I Made 2 SteemSTEM Designs for Hoodies! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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Oh yeah!!! Today was purely design day. Made two studies for a hoodie print.

It's an honor to design something for steemSTEM. I almost didn't make something but now I finally did!


I like the steemSTEM rocket so I used it for my designs. And they provided me with the STEM Ng logo (I rarely do logos, depending on what one needs) so I can use it in there. Hehe. I did two designs. Was thinking of doing two separate posts but... Uhmmm... I'll just do two in one post. πŸ˜‚

So the design I did is for the SteemSTEM meetup in Nigeria. I actually did a bit of research on that country that I can probably write a blog about it. Haha. It's interesting that there is more to that place than just scam emails these days. Gone are the days of scam emails. At least I don't get as much emails as often as a decade ago... It looks like a fun country actually.

In terms of the printing process for the hoodies, am not sure what they will use but if they can do full color printing then that'd be awesome. :) They're in a bit of a rush so I was in kind of a rush to make them too. I hope they get to print some...

Anyway, without further ado, here's two designs for the hoodies. :)

♦ Tools ♦

β€’ Pixlr (Mobile app)
β€’ Photoshop CS4 (computer)
β€’ Illustrator CS4 (computer)

♦ My Work Process ♦

1st Design

So this is my process for my first design. First I pen sketched some ideas... (No the seedlings aren't for the hoodie design.)


And then I did the first design. This was purely done on Adobe Illustrator. I used Adobe Photoshop for the animation.

My concept for this is: STEM Ng came out of steemSTEM. Since Steemit is like an ocean, I put an ocean and then a mountain and oh a rainbow too.


The rainbow represents the Nigerians' love for parties or celebration. They love having parties over there, I think it's like a fiesta every time they have a party for weddings or anything. Not really sure but that's one of the things they are known for according to the internet. Hehe.


The sun is also peeking somewhere behind the mountain. Then I added the ground plus some buildings. After all, they do have cities there as well and some pretty modern houses too but I just put a few houses.

A vector artwork fits perfectly for the steemSTEM logo imho. Had fun designing this one.

The third option is just without the blue or yellow orange rings around it. I can't choose which of the three variations to submit though so I'll just put the gif here. (I think I should upload a better gif but I'll be able to do it maybe later...)


Here's a slow changing gif of the designs on the hoodies. I used a free template black hoodies illustration (it's not mine).


2nd Design

This second design was actually the first thing I thought of when @mobbs told me about the project. Good thing it pushed through so I can show you all what I did. :D

For this one, I used 2 photos: a galaxy pic from Pixabay and my pic from Laki Beach. Such a lovely photo must not be wasted. Haha.

I combined the two in Photoshop, did a bit of editing and then transferred the combined image to my phone. That's where I did the filter art. Yep it's another filter artwork by yours truly.

Here's some of the process work on my phone.


Actually I have a video screen capture of the process on my mobile too. (Maybe I'll upload it on YouTube or DTube...)

So anyway this is how the final design looks like. (I think I should tag @zest too?)

steemSTEM design 2b artgirl jpg.jpg

For the final design on the hoodies, here's my suggested layout. It can be printed in front or on the back but not on both sides pls. Lol.

hoodie black2- artgirl.jpg

So what do you think? Which one looks better? Hehe.


For my art, writings and other posts, feel free to check my blog page.


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Images are mine.

All rights reserved.
Written by @artgirl for Steemit.
Β© Art x Stephanie Rue

@artgirl is a freelance artist and also an online seller. For art and writing commissions, feel free to contact me.
You can chat me up on steem.chat or send me a Facebook message. Link in my bio.


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This is simply amazing!!!!!

The rainbow represents the Nigerians' love for parties or celebration. They love having parties over there, I think it's like a fiesta every time they have a party for weddings or anything. Not really sure but that's one of the things they are known for according to the internet.

Hahahaahahaha! Yeah, we love the parties, but I think it's most common with the Yorubas, they are one of the major tribes we have in Nigeria. :-D

They're all so wonderful. The team is gonna have a hard time deciding on which one to go with.

Thank you so much for your work and time @artgirl. Resteemed!

Awww. So that's how it is in Nigeria. Haha. It seems interesting now. Will probably blog abt Nigeria soon. Haha.

It is an honor to be chosen to design for steemSTEM. You're all welcome. Hehe. I leave the choosing to you all because I can't choose as well. I like 'em both. I can't decide! Hahaha. Let me know which one gets chosen for printing and I will send the file/s right away. :)

And thank you so much too! :D

You're welcome dear

It looks good; I like the attention to details. The rainbow effect brightens the whole setup, and yes, we do like a good party after all the hard work :)

Thank you. :) Yeah I think I will think about visiting Nigeria in the future. I like to party too! Haha.

Our doors are always open to visitors..especially those who know how to enjoy a great party :)

Hehe. Alright! πŸ‘

Hi! @artgirl!!!
Your creative abilities amaze me!
I love both concepts and each concept evokes a different feeling of emotion.
I truly appreciate your effort and I am truly grateful for your contribution.

Awww thanks. I like them both too. Haha. Does that mean you're gonna print both? πŸ˜…
Because I will send the file of whichever you all prefer to use for printing. 😊 Any variation of the first or the second can be sent as soon as you're able to inform me the final decision. 😁

Am also on steem.chat or mobbs can let me know too. Any way is fine.

I like the second one.....I think it would have more impact.....so if you are out and about people will see the logo "steemSTEM" and will ask "what is Steem STEM ??" and you will have to promote Steemit to the enquirer!! The more clothing branded with Steem projects the more general increase in the awareness of the platform - perhaps you will have some thoughts on a paragraph on promoting Steemit through branded clothing.

Cool! ❀️

Oh, I haven't thought about promoting Steemit on branded clothing yet... Just now that someone commissioned me to do some art. 😁 I post my art on another site too so it's all good I think.

I think that is cool! I like your design. Deep meaning. I want your design in my clothes

Oh thanks! :D Maybe I will make some more designs for sale. Haha. Will think about it. :D

Hi @artgirl!

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πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒi love first on hoody with a amazing steem gif or tag, u are really creative

Oh cool. Thank you. 😁

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Good job with the piece mehnnnn. I like the creativity invested in this and yea, Nigerians party hard after working twice as hard. Thanks for the great work maam.

Oh thank you too. I'm seeing Nigeria in a whole new and positive light now. Haha. πŸ‘

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I am amazed at the $$ πŸ˜‚

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Hahaha u changed your comment. It can be seen in esteem lol.

Keleng pe yen neh. Jusko. πŸ˜‚

This is amazeballs 😍 😍 😍.... Well, you're right about the partying but not all Nigerians really love partying though... I looooooove love the concept behind both designs but the way the 2nd design appears on the shirt is just sooooo gorgeous...

Oh thank you. Haha. Maybe I should run a poll? Haha I like them both too. It depends on steemSTEM whichever they like best.

Yeah I guess not everyone there enjoys parties but it must be amazing to see u people party eh? 😁

Science meets art !

Great concepts ! Let's see them done :)

True! I hope they have some done. 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Hindi ka pa rin masaya sa wan portey? πŸ˜…

Keleng yen pembeyed se design. Pero keribels. At least lam ko n pano ggwin ko in the future. 😁

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Thank you! :D

Wonderfull :D I would like to know what opportunity there is so you can design something for stem-espanol

Oh, well let me know what you need. I am on steem.chat if you are there too. Or send me an email: artgirlforhire[at]outlook[dot]ph.

Do u want something different or just the same but a different logo for Spain?

Thanks! 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Gurabe iba ka talaga!! Ang ganda nung logo!! Yayamanin ka na talaga hahaha

Uy hahaha ndi pa. Malapit na. Hahahaha.

Well well, thanks for having Nigeria in mind when making these designs. They're amazing.

You're welcome. Yes I was tasked to make one and was happy to know more abt the country.

both maganda pero mas attractive ung 2nd :D congrats sa $ pak bongga! haha

Hwahaha chalamat. Pang plane tickets ko yan. Kulang p nga e pero ok n kesa wala. Huhu.

Posted using Partiko Android

ooh saang bansa ka magttravel?

Taiwan. Sama ka? San ba ko titira dun muna. Hahahaha.

Posted using Partiko Android

Waw enjoy! Kung pwede lang pero may rampa ako sa december. Haha

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