What price will make you sell some of your stack?

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With the metals starting to move again, I was wondering what strategies silver and gold stackers are adopting for selling some of their stack.

I think for me I would probably start selling some silver at about US$150 - $200 an oz and gold I would probably start selling at about US$5000 - $7000 an oz.


Of course if the central banks go down the path of hyperinflation I would have to lift these numbers dramatically to the upside.


The next question I would like to pose is what other assets will you be transferring your metal profits into?

Thanks for stopping by and I would be very interested in hearing your exit strategies, cheers.


The only way I will sell my silver is if I need food a new car or a house, thanks mate. :o)

Sounds like a great plan to me agaupt, cheers mate.

Those prices you are talking about sound pretty close to what I was thinking @silverbug.

These numbers are my minimum I will be selling it for, thanks mate, cheers.

My strategy is, only to sell if I have to. No matter what price it is then. It does not make sense to sell for fiat money if you dont have to, since the whole point of bullion is to preserve value.
Well, may be, selling to buy property could be a concideration, since that is also a way of securing value - if it comes at a price you cannot say no to.
But else, I only sell if it is really neccessary.

If I'm selling, it's not for fiat crap, it will only for things I need, when I need it. As I need to go through fiat to buy what I need and can't use gold, I have to get some fiat temporarily, cheers mate.

That is the attitude all investors should have ;-))

I think... I try to keep it long ... I sell when I very need it. If Dollar start fall then you need hold lot it. USA is bankrupt.

I agree with you 100% my friend, I will only sell for what I need, cheers mate.

I'd begin selling at $50.

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Cool, what will you be rolling it over into, or will you be staying in cash? cheers.

Whatever I need to to feed my family.

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I like how almost everyone invested in gold&silver has similar mindset and knows or at least can roughly predict what is actually gonna happen in the future. 😁🍻

You are correct my friend, people are getting much more educated that's for sure, cheers mate.

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