Weekly User Growth, Wealth Distribution and Power-Down Metrics

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User Growth

How many people were active this week? How fast are we growing?

Lets find out.

MonthWeekTotal AccountsActive BloggersActive Voters
SeptemberWeek 182,5583,4748,416
AugustWeek 477,3314,32810,638
AugustWeek 371,1074,57311,822
AugustWeek 261,3925,85212,761

These metrics assume an active user is each account that has blogged, commented or voted at least once in a 7 day period.

Starting this week, I've implemented a new, experimental metric, which only counts people with positive reputation (the reputation of a fresh account is 25, so I am using that as a requirement). This way, the bots and users that have been flagged for spam/bad behavior are excluded from the metrics.

MonthWeekTotal AccountsActive Bloggers (+)Active Voters (+)
SeptemberWeek 182,5582,5386,504

Power Up vs Power Down

Here is a daily power-up vs power-down chart for the past 10 days. If the line is below 0, it means more SP (vests) was powered down than powered up on that day. Inverse is true for values above 0.

Wealth Distribution

This weeks wealth distribution is as follows:

GroupUsersCumulative SPCumulative Power-Down
All82,595 (100.00%)140,506,886 (100.00%)1,152,559 (100.00%)
MW15 (0.02%)99,562,752 (70.86%)971,860 (84.32%)
W91 (0.11%)25,536,778 (18.17%)131,995 (11.45%)
HMC330 (0.40%)10,233,381 (7.28%)37,167 (3.22%)
LMC4,281 (5.18%)4,625,774 (3.29%)11,536 (1.00%)
M77,878 (94.29%)548,201 (0.39%)1 (0.00%)

Dust Accounts:
| D | 49,890 (60.40%) | 145,799 (0.10%) | 0 (0.00%) |


Mega WhaleMV1 Million+ SP
WhaleW100k - 1M SP
High Middle ClassHMC10k - 100k SP
Low Middle ClassLMC100 - 10k SP
MinnowsMLess than 100 SP
DustD~3 SP


This is a chart of all accounts that have at least 1,000 SP, and their respective SP balances. The SP balances (y axis) are scaled using log10. Steemit Inc. account is included in all metrics.

Thank you

This is it for this week. I have new metrics in the pipeline, hopefully they will be ready by the next Sunday.

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It seems like we're growing slower (note the positive). Since you published this statistic, I'd say we should rather focus on active voters and bloggers and keep an eye on that statistic. as you keep doing this every week we get better insight and a much more clear picture. so I encourage you to do it. it will be all worth in the long term.

The active voters is kind of bumming me out. Have a project in mind that I will work on today to get newcomers more welcomed to Steemit and at the same time raise the amount of adoption.


Just like markets... if you haven't seen them before, check out Elliot Waves. I'm guessing the macro-behaviors of users will be similar.


Try this! I think raising active users is the paramount issue! Hopefully we will see some Dev creativity focused here now that voting and uneven rewards seems to be addressed of course the community can also come up with decntralized ideas like This One for Activity Lotto


What a coincidence. I'm starting a new Steem project today as well :)


yes truly, all hands to the Steem pumps Steemates !!

Really useful information. Thanks! I shall be referencing your post in my next update post on SP distribution.

Great info like always.Thanks a lot!

Great post and stats! I also can't believe those active user numbers. Pretty bad!


numbers hit you hard. it should incentivize us toward action

have we lost 1000 active accounts in one week ?? tell me no?


that is possible, so we urgently have to focus on user retention. whales seem to be actively engaging in an effort for this, but they can only do so much. so we need the involvement of all of us, especially those with higher power.


well i do my best to welcome these people and upvote always genuine new arrival posts !! But we must spot the scammers and weed them out directly !!

The churn rate has been negative for a very long time... :(

Great post. Thanks for the info. I play DOTA 2 also!!! I am following you sir!!

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@furion : Hi. I am interested in computing the wealth distribution of steemit users. Is it really possible? If so can you help me or give me references so that I can pull out the data. I saw a very interesting research article which talks about an ideal wealth distribution of a free-trade economy here : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378437115003738 The paper says that the distribution will be a log-normal one. I would like to verify this. Since steemit is a democratic and decentralized community , I guess the wealth distribution will lead towards a log-normal one.