Are we on the brink of peace in North Korea due to careful use of undisclosed LENR related technology?

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Today, I learned that North and South Korea's presidents are due to meet on 27 April, to declare a formal end to the Korean conflict. This is fantastic news, but how on earth did we get here?

Mike Pompeo, the director of the CIA, met with Kim Jong-un over Easter 2018 - Source: Guardian

In July last year, I wrote an article entitled (title is link for those that have not read it)

"North Korea | What if the only way to deal with the Nuclear threat, is to deploy technology nobody wants to reveal?"

In it, I discussed a technology that is a variant of directed energy weapons. The technology allows extreme densities of energies to be stored in a form that can be launched at very high speeds using a cathode ray type accelerator along guides that have impedance boundaries into metal bearing materials, that can subsequently be triggered in a range of ways. The active agents can pass through many materials in the right circumstances. These properties were discussed by Kenneth Shoulders & John Hutchison's in 2010.

An impedance guide could be say a piece of wire, a channel cut in alumina in a cavity of low pressure gas, an ionised channel (like that which lightening bolts discharge through) or a coherent light beam of any frequency, that could be laser, or maser or possibly any light guide down to ELF. Its ability to travel along wires without passing across impedance changes (safe to touch, does not short in water) was, in my opinion, demonstrated by Tesla when lighting inductive bulbs with very thin wires and is the reason why I believe some novel energy systems have inductive loads blow up or overheat.

Most researchers are building the active agents and using them in the same place, or building them and launching / guiding them. John Hutchison however showed that they could, with the right environmental conditions, be both constructed and manipulated in a suitable insulated conductor at a distance with a full range of options available when it comes to directing the energy so stored. Some ways in which the energy can be release are

But elemental changes and explosive and other forms of disruption are available. Both Russia and the US are now rolling out their technologies in this area.

This remote form of constructing the active agents and directing them was discussed by former secretary of defence William S. Cohen with respect to its capability to set off earthquakes and volcanoes as well as control weather. Some army insiders have tried to reveal this capability for decades. The second major article I wrote on this remote build and trigger aspect was for the MFMP, where I discussed its role in the Chernobyl 'disaster'. In this case, by way of phase conjugation, the incoming guide waves were sent back to their origin - the net result of which was that the nuclear material was triggered in the Chernobyl reactor 4 by the active agents dissipating in the ground and preferentially conducting into dense metals and de-stabilising them.

Triggering enriched isotopes using the same family of technologies now appears to have been used to bring North Korea to the negotiating table, Dr. Jerome Corsi recently said that some 200 scientist were killed because the U.S. had remote detonated a nuclear test/weapon that was being prepared. I believe, as clearly Kenneth Shoulders did when he wrote 'disruptor.pdf', that this technology renders all conventional and indeed nuclear weapons redundant.

Whilst I morn for the loss of life and those close to the scientists that died in this strategic decision, peace in Korea will lead to the saving of 10,000s of North Korean lives and a huge change in their quality of life. Also, the removal of the nuclear threat from North Korea will have a wonderful effect on the psyche of the world, the exact opposite of what happened when, in my view, variants of this same technology was used for much less noble ends. It is likely that a similar approach will be used with other states that seek to develop a nuclear weapons capability.

Since many researchers have demonstrated that aspects of this technology can remediate nuclear waste, I would like to see it deployed as soon as possible to serve this purpose. Beyond that, we need to find a way to force those that hold the knowledge for themselves to release its energy production capabilities in a fair way, to lift up the worlds poor and stop the needless destruction of our biosphere.


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