How to make a 'force shield' right out of Star Trek?

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Kenneth Shoulders was always ahead of his time, in 2006 he wanted to go full open science - it is a shame he is not still with us.

In this short MUST READ 2007 commentary by Kenneth R. Shoulders, he describes basic formation of 'Exotic Vacuum Objects' (EVOs), white and black states with examples from nature and basically how to switch modes in principal. He describes that in the black state charge and mass nearly disappear and they can pass straight though and into materials. He then describes how, if something was completely covered with EVOs, it would be impervious to any relatively impinging energetic events - effectively a 'force shield'.

In his summary, he says that the making of EVOs is so simple, that even the Egyptians could have made them with technology they are known to have had:

"One common misconception about working in this field is that it must somehow be hard to get results. Nothing could be further from the truth and I believe the Ancient Egyptians could have done the job because they had the necessities of a metal and a dielectric, namely, copper and glass or amber."

Since we already know that LION reactors have transmuted material in them and strange radiation tracks, indicating that they are exhibiting Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) processes, we know that they would be classified by Shoulders as having being influenced by EVOs.

The self organised formation of an EVO force shield may then have been what happened to the 'Jewel' in LION2 and why it was essentially completely differently affected compared to material immediately adjacent to it.

Video 1: 'Jewel' position in reactor before removal

Video 2: Close up look on the 'Jewel' inside showing thin layer of changed material

Video 3: Close up on edge & outside of 'Jewel' showing regular scales of affected material

Video 4: Analysis of inside thin layer of 'Jewel' and discussion on questions over material transmutation


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