SteemSTEM Distilled #39

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Welcome to the 39th issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a bi-weekly curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts on Steemit. The project involves curating STEM-related posts through upvoting, resteeming, offering constructive feedback, supporting scientific contests, and other related activities.

For more details, a recent update on the steemSTEM can be found here, and a not so recent one there. Moreover, if you ask yourself about what it means to be part of steemSTEM, please check here.

Our team scours the platform for original and quality content.

After working through thousands (literally!) of STEM-related posts and upvoting more than 150 that we deemed to be worthy, we proudly present you our top 6 handpicked choices for this Monday-Wednesday period.



3D printing is one of the latest technology trends, but did you know it has already been advanced to 4D? Read this post by @sparklez to learn what's new.

Towards Artificial Minds 3: Recent Breakthroughs and some Philosophical Inquires

In this post @cpufronz discusses developments in the field of AI along some philosophical wanderings that certainly deserve a read from you.


The Tales of Pirates - Henry Avery “The King of Pirates”

Another beautiful post from the Tales of Pirates series by @arrrados. This episode presents Henry Avery or “The King of Pirates”. What was his life like before becoming a pirate? What was his "career" like? Read on to find out.

Psychology Chronicles Series #23.1 : Altering Consciousness Through Drugs | An Overview On Depressants & Opioids

How can drugs alter our consiousness? How do chemical substances mess with our brain and slowly turn us into a different person? @sakura1012 tries to explain all this in her amazing post.


Let's talk about people obsessed with always having control

Why do some people feel the urge to be in control of everything? Why can't they accept the idea of being at the mercy of other people? @dedicatedguy has written another psychology post to talk about the need of having control.

Second post of that day removed...

Plagiarists: what steemstem gives, steemstem can re-take...

A few words about the nomination process

For the sake of transparency we feel we need to clarify how our nomination process works; each issue is compiled by certain members of the SteemSTEM community. This mid-week's editorial team was comprised of @ruth-girl.

The editorial team chooses their favorite posts for the week and each issue is the result of their joined effort. In order to keep the process fair, posts written by the editorial team are excluded from the nomination process.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it on this issue. The competition is harsh and there is always a next time :)

Top steemSTEM authors

During the last two weeks, steemstem supported with more than a (possibly split) full vote the following authors:

@aboutcoolscience, @akeelsingh, @alexbeyman, @alexdory, @alexs1320, @anaestrada12, @bitfairy, @carloserp-2000, @chloroform, @davidrhodes124, @dedicatedguy, @exercisinghealth, @greenrun, @highonthehog, @iamphysical, @itastem, @joseleogon, @katerinaramm, @lamouthe, @lemouth, @logic42, @lordneroo, @mobbs, @mountainwashere, @mrbreeziewrites, @rharphelle, @ruth-girl, @saho, @samminator, @sco, @soulesque, @spaghettiscience, @steepup, @sustainablyyours, @temitayo-pelumi, @whalhesa, @whileponderin, @zest, @zija2022

We are expecting them to strongly engage the community in return :)

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next Monday!


Well done once again, authors!!
I hope people will find today's picks interesting!

See you around and don't forget to support your fellow community members! ;)

Thanks to you for your nice work! And also for answering everyone ^^

Fabulous, they are!


Thank you so much for your support so far to minnows like us and to the community...I really appreciate! Thanks!

Thank you! Keep up trying for the best! :)

Congrats to authors and curators. Very cool to see some psychology and technology posts getting recognized.

We all work hard @tking77798! Thank you!

Variety is necessary, science is not just maths and physics. And it's nice to see users contribute with posts from different fields :)

Yet another righteous selection by @ruth-girl (team Ruth-Girl. Yeah she's now a writing team of her own :p).
Congrats to all featured authors.

@samminator this means I have put on so much weight over the Easter holiday time that I count as a team myself (those fatty but super tasty tsourekia have ruined me) ahahahaha!!

Jokes aside, those people deserve the promotion! They have done an amazing job! :)

Lol. I think I should grab some tasty tsourekia too. I need to become fat and become a team :)

Ahahahaha! I can send you the recipe if you like! :P

Sure, I would love that.

P.S: I love cooking :)

She is our one-woman distilled team :D

Lol. Sounds like an army to me. One-woman cavalry :)

Or worse :D

Congratulations to everyone inolved!
Great work from our talented authors!
Much respect to all curators for their efforts!

Thank you @ruth-girl for everything you're doing for the community!

Stay blessed guys!

Thank you for the encouragement @lordneroo!!
Everyone's effort should be acknowledged and respected! :)

Great job authors and well done to the curators.

Congratulations to the authors once again! And of course, a big thumbs up 👍 to the team and steemstem management.

It is important for authors to engage with fellow authors in the community to create community spirit. And as always, make science great!

Thank you!

Without engagement steemit in general would be a "dead" place. We are here to build networks, build relationships, build a community! And we will do so by interacting with each other!

It's a great honor to be listed amongst the top authors. Steemstem has been an inspiration to my learning and writing. I have learnt new dimension to making researches, referencing and paying attention to copyrighted materials.

I have met awesome people and the support have been marvelous. Some weeks back when @steemstem went on break and announced that engagement is key to getting rewards, many saw it like a forced task. To me though, it has been a path of learning and discoveries. Many things I never heard of and ones I knew of became clearer.

Thanks for the opportunity. And kudos to @ruth-girl, your selections are always fabulous. Keep the good work.

Happy to be a part of this community family

We are trying to bring life to the community and make connections among members. If we manage to build a strong supportive network, then even greater things will happen.

Thank you @mrbreeziewrites for the kind words!

Our @ruth-girl is at it again, she did a wonderful job and all selected post worth it actually. @sakura 1012 post on Tuesday touched me to the spine because it talk about drug abuse..I salute the whole team of the management for great work.I will continue to give my support as usual.Well done Everyone

The whole team worked hard to gather and support all these posts so that we present you just a few of the best @steepup! Thank you so much!

You are right, @sakura1012's post touched a very important topic.

Whoah! I'm very happy that my post got selected @ruth-girl. Thank you too for your efforts in the community as well as the management's. I'm glad I am part of this community. Congratulations to other authors as well for bringing out the best out of @steemstem. 😊

Your work deserved the shout-out! Thank you for creating quality content @sakura1012!!

This makes me even happier. I will do my best to be featured next time. Kudos to everybody! 😊

Thank you @steepup this is very nice of you. I believe that the recognition goes to everybody in the community. Hope you're having a great day 😉

Your work is unique, and worth the selection.

very good information abou it

certainly... I really recommend you to read these 6 posts ^^

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