#piratesunday Captain K at the Foundry Part 15 by Slacker Stacker (@dixiesilverminer entry)

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Arrrr me pirate brethren welcome to another #piratesunday here on the Silver Wing!! Please drink, eat, be merry and let Slak-Tor the Dragon Master continue his tale of Captain K and crew at The Foundry!! Last we heard of our heroes they were making their push toward the altar that contain the final artifact to help locate the Silver Skull of Power, but their time was running out. Let us see where this leads!!

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Captain K surveyed the field ahead. Only a few of the undead were left and the threat seemed to have been destroyed. However, he knew better. Something still controlled them and those in the outer reaches of the island were on their way.
"We have to move while we still have time. Slak Tor and Tessaria will keep an eye on us from above." He looked Sir Cornelius. "You can speak to Tarakona, so you are with me."
Cornelius nodded and moved to his side. ''

(Sir Cornelius of Doggshire)

"Ok, lets go before we run out of time!" K ordered.
"Captain... Please wait..." Lady Ravenhill stepped forward. "Let me take point and move ahead of the party." She asked in a serious tone.
K shook his head. "Tessaira had done her part. We need to protect you for yours." He argued.
"Captain... This is my part." She insisted.
He met her dark eyes and saw no hesitation or fear. After a moment, he nodded. "Very well."
Lady Ravenhill turned, drew her sword and set off across valley.
Keeping her in sight, the rest followed, but made sure to keep watch for any gathering dead.
Almost instantly the few enemy left began moving to the lone woman and she seemed to want them to draw close.
As they approached she wielded her weapon with the greatest skill, taking their heads as their bodies fell to the ground.
One of the wraiths had gone unnoticed, reached out and took her arm. It smiled a deadly grin but instantly frowned in confusion when Ravenhill calmly met its eyes.
"You cannot harm me..." She said in a cheerful voice. "You see... I live in the realm of the dead as well." She pulled down the veil covering her mouth and her smile revealed needle sharp fangs. With a flick of her wrist, the wraith fell.
Chuckling to herself she replaced the veil and started forward.

Lady Ravenhill.png
(Lady Ravenhill thanks to @kerrislravenhill)

"What just happened?" First mate D asked in a whisper.
"I have no idea, but I am glad she is on our side..." K replied, not realizing they had come to stop.
Just then a pale man in period clothing reached towards Key Wee, an evil smile spreading across his blue white visage.
Without a thought, Sir Cornelius blocked the wraith's touch, holding up an arm to spare the mage.

The cold hand locked on the engineers arm and the creatures expression changed to fear.
"Nope! That didn't work did it?" He laughed. "Don't you hate it when that happens?" He chuckled tapping his mechanical arm with the tip of his sword." His grin widened as the wraith suddenly understood. "Well, to bad.... So sad...." He turned the sword and cleaved off its head. He turned to Captain K. "We need to go. The rest are headed this way." He said reporting the message from Taraknoa.
"He's right!" Bear growled and pointed to the distance.

the bear.jpg

Captain K could barely make out herds of the things approaching on either side from the outskirts of the island.
"We may still have time if we hurry! Lets go!"
The party surged forward but let Lady Ravenhill lead the way and soon they could see a stone structure in the center of the two mountains that made the horns of the island. They could also see the ancient ruins at the base of each mountain. The necropolises either currently abandoned, or still harboring masses of the enemy ready to swarm them as they arrived.
More wraiths made their attacks on Lady Ravenhill only to cut down when they drew to close.
Sir Cornelius protected the party offering his mechanical arm and leg to their attackers long enough for them to be taken out by the warriors of the group.
Just ahead, foggy images floated above the ground and began to converge on Lady Ravenhill.
They surrounded and engulfed her. She swung her sword, but its blade only found air and no flesh to bite.


Captain K held out his arms stopping the party as he studied the situation.
The Lady swung madly about her, but there was nothing her sword could find.
"Ghosts..." Sir Bentley exclaimed. "The most dangerous of the undead!" He reminded. "What do we do now?"

(Sir Bentley)

"I don't know..." Captain K answered in a frustrated tone. He glanced back to Sir Corneluis. "Can you fend them off?" He asked urgently.

(Captain K thanks to @dixiesilverminer)

Cornelius shook his head. "Not if they cover me like they do her." he replied in a defeated tone.
"The dead approach!" Bear warned.
Small herds of the undead, to spread out to be vanquished by Tarakona, were now regrouping on either side and began closing in with raised weapons.
"We can't move forward with the ghosts! They will kill us for sure!" K surmised. "And, we can't leave her, so what do you want?" He growled angrily.
"This!" Key Wee answered the question sweetly holding up her hands and chanting in her mystical whisper.


Two pinpoints of bright orange light began to glow between them. She grasped an orb in each fist, suddenly throwing one the right and spun throwing the other to the left.
The approaching herds exploded into flames, the zombies taking a few steps forward before falling into burning heaps of charred flesh.
"Just watch the sleletons!" She warned.
Cornelius readied his sword, but took a moment to close his eyes and concentrate.

The wind roared about Slak Tor's ears as Tarakona flew above the island to survey any remaining enemy.
Tessaria moaned leaning against him. She too, heard the wind in her ears and opened her eyes.


She squinted against the wind but took great comfort in feeling his strong arms around her.
"Are you ok?" She heard his concerned voice close to her ear.
She nodded. "I will be... Thank you..." She called in the wind feeling her strength slowly return.
"Thank the gods you live..." He sighed.

(Slak Tor thanks to Slacker Stacker and @kerrislravenhill)

She felt a kiss though her silken locks and smiled.
"Thank the goddess you were there for me... " She suddenly laughed. "As well as you, Tarkakona!"
She suddenly felt him stiffen and become frozen like stone statue.
"What?" She asked nervously, but he didn't respond. "What!" She raised her voice.
"The others, they are in trouble!" He replied gravely.
She closed her eyes. "I see it now... Go to them..." She said urgently.
"Can you cast again? Are you well?"
"I am rebuilding my power. I cannot cast as I did, but I can use the spell again. It is Lady Ravenhill's only hope." She breathed. "Go!"
"Tessa, I must remind you that Tarakona used up his fire in thinning the herds about the island and I have used all of Cornelius's bombs. We are, for the most part, powerless right now."
She nodded against his chest. "It will be fine..." She sighed. "It is my time once again!" She urged. "Just get me there!"
Slak Tor nodded and Tarakona made a hard turn to rejoin the group.


Avast what a world of trouble our band of heroes seems to be in, but their combined powers are mighty and may be enough to pull through. Make sure to be back next #piratesunday to find out these answers and more!!

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Hello @dwingsworld
a great epic and adventurous saga. I would like to have the creativity to be able to write fantasy stories of this kind, fascinating and mysterious, where everything is possible! Congratulations and Thanks for sharing with us!


@road2horizon first thank you so much for the extremely kind words! This arc is written by a great friend in the silver community Silver Slacker and the whole pirate-verse was all inspired by a contest that @dixiesilverminer had. Honestly, I know that you can do it. All it takes is an idea and some time. At first it is hard, but soon you will find ideas and thoughts flow from you with more ease. Please share with your friends and visit anytime!!


@stokjockey arrrrr my pirate brother! Thanks for your support!

Another great story from Slacker!


@silversaver888 I know he is doing such such an amazing job!! We appreciate your support so much Queen Savore!!

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dang most epic bro


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this is a tale that the whole world needs to hear, we have to find a narrator to read them so we can get the world interested


@dixiesilverminer would be a fantastic experience to say the least! Thanks for kicking this off!!

Oh my, Lady Ravenhill may need a little snack with all this combat going on. What's on the menu? It isn't .....



@kerrislravenhill indeed she will have to build her strength perhaps for a more mortal foe? Thanks so much for your support my pirate sister!!