2019 Steem silver Round update!

Well we are down to 2 weeks left for the 2019 steem Silver Round design entry. There have been Several awesome entries so far. I have heard that some steemians are waiting till the last minute before submitting. Here are the designs that have been entered so far.


This 1st entry was created by @knowledge-seeker, here is a link to the entry post.


Here is an entry by @dfinney


Here is a link to @difinney entry post.


Here is an entry by the 2018 design winner @welshstacker.


Here is a link to @welshstackers entry post.


Here is an design created by @edxserverus

Entry 1 by @edxserverus

Entry #2 for @edxserverus

Here is a link to @edxsercerus entry post.


So there you have it, 5 entries so far. Now we are down to 2 weeks left for any steemian to get there design in. There will be no entries taken after April 10th 2019.

Just as a reminder here is the original post about the design rules and deadlines.


Please make sure that all entry post are copied to the steemsilvergold discord channel under the tag 2019steemsilverround.


Here is a invite link to the channel


Thanks for stopping by, remember April 10th is the last day to submit your entry.



This is awesome. Excited to pick one up when the design is finished.


My main entry was "another" pheonix concept.

I've had a few more ideas and changed the design slightly and will get my next concept submitted tomorrow

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Wow, Lots of Neat Designs so Far................

Loving the fire symbols! I already have a couple of favourites, it will be hard to just pick one....

Lot of beautiful different design entry you have here

Well done so far. Consistency with earlier designs I miss a little sometimes (communidad etc) but could be added in some of the marvelous designs I see.

I like the Phoenix theme. Coming out of the ashes of a crypto winter!

The link to discord is expired

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