Steemskate Week 15: Weird Tricks and No Happy Endings -- @nicksmitley

in #steemskate5 years ago

My entry to week 15 of #steemskate. Weird tricks or some sort of new freestyle?
I wasn't sure what I could do for the theme this week, but I gave it a shot. I also threw in a few things from my "weird" bag of tricks.
All does not end well though..
Fortunately, I still have my old Real board as a backup!!

▶️ DTube

"I cheated!" Goes on to bust skateboard.
Me " Deserved that." Lol Just kidding good job on the tricks.

Thanks lol. Karma caught up to me.. :/

That was hella entertaining man!Awesome!Smashing this week's theme too bro!!

Awesome stuff bummer about the board i need to do some flamingo stuff for you as well . Will try drop aome clips tommrow

Let's see it!!

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