Silvergoldbotty logo, i called electrum hottie botty

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Hi everyone, in grateful to #steemsilvergold for the support they have given to some of my post, I have created a logo for silvergoldbotty based in the petition that has made @silverstackeruk to the community. The design is conceptual, because of time issues I have taken an image of the internet and edited it to develop my idea, but to low I leave the link. I hope you like the design.

logo booty.png

I have named it "electrum hottie botty" since it is the name given to an alloy of silver and gold.



I have done the step by step with the most important aspects since it took me hours to do it and I do not want to bore them to you.

New: I made a little change in the botty to made more accesible to all public. Just like a doll XD

logo booty 2.png

Below I leave the address of the image that i used.

click here.

Remember if you like my work, follow upvote and resteem.

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This is great entry. Its got everything. The bot is perfect, silver body, gold hair and nipples. Steemit logo acting as the sun growing gold and the info on the rim.
Very well done.

@geordiesilver, you have some competition


For what are BREASTS w/o Nipples??? ;)
Keep the NIPS, Ed! :D

Wow. Nice work Ed! This is great

Wow! Now that's some serious skills. Well have to make sure it's not too riskee for everyone but I love it!


Thanks, I understand you, I will try to edit it to make the breasts less flashy and explicits XD, i liked a lot because make her a real hottie.


Someting like that

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very well done!

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Nice work. Rock that botty

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img credz:
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The blue eyes always do it for this Ed.

This is cool. My opinion, I would have liked to see her stay in the round, but overall great design.

Wow! This is incredible. Full power vote and a resteem, I hope this gets chosen