.... and a prize for Dreemie too! 🎁 hehehe

I've been so busy with the Dreemie Tree, and the blocktrades contest from the generous @anomadsoul, and Fireflies with talented @krazypoet, and just general fun in the Steemiverse with all of you beautiful Steemians that I haven't had time to show off my beautiful prize from the Monster Raffle from @khamen of the SSG-Community!!!!

Without further ado... Behold! Shiny stuff!!!! 😍

In the 3rd Monster Raffle from the SSG-Community, I won a 1965 set of uncirculated Canadian coins from @khamen and they are preeeeeeeeetty!!! :) I have a baby silver collection, but thanks to the most generous silver stacker out there... Miss @silversaver888 - I am a baby stacker! hehehe Since then, I've gotten some silver from @monchhichi23 too! And, after seeing @saffisara's and @enginwitty's beautiful collection - they've got me drooling 🤤 and looking for some fun items to start slowly stacking!! )

Another picture with the information card

Amazing banner created by @liberty-minded


Calamity Jane Font used in this post

Christmas baubles divider used in this post


I'm not a stacker yet, seeing as how I only have one coin. I guess you need to 2 to stack. One day I will be a baby stacker just like you! :)

hehehehe you are an embryo stacker now LOLOL

My one coin is pretty cool though.

whoooooooooooa where did you get it from?!?!?!?!

From the NZM and generous steemian.. @o07.
Here is a post about it.

i. are. jealous.

Gorgeous set dreemie! 53 years old fresh !!!


yesssssssssss fresh indeed!!! :) Thank you @thedamus!!! I think before this year is out I will be making a special purchase of silver - just have to find something i really really love!!!!

Oh gawd!!! Go online and blow your mind apart!!!

So much exquisite variety out there you will literally freak out!!! Sounds like you have the stackitus pretty bad... (google it 😜)

Pro tip: don’t pay high primos on too many items.

Get something you love but keep a banker’s eye on the ounce accumulation.


Well I know nothing

I will have to drop in the discord channel and ask for help before I buy! LOLOL

Give me a site to start out with! Hehe

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Where are you dreemie!? USA, Canada, Oz, UK?

Cali :)

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First: go to JMbullion.com, apmex.com and silvergoldbull.com

Second: curse the name of “@thedamus

Third: google “coin/bullion” shops near me

Fourth: curse the name of “@thedamus” again.

Fifth: Go out there and get you some!

Sixth: sing the praise of the name of “@thedamus

Welsome to the shiny side @dreemsteem!!! And of course, get a second opinion!



homework! i love it! :)

ok - i will come show you what i find and you can let me know if it's a good piece hehehehe

thanks :)

Yeay to your collection sister 😍❤️🤗😉👍
This is some really amazing silver coins... Congrats on winning and for your stacking starting.. Lol
Now you will be hooked.. I was after my first win... Thank you for sharing.. Shiny beautiful silver. 😉❤️

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hehehehe yes - i'm going to buy something special this year! then i'll feel like a real stacker hehehehe and i found a really cool booty box that I want to buy and decorate :)

I have to talk to you about all the sites that you find your cool silver in! hehehehe

A perfect set to start a Canadian silver collection going, my lovely friend, @dreemsteem!

Aww so happy for you! We all know how much you love them shiny stuff pirate captain ;) xxx

A very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year twinnie. My gift is my heartfelt love and prayers for a joyful year ahead living your best life knowing just how valuable you are . Xxx

Love you Twinnie

Y'all got that bling

Hehehee I need just one more LOLOL onnnnnne more hehehe
@thedamus said I have stackitus though... And one more will never be enough hahahaha

When I get.home , I'm gonna start looking for that special coin!

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Sweet looks like a nice collection and I also would like to start some silver stacking as well. Bling bling and be well ....

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Glad you got it!! Enjoy the silver journey!! There is no end.

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