meat on their menu?

Wednesday - Friday

Artificial intelligence for Dummies: It's All In The Game (Part 4)

And let's move on to something totally different. @nikolanikola and his very interesting series on artificial intelligence are here to explain all about games and what a robot does while playing. Read this one, you're gonna love it!

Oncology Xenograft Models: Using mice to test cancer treatments

A great author, who doesn't post very often, is here again with a fantastic piece. @tking77798 tells us what an oncology xenograft model is and how it works in cancer treatment research. Why do we sacrifice lab mice in our quest for a successful cancer treatment? You'll need to read on to learn more.

Saturday - Sunday

Vacations & Your Mental Health

And let's see what the weekend brought us, @insight-out and a great psychology post on vacations and their importance on our mental health and well-being. Don't miss this one!

INTUITION - What happens beyond the discursive use of the mind?

Are you ready to leave? Not just yet as @erh.germany and her detailed and well-written post on intuition has some amazing facts to share. You're certainly intrigued by the title already, so don't delay, click on that link and start reading!

A few words about the nomination process

For some time, the editorial team behind this distilled series is made of a one-woman-team, @ruth-girl, and she chooses her favorite posts (potentially discussing with other curators and/or the management). Posts written by the SteemSTEM team are excluded from the nomination process.

Please do not be discouraged if you did not make it on this issue. We are picking up in total 6 posts a week out of more than 150-200. The chances are thus low ;) In the meantime, you may wish to check these guidelines for extra tips on how your writing could be more effective.

Authors upvoted by the SteemSTEM team

In the spirit of being transparent about our actions that are now supported by @utopian-io, @curie, our delegators, our trailers and our manual curator supporters, we release every week the list of authors who have caught the attention of the @steemstem curation team.

From September 9 to 16, we rewarded 89 different authors who have written a total of 109 different articles. The 56 authors who received votes from @steemstem, @utopian-io and @curie all together that week are:

@abigail-dantes, @agbona, @agmoore, @aleestra, @alexaivytorres, @anaestrada12, @ancolie, @ari16, @astromaniac, @astrophoto.kevin, @azulear, @bil.prag, @carlos84, @clement.poiret, @conficker, @crunchymomqc, @cyprianj, @drifter1, @drifter2, @dysfunctional, @eliaschess333, @emperorhassy, @eniolw, @erickyoussif, @felixrodriguez, @fingersik, @fran.frey, @ftxft, @funmiakinpelu, @geadriana, @gianluccio, @highonthehog, @hogarcosmico, @iauns, @ikchris, @iptrucs, @iradyjr, @javier.dejuan, @jfermin70, @joseangelvs, @josedelacruz, @lawkay, @lemony-cricket, @lordneroo, @luiscd8a, @lupafilotaxia, @lycos, @markgritter, @miroslavrc, @mr-aaron, @nonzerosum, @olamseu, @oluwoleolaide, @pagliozzo, @rbalzan79, @reinaseq, @rerere, @rifkan, @romulexx, @rosemery, @samminator, @samve, @scienceangel, @sharliep, @sheikhsayem, @soanna, @stefanyo, @sunkanmi02, @talmid, @tomastonyperez, @tychoxi, @zen-art

[Credits: @hightouch]

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next MonTuesday for Distilled #77!


Nice picks again. Big congrats to the featured authors and those that got voted.

Big thumbs-up to the entire management. Greetings also to @ruth-girl

Finally someone who really cares about content on Steem! Nice job guys !

Congratulations to all authors. Thank you management for wonderful selection. Goodluck guys

I love science

Cool! Thank you so much for highlighting my article. I hope some new readers will join the discussion and leave some of their own examples, as well.

Congrats to the other authors as well.

Thank you, @ruth-girl and team!

I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much for featuring my article! I appreciate the support of the SteemSTEM team very much!

And, @ruth-girl, I have no idea how you manage to do all the work all alone! Thank you for the efforts!

Nice picks as always though I didn't get to read most of it, the topics sound interesting and of course, I trust @ruth-girl's judgement..

Congrats to the authors that got picked. More power to your elbows...

Steemstem is here to stay!
A big congratulations to all the featured authors.
More grace to the team

A great author! You flatter me @ruth-girl. Thanks for the compliment :)

Well she's right.

A big congratulations to all the authors.

Thumbs up

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