Somebody call 911!

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For precious metals its all been sideways so far for this week. I do not expect anything different of the next couple of days.


Gold amd silver are holding just about where they were at the start of the week.



Now crypto's on the other hand, 2 words for you "death spiral". Its completely out of control.


BTC is still holding above the $6,000 mark. It has not seen the impactful punches that the other currencies have felt.


Steem is a 911 situation right now. I am actually scared to buy this one right now. Everytime I think we have seen the bottom, it proves me wrong.


LTC is getting killed right now, almost down 30%, this is diffently a buy.

Wow! What a shitty week so far, maybe this ship will turn around over the next couple of days.

I am not a financial advisor, please do your own research before investing!

Stack Hard, Stack High and Stack Fast!


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Precious Metals show some life this afternoon, could this be the bottom???????


Precious Metals show
Some life this afternoon, could
This be the bottom???????

                 - rollingthunder

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Not many in the Steem Silver Gold Community are paying attention to what I've been writing about... The Biggest Transfer of Wealth the World has ever seen is heading our way... U.S. Coinage is the place to be, when the Transfer takes Place...

I am still buying steem, little step by little step. I believe in steemit!

STEEM.... 99 cents . . . is this the bottom... It's under a dollar... NOPE.... 87 cents . . . is this the bottom... It's WAY under a dollar... NOPE...... 77 cents . . . is this the ... WTF... NOPE.... 67 cents . . . is thi... WTF.... WTF.... AAARRGGGHHHHH...

If it wasn’t for the great people in the community, I’d be long gone by now.👍


I agree 510 - I was close to leaving before I found SSG and got traction. Otherwise it felt like a massive time sink with no interaction. I think if Steemit really wants to succeed they need to make communities a bigger focus.

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