Weekly Shredding Report : 3 October -12 October

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Hello Everyone


Welcome to our Weekly Shredding Report.
Let's check out who skated this week for @Steemskate



@Davixesk8 skates a slappy curb with one of his homies. Skating these things is pure fun.
Awesome bro.

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@Knowhow92 shares with us 1 minute of footage at his local skatepark.

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@Mark0318 is back after a heel injury and shares with us his progress in getting his tricks back.
Awesome stuff dude.

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Night skate sessions are the best and if you don't believe me ask @Sketch17.

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@Sheskates926 drops in the big bowl like a boss.
Hell yeah!

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Stix travells to Krakow, Poland for some skating and some tourism.
Check out his awesome edit. It's a must -watch!

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@Raj808 post is awesome. He shares some facts about skateboarding and also writes about one of his most brutal injuries while skating.
Go read that blog, it is fantastic!

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@Howweroll did an awesome 7-minute downhill the other day. I bet it felt so GOOD dude.

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fTR Crew for life brother.

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@kalleone is back with a stylish line.
Sick Bs lipslide bro.

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@Binarydrool shares with us the highlights from the "Sober vs Wasted" contest sponsored by Anarchadelphia.
That was lit.

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Sweet #longboarding photo by @mrcontroversial. Getting that speed man.

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@Vaelriey demonstrates us her Cross-step moves on her longboard. Awesome shirt yo, fits perfect with the shoes!

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Fantastic week in terms of #skateboarding once again.
Hell yeah everyone!

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