And the Winner Is???....🤑🤑

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HF20 Made Me Do It

Man it was so slow after the hardfork 20, no one was commenting or posting, so I came up with a free silver giveaway. Yeah it was about 7 days ago and you can read it right here

Here was the prize you commented for. Remember all you had to say was ssg4life and give me your birth month and day.


So lets see we had 19, 🤔. 19, really, it was free silver? Anyways here is your list of 19


So all 19 are loaded into random picker and we are ready to do this.


BOOM number 0111 has just won a 1oz Maple leaf 30th anniversary silver round. Now ya'll keep it quiet and lets see if number 0111 notices that they won some silver.😉😂

Thanks to everyone you participated in the free silver giveaway.

Now back to something serious, ya'll gotta hit this post with some love, I gotta mail this free silver out.

Proud supporter of #steemsilvergold


I don't Stack to get rich, I stack to prevent becoming poor!

Y'all keep stackin.


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Happy day of birth to me... Id like to thank my dad for the part he played but especially my mum who was there for me from the beginning... Hahahahaha


That was very nice of you to give away a coin, Ray! I don't have a name and I don't have a birthday either. It's rough being me. Those are two of the reasons I don't go to the doctor. There are more, but really they like you to have a name and BD. Oh, well. I'll enter another contest that requires you to have a horse... even if the horse doesn't have a name either. ;)

The big W gets it!

Congrats 0111 :) That is a sweet coin!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

0111 is getting a great piece! Congrats!

That's what doesn't happen being a Rememberance day baby, congrats Jan Eleven!



Wait, I don't remember this one. I don't think I entered.... But my birthday is 01/11