Monday Ramble Through Steemit -- Notes On My Favourite Reads Sept. 5

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I’m late getting started on my reading today. Had to do some work on one of my other blogs,   I’ll be posting this series over there to try to promote Steemit. 

Today is a holiday in Canada, as in the US, Labour Day. It is one of the few holidays we share. Once again I’m on volunteer bar duty at the branch. It has been very quiet. Just one member in watching the ball game so far 

Not good for sales but does give me some time to do some reading. So, off I go. 

Going to start out on my own feed first. I opened 32 links to have a look at. Let’s see what I can find of interest today. 

How Cancer Survivors Changed My Life For The Better

@ptmikesteem tells his story about losing both of his parents to cancer. I can relate, I lost both of mine the same way. He talks about the turmoil he went through and then his transformation to helping cancer survivors. Funny how when we think someone is helping us, we’re often helping others. 

Professional Tutorial for Post Formatting, both for Beginners and Advanced users.

@minion has written a very straightforward post about how to format posts and comments. For anyone who is unfamiliar with how to format posts, this is great. This would be a good post to bookmark so you can get back to anytime you need a refresher. 

The man who Swims, Surfs, Skydives and Inspires without Limbs

@benadapt writes about Nick Vujicic who was born without arms or legs. How people overcome challenges like these can often be inspirational and this story is no exception. I will warn you,  part of the post includes video, so if you’re not into watching video, skip this one. 

Steemit's first newspaper is there. The Puffin Post is out! Edition of 05 September 2016

@puffin has an interesting project here. This post is the announcement of The Puffin Post, a newspaper style layout highlighting posts on Steemit. He expects to publish about three times a week. A rather nice layout. Take a look at the announcement, upvote and then go have a look at the paper. 

The Healing Power of Laughter

@digitalhound has written a good piece about the importance of laughter to our health. I know I find no matter how something weighs on my mind, if I find a way to laugh at something, it lightens the load, even just momentarily.

How Is Coffee Made?

@kaylinart has written a well developed piece on where coffee comes from and how it gets from growing to the bean. Don’t know about you, but it doesn’t start out like I thought it would. 

Best Time to Post on Steemit [Infographic]

@steemrocket has posted an infographic and some commentary on when is the best time to post on Steemit. The only way to know for sure, is to try out the suggestions on the infographic. 

The Ultimate Analysis - What You Can Learn From the Top 25 Successful Authors on Steemit?

@steempowerwhale has written an analysis of the top 25 authors on Steemit. I don’t know about you, but some of my assumptions of their ongoing success doesn’t match the analysis. While it may seem easy for some when you’re looking at the trending chart, appears to me, every author needs to do ongoing work to get up the ladder and stay there. 

Why talent is bullshit: How to get good at anything.

Some people believe that you need to have been born with a talent in order to succeed at that talent. @rampant talks about why that is not true using experiences from his own life. 

I’m going to make that a wrap for today. There are still 11 links open in my browser. I’ll start there tomorrow morning. 

This is day 3 of my 30 day challenge to post and share about my favourite posts I read on Steemit each day.  If you’d like to see the other days I’ve posted, just visit my profile

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Until next time, Steem On

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Puffin Post is a neat idea. A curated version of Steemit for the general public. Enjoyed the post about talent too. Thanks


yes, I thought Puffin Post was very creative ... of course I liked all the posts cause I posted about them :)

Good links there!


thank you.. glad you found some value in them. I hope you upvoted the writers

Keep it up!!! I look for your post on a daily basis now :)


Thank you . just getting ready to post today's .. it should be up in the next couple of hours.


Great!! Can't wait to see it.