Bizarre Natural Phenomena Vol.33 - Barbie's Lake (Australian Lake Hillier)

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Welcome to another miraculous phenomenon from mamma Earth! Today I'm going to show you a lake. As we all know lakes are usually blue, green or brown, the colors depend on the color of the sky and what is inside the lake, but did you know that there is a pink lake in Australia?

Lake Hillier in Western Australia gets its unique pink color probably from some salt-loving algae (dunaliella salina)...

...or bacteria known as halobacteria...

...or the reaction between salt and sodium bicarbonate in the water.

Well, scientists are not sure, but one thing is certain: It's a wonderful sight! Don't you agree?

[Image source - Author, Kurioziteti123 - License]

Short info sheet

  • Lake Hillier is situated on Middle Island (western Australia).
  • It has a length of 600 meters and width of 250 meters (it is relatively small).
  • It is 10 times saltier than the ocean.
  • It was discovered by cartographer Matthew Flinder in 1802.
  • People used to extract salt from it.
  • Unlike other colored lakes, Lake Hillier is non-toxic and swimming in it is safe.
  • It is not the only pink lake on the planet (you can find some in Canada, Senegal, Spain and Azerbaijan).

The dunaliella salina residents

As we have seen numerous times on this series, d. salina is another kind of extremophiles, which have been living in the saline waters of the lake. Those fellows produce carotenoids that can be found in their chloroplasts (yes, the lake could get its color the same way carrots do). Carotenoids are pigments that help the algae absorb sunlight better. They are found in abundance in lots of fruit and vegetables and are responsible for the beautiful yellow, orange, red and pink colors in them.

The halobacteria

They love salt! And they are members of the archaea microbes family. They are one of the longest living organisms on the planet and they have the ability to hybernate in salt crusts for hundreds, even thousands of years. If you're wondering where to find them, you can look in any kind of pool with salt water (salt lake, inland sea or evaporating seawater pool) where they'll be painting the water with beautifully bright colors with the pigments found in their body, well cell to be more precise. Those fellows are so dependent on their saline environment that they cannot live anywhere else.

Interesting fact: They might be responsible for life on Mars. They can "develop a thin crust of salt that can moderate some of the ultraviolet light" which is plentiful on Mars. They'd just need to find a way to grow in low temperatures in the martian ice pools (when it melts to water). [source]

Lake Retba

Senegal's Lake Retba also has this distinctive pink color because of its dunaliella salina guests. The high salinity of the lake leaves very little room for fish and other animals to live in it and the lake is mostly a tourist attraction and a salt source. Native salt collectors work in the lake using their hands and keep the extracted salt mainly for fish preservance.

(Image source - Author, 林戈亮  - License)

And here is SciShow Hank to give us one of his unique presentations of this natural wonder:


Thank you for stopping by and giving this post a read. I hope you enjoyed it! If it got your curiosity-radar on, you can read some of the previous articles on this series:
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If you please, feel free to check out my blog for more short stories, educational posts or pranks using science

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OO cool lake i want to see it :)

Pink water... meeh :)

Perhaps you'll like Caño Cristales more... More colors to choose from :P

Wow! Now that's what I call cool!

It is!! It's the algae in the river that color it that way! Amazing spectacle!

Lake Hillier

For some reason, it's impossible for me not to read that as "Lake Hitler". Every single time. Maybe it's the bloody-pink color it has!

There's actually a red lake closer at home than Australia. Though it's not a natural phenomenon, but the result of metal mining:

I kept reading it Lake Hitler all the time too! :P

Wow! I didn't know there was such a lake in Cyprus. Too bad you can't swim in it... Thanks for the link and video ;)


Hahaha! Ακριβώς!!

I saw this one once! This must be one of the weirdest phenomena!

Haha I just noticed the rainbow, which makes it look like a fantasy place!

Amazing, isn't it?! You expect to see dragons flying over it...
Thanks for reading! :)

And unicorns running on the rainbow ;)

Haha! Exactly!! :D


Thank you!! :)

Waooo is great, I feel stupid not knowing that there was a lake of this color in the world, in my country there is one in the middle of a small island of red, but never imagine such a spectacular pink color @ruth-girl

Thanks for reading @carloserp-2000! Really?! What's the name of the lake? I want to look for photos of it! :)

It is located in the national park morrocoy in venezuela, the island is called cayo sal is very famous and visited by foreign tourists @ruth-girl

Is that it?

I swear that when I was years ago in the middle of the island there was a reddish lake that is due to the great concentration of salt on the island that is why it was called Cayo Sal, I feel let you down but not to be totally wrong with you in the national park roraima in the great savannah there is a beautiful red river

It's called the "Quebrada de Jasper" or "Jasper Creek"

Wow! Amazing river!! Thanks a lot for the photos!
Don't worry about the lake :)

What a lovely shade of red! Thank you for introducing it!

Pink lakes are awesome, great post! We have one here in Mexico too, it is called Las Coloradas, it is located in North Yucatan. Thats me at the lake a few months ago :)

Btw I just noticed you mostly write about nature and traveling, these are my favourite topics too! You just got a new follower :)

Stunning colors! Great photo! I feel so jealous right now...

Thanks for reading! :D

Amazing, I know...

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That is very cool and makes perfect sense the salt soda and bacteria would cause the lake to be pink. Very fun facts!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading! :)

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